In for review is the Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit hand check imageTo me, the Drag range of devices epitomises Voopoo. From the OG Drag 157 Mod to the more recent Drag M100S, it acts as a symbol for the ever changing vaping landscape and what consumers have been demanding over the last decade or so.

Whereas the Drag range of Mods would usually be seen twinned with the UForce L sub ohm tank, the pods have undergone quite a few changes along the way.

Voopoo logoWe’ve had the original PNP pod, PNP MTL pod, PNP pod tank and now the PNP pod II. Of course, no self respecting Voopoo set up could be complete without the patented PNP range of coils.

Last time I checked there were eleven different varieties to suit every occasion.

Judging by the official website the Voopoo Drag H40 will be the 18th (and smallest) in their series of pod kits. So the burning question is, what’s left to offer?

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What Can We Expect From the Voopoo Drag H40 Pod Kit?

The Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit is really designed for the budding DTL (Direct To Lung) vaper. It’s basic enough but has a few tricks up its sleeve to make life easier, as we shall see.

With an integrated 1500mAh battery the Drag H40 is capable of anything up to 40W max output, fully adjustable via the 0.54in OLED display and menu button layout.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit bannerAirflow supply to the pod and PNP coils is also fully adjustable to cater for various styles of DL vaping and possibly MTL (Mouth To Lung) too.

Voopoo’s renowned Dual In One tech makes a return so expect the usual boost in flavour. Not only that but the coils are also known for outlasting the competition.

Dual in one atomization Voopoo PNP pod 2Expect to refill the pod around six times before they need replacing.

Auto draw is off the vape menu with the Drag H40. A dedicated fire button is the order of the day and this, combined with menu button functionality means the Drag H40 can run in dual modes.

Smart and RBA modes have made it across from previous iterations in the range and both are as user friendly as it gets. More on this later.

The pods are side filling and can handle 5ml of E-liquid (standard version under review) or 2ml TPD for the UK and EU.

The Kit comes with two coils and both are designed for a DL style of vaping.

A number of other PNP coils are also compatible but do make sure they fall within wattage parameters of the device to avoid disappointment.

PNP coil compatibility Voopoo Drag H40If you favour higher resistance coils for example, the mouthpiece can be removed and replaced with a MTL alternative.

So the Voopoo Drag H40 is available in a host of Leather effect colour schemes.

We’ve got Sky Blue, Modern red, Silvery White, Black, Gun Metal, Green, Pink and Snow Blue (Very nice!).

Colour schemes of the Voopoo Dag H40 pod kit

What’s In the Box?

  • Drag H40 device
  • PNP Pod II (5ml)
  • PNP Platform card
  • Type C charging cable
  • PNP VM3 0.45ohm mesh coil (installed)
  • PNP TW30 0.3ohm mesh coil
  • User manual

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit unboxed


  • Dimensions: 104.5 x 27.5 x 26.1mm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Material: Zinc Alloy / PCTG / Leather
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh (integrated)
  • Output voltage: 3.2 – 4.2V
  • Power range: 5-40W
  • Charging voltage: 5V/1.5A
  • Resistance range: 0.1 – 3.0ohm
  • Pod capacity: 5ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Filling: Side fill
  • Airflow: Adjustable
  • Mouthpiece: Removable, replaceable

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit specifications

Voopoo Drag H40 Pod Kit – Design and Build Quality

This is a very smart looking device – and it’s quite dinky too. Not surprising as the Drag H40 is being touted as the smallest pod kit in the range.

So it’s very comfortable in the palm of the hand. It’s also very easy to conceal for that cheeky stealth vape or three!

Battery Section

Not to let the Family down, the H40 continues tradition of including an embossed ‘Drag’ logo within a Leather like material that’s wrapped 360 degrees around the tubular framework.

Drag logo embossed on side of the H40 pod kitI do feel that Voopoo have improved upon this design with each passing device in the series.

I’ve got the Gun Metal version and the front panel looks very smooth and polished, blending in with its surrounding colour scheme.

