I am super excited to be reviewing both the VooPoo DRAG X/S PnP-X pod kits.

The original VooPoo Drag X and Drag S kits are my claim to fame.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits

I was the first to publish a YouTube review for those kits, which was huge for me at the time as I only had about 1,000 subs. But what makes that even bigger is, they were (and are) awesome devices.

The DRAG X and S pod mods were for me what took the pod mod thing to the next level.

Before that, pod mods were usually square or clip on pods. However, the X and S essentially a normal vape kit, in every way, except from how the ‘tank’ connected.

It was at this point that Voopoo hit the moon, they started using the PnP pod as a tank, the “PnP Pod Tank” as they call it. In fact they rehashed most of their kits to include the PnP pod tank.

Good on them too, the amount of vapour and flavour those little coils kicked out is incredible.

They also expanded the PnP pod tank in other directions including making a RTA version and MTL version.

Later on they launched the TTP, which was the same principle, but with bigger coils… I wasn’t a fan of that…

Let’s rewind a little bit though.

VooPoo launched in 2016, although its parent company has been around since 2010. They hit it big in 2017 with the DRAG box mod, which at the time, seems to be in everybody’s hands.

At this point I usually tell you how many pods they have, but they have tons!

VooPoo have a huge portfolio, which is mainly made up of Mods, Pod Mods, and Pods.

What Can We Expect From The VooPoo DRAG X/S PnP-X Kits

This is the point where I stop being all soppy and get down to business.

Honestly, I’ve been looking at the specs and I can’t find much difference at all apart from the colours of the metal, design of the leather patches and most importantly, the pod.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits front

So if you have used the DRAG X or S kit, you know the mods. But let’s be fair to VooPoo, the name literally says that it’s the DRAG X / S with the PnP-X pod.

The X has a power range of 5-80W and takes an external 18650. The S has a power range of 5-60W and a built in 2500mAh battery. However both kits have a 2A charge rating.

The kits have a really good adjustable airflow system, a style which has been adopted by most brands at this point.

It’s only fitting that the brand that blurred the line between pods and tanks, is the brand that steps it up again.

The PnP-X tank uses the PnP coils that we all know and love, but the design of the pod is improved, with a removable mouth piece and a side/top fill port.

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Inside the Box

There are three sets of each kit (Standard, TPD and US). They’re all the same except from the TPD has a 2ml pod, the others have 5ml.

  • 1x Drag X device (or S)
  • 1x PnP-X Pod
  • 1x PnP – VM1 0.3ohm coil (pre-installed)
  • 1x PnP – VM6 0.3ohm coil (The S comes with PnP-VM5 0.2ohm coil instead)
  • Type USB-C Cable
  • User Manual

VooPoo DRAG X/S PnP-X kit Specs

  • Size: 32.5 x 28 x 127.5 mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5ml
  • Power Output: 5-80W
  • Material: Alloy, Leather, PCTG
  • Output voltage: 3.2~4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.1~3ohm
  • Battery: 1x 18650

VooPoo DRAG X/S PnP-X kit Specs

  • Size: 33 x 28 x 119.5 mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5ml
  • Power Output: 5-60W
  • Material: Alloy, Leather, PCTG
  • Output voltage: 3.2~4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.1~3ohm
  • Battery: built in 2500mAh


  • 0.96″ TFT Screen
  • PnP Coils
  • Top Fill
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 2A charging
  • Smart and RBA modes
  • Gene.TT Chip
  • “Intelligent Wattage Matching”
  • Auto draw fire (S only)

Design & Build Quality

The original VooPoo DRAG X and DRAG S mods came in 7 different colours, then there were limited editions after that.

However the VooPoo DRAG X and DRAG S PnP – X kits have a completely new colours and leather print.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits colours

In fact it’s a whole thing, VooPoo emailed us saying:

“With chivalry as the core, DRAG S/X PnP-X Kits Pay tribute to the glory and virtue of the knight… the product selects five new knight colours, each of which implies a rich design language.”
Here’s what the colours represent:

  • Shield Gold – Knight Templar for Defending Justice
  • Knight Red – Masked Knight for Pursuit Fairness
  • Knight Chestnut – Dragon Knight for Defending Glory
  • Eagle Black – Black Knight for Brave and Fearless
  • Knight Grey – Paladin for Spirituality

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits knights emblems

I do love a good bit of deep symbolism. However meanings aside, the look awesome, and I’d much rather have a knight than just a huge “DRAG” logo.

VooPoo DRAG X/S Mods

You may have noticed in the specs that the S is slightly smaller than the X.

