VaporFi has become one of the best known and most well respected e-liquid and vaping hardware companies out there.

And given I have a soft spot for All In One [AIO] devices I was extremely pleased to get my hands on the company’s very well received VAIO 75 Temperature Control kit.Vaporfi vaio review

AIO’s are vaping devices that have an inbuilt tank giving you clean hand coil swaps and of course no mess juice filling.

What Can We Expect From The Vaio by Vaporfi?

It’s a 75W vape mod that has the tank built into the body of the mod. Hence the name All In One (AIO). It comes with to coils and features temperature control for the vapers out there that utilise this.

Is this one of the Best Vape Mods we have recently used? How does the Vaporfi VAIO 75 TC perform?

Let’s take a look.

In the Box

Its solid no frills packaging that slides off to reveal the contents.

I’m pleased to see VaporFi has added a spare coil [only one mind lol] – it’s a bit of a bugbear of mine recently at how few vaping companies actually add a few coils 😉 – anyway…

Inside the box you’ll find.

  • 75watt TC Mod [18650 battery NOT included]
  • 3.5ml built in tank
  • Mouthpiece
  • Notch atomizer 0.25ohm installed
  • Spare SS316 0.5ohm atomizer
  • Tank connector
  • USB charger
  • User guide

vaio tc 75 contents

VAIO 75watt Specs

  • Variable wattage: 0.15ohm to 3.0ohm
  • Temp Range: 200F to 600F
  • Temp resistance: 0.05ohm to 1.0ohm
  • 48×25.5x82mm
  • Modes: Power/Ni200/TCR/Bypass/Memory(M1,M2,M3)
  • 0.96″ OLED Screen

It’s interesting to see that VaporFi have added a USB charging port but not a battery.

The consensus among the experts is it’s far safer to charge your vaping batteries in a proper charger. Luckily I just bought an Xtar MC1 which does the job adequately at a decent price.

Key Features

Apart from being an All In One kit [AIO – internal tank] the VAIO 75 TC is as the name suggests a temperature control kit – there’s also Bypass and Power [wattage] modes.

Note: VaporFi say the SS316 0.5ohm atomizer [the one not installed] once connected will be read by the chip and be found on the screen enabling Temp Control users to easily select the correct mode.

vaporfi coil

Add to the mix a tank connector – which means you can add your own tank – and you have a vaping device that will pretty much suit all tastes and needs.

tank adaptor

Design and Build Quality

The build as you might expect from VaporFi is outstanding.Vaporfi vaio tc 75 review

However this is one of those kits that you really do need to use the battery ribbon – it’s an extremely tight fit and I did worry the sides would damage my battery casing.

The VAIO 75 TC also has one of the strongest magnets in the battery compartment I’ve ever come across.

vaio tc 75 battery

Not only does it try and grab the battery – but you need to clear your fingers because it snaps shut like a bloody crocodile!

Design wise it looks exactly like the Kangertech Cupti that I enjoyed so much. I received the black version and indeed it is extremely black lol – until that is you hit the fire button.

There’s a light effect that hits the liquid in the tank giving it a very cool glowing effect – very pretty 🙂

Changing your coils is relatively hassle free too. Once you’ve unscrewed the mouthpiece the chimney comes out with the coil screwed into the bottom.

It is pretty much clean hands so long as you have a cloth around 😉

vaio tc 75 chimney coil

The cut-out for the tank is redundant when using one of your own tanks [with the 510 adaptor] and there’s no fill line. So I kinda had to judge how much to add given I was expecting a lot of e-liquid displacement.

However, unlike the Cupti, just so long as you don’t overfill – the fact the mouthpiece comes off means you can pretty much get 3.5ml of e-liquid into the tank without too much displacement.

For me, I err on the side of caution and recommend a ¾ fill 😉

One other thing it’s a heavy bugger – I don’t have any scales [they depress me lol] but it certainly outweighs any other mod I have by some way.

