The VaporFi Viper sub ohm tank is one of the largest vaping companies on the planet known not only for their exceptional juice range but also the quality of their vape hardware.


The Vaporfi Viper sub ohm tank is a simple top-fill with a 4ml capacity and is capable of both temp and high wattage range.

VaporFi says:

The VaporFi Viper sub-ohm tank is the greatest and most reliably powerful tank available beyond compare…

Now that’s a claim to fame!

We have covered a few of their products in the past such as the Vaporfi Grand Reserve e liquids, Vaio 75W Mod and Venom RDA to name a few.

So lets slither on down and put that to the test. Can it reach the level of some of our best rated sub ohm vape tank?

As always my thoughts and opinions are my own – and for the record I am extremely scared of real snakes.

In the Box

  • 1 VaporFi Viper Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Pre-Installed 0.2ohm SS316 Viper Atomizer
  • 1 Additional 0.5ohm Viper Atomizer
  • User Manual

viper box

Viper Tank Specs

  • 20mm x 70mm
  • Top Fill Tank Design
  • Juice Flow Control Ring
  • Bottom and Top Airflow Tank
  • Temperature Control Compatible
  • 4ml Vape Juice Capacity

viper pieces

Key Features

As I’ve already said it’s a big bugger and not just in length given it holds a TPD busting 4mls of e-liquid.

But hey if you’re buying this from the States and so long as customs don’t confiscate your #vapemail you should be OK – but as they say the choice is yours.

It’s a top and bottom airflow both of which are adjustable and both controls are independent and work extremely well.

There’s also a nifty juice flow control feature which is important to close when filling as for fun and science I tried filling with them open and yeah it leaks like a sieve so be aware!

The juice flow is also extremely useful when using different VG and PG e-liquid mixes – wide open for the higher cloud chasing VG mixes and maybe slightly closed for the runnier 50/50 blends.

Coils come in:

  • 0.5 ohm Recommended Wattage: 30W – 100W
  • 0.25 ohm Recommended Wattage: 30W – 100W
  • 0.2 ohm SS316L Recommended Wattage: 30W – 80W/400°F-600°F
  • 1.2 ohm Recommended Wattage: 30W – 100W
  • 0.2 ohm Ni200 Recommended Wattage: 30W – 80W/400°F-600°F

viper tank coils

The tank comes with the 0.2 ohm SS316L pre-installed with the 0.5ohm included as a spare and the tank comes completely apart for easy cleaning.

How to Fill the Vaporfi Viper Tank

When you first use it make sure you prime your coil by drizzling a dot of e-liquid on the exposed cotton juice ports.

To fill is as simple as unscrewing the top cap however:

  • Close the juice flow control by turning base gently until it clicks open or shut to avoid leaking
  • Insert juice nozzle through juice ports
  • Fill just short of the top
  • Screw on top cap
  • Open juice flow ports
  • Vape

viper filling

How to Change the Viper Tank Coil

  • You can change coils with juice still in the tank
  • Turn tank upside down
  • Unscrew base to expose coil
  • Unscrew coil and screw in a new one

coil swap viper

Design and Build Quality

If you’ve ever read a VaporFi review or indeed owned one of their products you’ll know the build quality is usually sublime – and then some.

It’s no different with the Viper sub ohm tank – everything is machined beautifully with slick buttery threads.

It’s actually a joy to take apart!

Design wise is where I’m getting mixed messages if I’m honest.

vaporfi viper

I received the black version – stainless steel is also available – it’s certainly a looker reminding me of the top bit of a rocket.

The tank is covered by a protective shell but there’s still plenty of room for large windows which allows you to get a look at not only your juice levels but also the very smartly designed chimney.

It is very elongated and at a little over 20mm wide it’s going to look a bit lost on some of the larger mods out there.

hcigar 250

The drip-tip is long and narrow too – about 15mm – and side by side with say an original Aspire Cleito the Viper is a complete top cap and drip tip taller.

Vaporfi say this looks good with their Vox and Vex range [see photo below] but to be honest I can’t help but think had it have been made shorter and wider they’d sell a truck load more.

viper vex 150

I can’t emphasize enough just how long/tall this tank is and yeah it’s taller [not fatter] than the TFV12 Cloud Beast King from Smok which is HUGE!!!

viper comparison

OK that’s the build and looks out of the way now let’s see how the Viper vapes.

How Does the VaporFi Viper Sub Ohm Tank Perform?

After realizing I needed to close the juice ports before filling and after cleaning up the mess I made – I vaped on both coils:

0.2 ohm SS316L Coil

At its lowest setting of 30 watts it was an OK vape with decent enough clouds however I found the sweet spot for me at 75.7 watts – what can I say I like odd numbers.

I was using a 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid by 12 Monkeys that I know well and the flavour was spot on.

The vape was pretty cold too even when I took it up to its max of 80watts which I have to say I was happy with as I tend not to enjoy my vapes too warm.

Vapour production was excellent and despite not usually liking metal drip-tips this one has some kind of coating that took that edge off.

0.5 ohm Coil

Using the same e-liquid I again found below 50 watts and the coil wasn’t doing the flavour or clouds justice.

Pushed to 75.7 watts and whilst the flavour came to life a little it was still more than a little muted and the vape getting warmer.

Maxing out at 100 watts and again the vape was on the cool side but the flavour was popping – so for me this coil and tank handles the 100watts with ease.

Indeed I pushed it to 120 and it held on only starting to give a hint of a burning taste at 125 watts.

Overall Performance?

I didn’t have any temp coils so wasn’t able to test them.

I’m actually quite impressed with the flavour and vapour production on both coils I tried.

As I’ve said I like a cooler vape and the Viper does just that however it’s a thirsty boy!

What I Like

The Viper most definitely gives great flavour and very good cloud production and of course it stays on the cool side which is ideal for me.

Airflow is excellent giving you a good choice of top and bottom or either or – the juice flow control is a nice touch too – but trust me you will forget to close it when filling so keep a cloth nearby!

The machining is first rate and as I’ve said and as daft as it sounds it’s a joy to take apart.

I like the overall design – which I shall contradict in the next bit lol – and think it would suit a pen style device more than a box mod.

What I Don’t Like

Here’s the contradiction!

It’s the size of the bloody thing!

viper al85
as big as the SMOK AL85

It’s narrow and very long and for me anyway looks plain daft on a box mod.

Like I’ve said it might be better suited to pen styles – though on the equally huge Apollo V Tube 5.0 it looks like I’m about to go into a badass battle with Harry Potter.

viper vtube

Unfortunately, and even with the juice flow closed when filling, I have had some leaking – mainly from the bottom airflow holes and particularly when left overnight – so close them at bedtime!

Final Review Verdict

It’s a good flavour tank with a decent amount of vapour but if for me it’s a little overpriced and definitely oversized.

However it certainly vapes extremely well and is beautifully put together.

The VaporFi Viper is indeed a quality sub ohm tank but in this case size is most definitely not everything – a case of less length and more girth 😉


  • 4ml capacity
  • Good flavour
  • Good Clouds
  • Vape on the cool side
  • Superb build quality
  • Temp and High wattage coils
  • No hissing or spitting [snake joke]


  • Small diameter
  • Extremely long
  • Drinks your juice!
  • Some leaking from bottom airflow
  • Pricey
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Relacing if Lost or Damaged
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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