I’m convinced this is simple because the Voopoo DRAG X needs a little bit more room to accommodate the external battery and battery door.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits front

The mods have an Alloy frame with a matte finish. It covers the entire device with exception to the leather patch. Which I assume is glued to the alloy frame.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits leather back

The mods have a strange base shape to them. They are kind of an oblong oval but the edge of the device is almost flat.

This makes a really good comfortable grip, especially with the comfort of the padded leather.

VooPoo DRAG X/S Buttons

The buttons on the VooPoo DRAG S / X are very VooPoo, which sounds a bit daft but I think they’re quite a trademark.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits buttons

There are 3 buttons on the mods, and all 3 are round with a silver trim around the edge. The fire button is indented in middle for comfort. Although the indent is only a small detail, I think it’s one of those small details that makes all the difference.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits fire button

The Fire button is towards the top of the mod and is roughly 10.5mm in diameter, the + and – buttons are towards the bottom, just above the USB-C port, they measure at about 5mm I.D.

VooPoo DRAG X/S Screen

Both kits have a 0.96″ TFT Screen and they look awesome. The home screen has all the information you need and is bright and easy to see.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits smart mode screen

There has been a little reordering of the screen since the original kits though so let’s take a closer look.

Up at the very top is the DRAG logo on the left and the Battery indicator on the right. The battery indicator is a continuous status bar, so there are no steps or percentage to give you a quick glance battery reading. It’s down to preference but I don’t like this, I’d rather have percentage or the bar to be divided into sections.

Just below that is the power setting, which is nice and big, but just below the battery bar there is a mode indicator. A blue R represents RBA mode and a red S represents Smart mode. This is also indicated by the colour of the screen.

In the middle of the screen is the activation setting. ‘A & P’ represents Auto draw and press, while ‘P’ means the auto draw is disabled. To the right of that is the current resistance reading (ohm) and voltage output.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits screen rba mode

Below that is a fancy but unnecessary puff diagram which lights up a certain amount depending on your last puff timing.

At the bottom there is the puff timer and the puff counter.

VooPoo DRAG X/S Infinite Airflow

I’m not quite sure why they call it infinite…

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits infinite airflow

However I do like the adjustable airflow on the VooPoo DRAG S/X. It simply consists of 2 holes, one on either side and a knob on the back, when you slide the knob to the left it covers the airflow holes and when you slide it to the right it opens them.

The knob is easy to slide but not so easy that it moves on its own accord.

It’s an elegant system, that is easy to use, looks good and works well.

While fully open it provides a fairly loose but not restriction free draw and while closed it provides more of a Restrictive Direct to Lung Draw.

For more information about Direct To Lung (DTL) and Mouth To Lung (MTL) read ourGuide To Vaping Styles.

VooPoo DRAG X/S Pod Connection

I’m a huge fan of the VooPoo DRAG S/X Pod connection, it is after all one of the main things that changed pod mods and took them to the next level.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits connection port

Like all great things, the design is actually quite simple. The magnets (3 of them) are located in the circular base of the pod. Which in-turn fits into the circular pod port… Yes, it’s all very circular, and that’s the point, it’s like a tank!

About 6mm down from the top of the port is a metal plate, it’s here where the magnets hold on. The genius part of that design is the fact the pod can rotate infinitely while maintaining a strong hold to the pod.

The plate has a hole in the centre to allow the base of the coil to pass through and make contact with the connection pins.

It’s also underneath the plate that the airflow comes in and into the coil base.

I maybe over doing it (as I may have the first time) but I genuinely think it is such a genius design, that revolutionised pod mods despite it being so simple.

PnP-X Pod

For me the PnP-X Pod is the most interesting part of the kit, it’s the newest part.

pnp x pods

The Pods for the VooPoo DRAG X/S have to resemble a tank, it’s pretty much the entire point. However the PnP-X pod takes this to the next level.

The entire base section that goes into the mod is metal. As I’ve already stated, there are 3 magnets, which are evenly distributed around the edge and the pod is in the centre.

Above this is a clear PCTG (plastic) tube, like you would have on a tank. Above that is the ‘top-cap’ section.

voopoo pnp x pods fill hole button

The lowest port of the top cap section is actually a ring which has a button. After pressing the button, you can twist the ring 45 degrees anti-clockwise, which exposes the fill hole bung.

voopoo pnp x pods fillhole

This design is pretty awesome. It makes the pod top fill, which addresses the concern that a lot of users had about long term leaking. However it does so in an elegant and stylish way, which should be quite durable and last a while.

Just above this ring is the top of the top cap which holds the pod together. And the removable drip tip, which is another improvement.
voopoo pnp x pods mouth piece

VooPoo DRAG X/S PnP-X Pod Kit Quick Start

The user manual that comes with the kit is for both the DRAG S and DRAG X.