How Does the Vaporfi VAIO 75 TC Mod Perform?

  • X5 clicks turns you on and off.
  • X3 clicks gets you into the mode menu.

vaio 75 tc screen

Using the + button scrolls through the various modes and of course once in your preferred mode the + & – buttons let you increase and decrease in .1 stages.

Filling the Vaporfi Vaio is a cinch simply screw off the mouthpiece and drip in your juice. As I’ve already established there’s no fill line and I found ¾ fill was best as liquid displacement might flood your kit.

The airflow holes are just under the mouthpiece and turn with just the right amount of resistance.

Fully open you get a lovely airy vape whilst almost closed is actually very much like sucking a golf-ball though a hosepipe – boy is it tight!!!

airflow holes

OK, I began vaping on this with Riot Squad Ghetto Penguin vape juice with the pre-installed 0.25ohm coil starting at 50watts – airflow holes wide open. I did indeed prime the coil first letting it sit for a few minutes.

First vape and whammo – red hot spitting e-liquid hit my tongue and taking it out of my mouth I got that showery firework effect as red hot globules sprayed my desk and keyboard. It took more than a few – I have to say extremely tentative vapes – before it settled down.

I checked my fill – which looked OK to me – and decided to unscrew the mouthpiece and check the chimney and coil.

Everything seemed fine so I let it sit for another 5 minutes and cranked the wattage down to 30watts.


It certainly had settled down and vaped like a dream giving a nice flavour profile and decent clouds.

I can only think that whilst filling it the first time e-liquid had somehow got into something that immediately spat it out.

Adding the SS316 0.5ohm coil [a sod to get out of its wrapper btw]and setting the device to TC [325F] and the vape was extremely smooth if a little warm.

Flavour was reasonable and again the vapour, whilst nothing to write home about, was acceptable.

If you like tinkering with temp and wattage to get what’s perfect for you – then this is right up your street.

I found it all settled down in power mode at around 55watts and in Temp mode at 275F – but as we well know we all have our preferred sweet spot 😉

And once you’ve found your sweet spot holding down the + & – buttons locks in your setting.

What I Like

OK after the Cupti I’m an AIO convert.

With the Vaporfi VAIO 75 TC I do like the easy fill and coil swap.

I like the fact it’s a 3.5ml tank and whilst it does seem to drink your sauce quite alarmingly I did get a full mornings vape from it without having to re-fill – and I’m a heavy vaper whilst working lol.

I think this is a device for all tastes and with the added bonus of adding your own tank [using the simple adaptor] it’s a vaping mod that will ‘grow’ with your vaping style.

In TC everything worked as it should do and despite my early spit-backs it was leak free and once settled down is a solid performer.

What I Don’t Like

It is bloody heavy and not just for my weak wrists!

vaio tc 75 in hand

It can be a bit of an unpredictable beast when first used or filled. By that I mean it really can give you nasty spit-backs until you tame it lol – and judging by other reviews I’ve seen I’m not the only one saying this!

The battery compartment magnet is like a steel trap – now that is of course a good thing but it did try to take a finger or two whenever I closed it lol.

Final Review Verdict

If you’re in the market for a TC AIO vaping kit then this is certainly a device to consider.

It does all you want it to with the option of adding your own tank.

If I’m honest and given I’m a vaper and not what you’d call a ‘vaping enthusiast’ it has too many bells and whistles for me.

However it does indeed have the ability to grow with your vaping style.

So would I swap this for my Kangertech Cupti?

At first I was like ‘no way dude…’

But now I’m like ‘maybe’ 😉


  • Easy Fill
  • Easy Coil Swap
  • TC – Bypass and Power Modes
  • Decent Flavour
  • Decent Vapour Production
  • Tank Adaptor
  • Compact
  • 3.5ml Tank


  • Pricey
  • Heavy
  • Battery Not Included
  • Can spit-back until tamed!
  • Battery Compartment EXTREMELY Strong!
Build Quality
Mod Functions
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged
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