How To Change The VooPoo PnP Coils

The coils are PnP coils, although I can’t find any evidence, I’m pretty sure that stands for Push N’ Pull.

  • Pull the pod off from the top of the mod.
  • Turn the pod upside down.
  • Pull the coil out from the bottom of the pod.
  • Insert new coil into bottom of the pod and press firmly.
  • Fill pod and allow to stand upright for 5 minutes before using new coil.

Tips: Look into the pod you will see a line where the coil meets the mouth piece, when held upside down, any liquid that is above that joint will leak out when you remove the coil.

How to Fill The VooPoo PnP-X Pod.

  • Press the button on the top of the pod
  • With the button pressed rotate the ring anti-clockwise
  • Lift the newly exposed fill hole bung
  • Pour Liquid through newly exposed hole
  • Re-apply bung, and twist the cap ring back into place

If you are filling with a new coil, allow 4-5 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil.

VooPoo DRAG X – Inserting and Removing the Battery

  • Turn the system upside down.
  • Firmly place your thumb/finger on the battery door and push in the direction the arrow suggests
  • Looking into the device, there is a + at the bottom suggesting the battery goes in + side first.
  • Close the battery door firmly sliding it back into place.

Operating The VooPoo DRAG X/S Mods

  • Turn On/ Off = Press fire button 5 times.
  • Clear puff count = Press the fire button and ‘-’ (down) button simultaneously.
  • Lock / Unlock = Press the Fire button and ‘+’ (up) button simultaneously.
  • Mode Switching = quickly press fire button 3 times.
  • Chip ID = Press fire, ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons simultaneously. (I couldn’t actually get this to work)

VooPoo DRAG X/S Vape Modes

To switch modes press the fire button 3 times.

Smart Mode is designed to be used with only the PnP coils. It identifies the best power for the coil and prevents the Variable Wattage going too high for the coil, to help prevent burning out the coil.

RBA is for RBA coil or full control over power settings while using PnP coils. It allows any power setting and deactivates the max power protection.

How Do The VooPoo DRAG S / X PnP-X Kits Perform?

PnP-VM1 0.3ohm Coil

Voopoo pnp vm1 0.3ohm coil

This coil is recommended to be used at 32-40W with 10mg nicotine or less. I used it with Rochford Project Lemon Meringue Tart, its 70VG/30PG and I’ve added a nic shot to make it 3mg.

At 20W the coil provides a decent little cloud; it’s impressive for 20W. The flavour isn’t in your face, in fact it’s a bit hard to recognise but it is there.

The coil starts to come alive at 32W, which is the bottom of the recommended range. It is not incredible but the flavour is definitely coming through. Again the cloud is impressive (size and thickness) for 32w but it isn’t huge.

40W is the top of the recommended power range, here it provides a nice, decent size cloud that’s lovely and thick, however there isn’t much in the way of flavour.

The VM1 is a decent coil, but it’s never been my favourite, it seems too be lost somewhere… like a DTL coil that wasn’t to be a MTL coil.

PnP-VM5 0.15ohm Coil

Voopoo pnp vm6 1.5ohm coil

With that out of the way let’s get on with my favourite PnP Coil.

The 0.15ohm coil is recommended to be used between 60-80W with 10mg nicotine or less. I’m using the Rochford Project Lemon Meringue again.

This coil is even awesome below its recommended power. At 40W you get a decent cloud and a surprising good flavour. The Lemon Meringue rushed into my mouth to hug the back of my throat, it’s great.

However, 60W is the bottom of the recommended wattage and it’s here that the flavour really does start to kick and the thick vapour pours out so lovely.
In the DRAG X review, for this coil, I wrote:

From the second you press the fire button to the very last bit vapour exhaled the awesome flavour of strawberry and mango flood the mouth with that complimentary hint of mint to top it off. You get a fairly big and thick cloud, it could be better but it is certainly impressive for 60W.

I still get that, but my kit has been sat at full power (80W) with this mini beast of a coil. The clouds this coil can produce are gloriously thick and the flavour is next to none.

To prolong the life span of any coil you should always use it within the recommended wattage (not higher or lower).

PnP-VM6 0.2ohm Coil

This coil is recommended to be used between 40-60W with 10mg nicotine or less.

We’re with the Rochford Project again, I’ve been obsessed with it this year.

Voopoo pnp vm5 02ohm coil

Even at 10W with a slow DTL draw, you get a small cloud and a hint of flavour prominent enough to recognise the flavour. If you’re used to vaping cheap juice, this would probably suffice.

25W pushes things up a bit but it’s still under powered… which is fair for a 40-60w coil.

40W is the bottom of the recommended wattage and we’re getting there. It provides a decent sized cloud, with a nice thickness, not quite thick enough for my liking but impressive for 40W.

The flavour is picking up nicely too, it’s now hugging the back of my mouth nicely.

At 60w I had to take my socks off… To give my toes room to wiggle. I seriously do love this coil at full power.

I’m someone that likes to vape 0.2ohm at 135w (or as high as a mod would let me) but this keeps me happily easily (despite that lack of heat you would get at 135W).

The flavour is thick, prominent and floods the mouth and the vapour is that thick that it feels good to let it roll out of your mouth.

PnP Coil Summary

The PnP coil range is pretty vast these days consisting of 10 coils with a huge variety of capabilities from the PnP-R2 which has a recommended wattage of 10-15W all the way up to the PnP-VM6 which has a recommended wattage of 60-80W.

One of those 10 is an RBA (Rebuildable).

voopoo pnp coils and compatability

I have used most of them in the past and there isn’t one I dislike. To top it off they all handle both High VG and 50VG/50PG really well. If you’re not quite sure which you should use for the longest life check the recommended nicotine level. If the coil suggests “10mg” then it’s ‘better’ for high VG.

A question I’m sure a lot of people will be asking is do the original PnP pods fit? Or does the PnP-X pod fit the normal Drag Mod?

The answer to both is, yes! Although I imagine VooPoo won’t be too chuffed about me telling you.

However this is a great thing because it means you can also use the mod with the PnP MTL pod and the RBA pod and the adapter, which makes this mod an All In One, an incredible one at that!

VooPoo DRAG X/S Battery & Charging

To make life simpler I used a 2,500mAh battery, so now we can discuss both mods at once, however do remember that with the DRAG X it depends completely on what mAh battery you are using.

The Voopoo DRAG S takes just over an hour (about 1 hour 15 minutes give or take 5 minutes) to charge. As does the DRAG X if you’re using a 2,500mAh battery.

voopoo drag s/x pnp-x kits battery

If you’re using the kit at 32W you’ll get about 520 x 2 second puffs which is a puff every other minute for 17 hours.

If you push your DRAG S to max power (60W) you’ll get about 210 x 2 second puffs (a puff every other minute for just over 9 hours).

If you push your DRAG X to max power (80W) you’ll get about 280 x 2 second puffs (a puff every other minute for 7 hours). However if you replace your battery with a 3,000mAh, you’ll add another 42 puffs (hour and a half).

Draw Activation

The draw activation is still limited to only the DRAG S. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, in my opinion draw activation is more for MTL devices, it just doesn’t seem right on DTL.

Having said that the draw activation on the DRAG S is plenty sensitive and works well.

VooPoo DRAG X/S Leaking

I said the original kid had a condensation issue and the reality of it is, although the pod is almost completely redesigned the airflow system is still the same.

So the slight ‘leaking issue’ is still there, but it’s very slight and no more than you’d get from most pods.


  • Great flavour and vapour
  • Awesome pod connection
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Top fill
  • Simple to use
  • Looks good
  • True All In One possibilities


  • Still no 21700 battery
  • No in-depth menu
  • Not MTL ready (unless you buy add ons)

Final Review Verdict

It’s a little bit disappointing that there isn’t much change to the mods.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t think of anything that can be improved but it would have been nice. A 21700 battery in the DRAG X would have been brilliant.

That being said, at least they made a new design series for the mods. Which I quite like; defending Justice, Defending Glory, Brave and Fearless and Paladin for Spirituality, I mean what’s not to like?

The PnP-X pod is necessary, there are 2 key features that make it better than the original PnP Pod and that’s the top fill system and the removable drip tip. Both of these revisions make the pod a fully fledged tank, without a 510 connection base.

I loved the original kit and I love the PnP-x kits.

Would I buy the entire kit or just the pod?

That depends on a few things.

First of all is the PnP-X pod available separately? I assume it is, it has to be, how else would you get a replacement? Secondly, how much can you buy the kits for in comparison to the pod?

Truth be told I think it would buy the full kit, they’re designed to match, I like how the new kits look and I don’t think a PnP-X pod on the old kits would look as good.

Are the VooPoo DRAG X/S kits you’re likely to buy?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below…

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Build Quality
Display & Functions
PnP-VM5 0.2ohm coil
PnP-VM6 0.15ohm coil
PnP-VM1 0.3ohm coil
replace if lost or stolen
Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.


  1. I paid £60+ for this machine

    The whole machine is NOT under warranty.
    The cap on the filler breaks off within a day and voopoo refuse to deal with it. They claim it is not warrantied and is perishable.
    (1 star because I cannot leave zero stars or minuses)


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