It’s here that we find the concave shaped fire button which feels very clicky and responsive.

However, it’s raised to the point of feeling a tad sharp against the skin of the thumb. No real biggie – just depends on how much you want to notice it.

Front panel of the voopoo Drag H40 pod kitBelow this is the 0.54in OLED monochrome screen. Although relatively small it’s still clear enough and dims after around ten seconds to preserve precious battery life.

Underneath this we have two vertically mounted menu buttons. Because they are independent of each other I find them much easier to use than, say a rocker switch.

USB Type C charging capability is built into the base of the device and it’s nice to see how recessed the connection is. That will certainly help against accidental damage.

type C usb charging port on Voopoo Drag H40 pod kitReturning to the top of the battery section it’s possible to see how the pod itself acts as the conduit for airflow control.

Three raised prongs are built into the magnetic ring.

Inside the battery section of the Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit

These latch onto any one of the corrugations built into the base of the pod, providing grip and in turn the ability to adjust the airflow slots of which there are three.

What’s also cool is the corresponding viewing windows situated above. This means all remaining E-liquid levels are visible despite the pod recessing inside the battery section.

Adjustable airflow ring on the Voopoo Drag H40 pod kitVery nice touch, Voopoo!

Pod Section

Voopoo have a lot of faith in their PNP Pod II it seems. Both the Drag H80S and Drag E60 will be adopting it moving forwards.

It’s made from the industry standard PCTG toughened plastic material and the chamber is perfectly clear to facilitate the viewing of E-liquid levels.

Voopoo PNP pod 2I’ve been blessed with the 5ml version which will reduce the number of times I need to refill.

Speaking of filling – that’s quite an easy task too. Despite my nails being bitten down to the quick I was able to work easily with the rubber seal. The fill hole itself is rather large too. Handy for my larger bottle nozzles.

The only real gripe I have with the PNP Pod II is the top. I’m not sure why its cup shaped and contains a swirly pattern. The mouthpiece doesn’t fit flush either.

Top down view of the Voopoo PNP pod 2 without mouthpieceThat really did set off my OCD! lol

However, it could be to trap residue E-liquid for recycling back into the pod.

So the pod attaches to the battery section via three magnets that create a strong connection. Put it this way – the two fail to separate when dropped from a standing height.

You might be wondering how to go about fitting one of those PNP (Plug N Play) coils. The answer is in the name. If you’re new to all things vape let’s go over a few things.

Quick Start Guide

How To Install a Coil

The Voopoo PNP range of coils are as forgiving as they come!

Pull the pod out of the battery section.

Then it’s simply a case of pushing the coil up inside the pod chamber from beneath as far as it will go. The coloured O-rings take care of sealing it into the pod.

How to install the coil for the Voopoo PNP pod 2If you’ve just purchased the Voopoo Drag H40, chances are a coil will already be installed. If that’s the case just remember to remove the sticker from its base after filling the pod.

How To Fill the Pod

With the coil installed:

  • Locate the rubber seal on the side of the pod
  • Gently pull the seal at the point of the arrow and lift open
  • With the fill port opening now exposed, push the E-liquid bottle nozzle into the fill chamber of the pod
  • Squeeze E-liquid into the pod chamber making sure not to over fill
  • How to fill the Voopoo PNP pod 2Push the rubber seal back into place ensuring a firm seal
  • Drop the pod back into the battery section

If the pod is being filled for the first time allow five minutes prior to vaping. This will ensure E-liquid has soaked into the cotton wicks around the coil.

How To Operate the Voopoo Drag H40 Pod Kit

The device incorporates the GENE AI chipset which allows for power management, mode switching and in the case of the Drag H40 especially, smart functions.

  • Hit the fire button five times rapidly to turn the device on or off.
  • Hold the fire button and top menu button together to lock or unlock the device. When locked the Drag H40 is completely disabled

Voopoo Drag H40 in locked modeLock mode is useful if you’re not using the device for prolonged periods – when in a pocket or handbag, for example.

  • Press the fire button rapidly three times to change mode

You can switch between Smart mode (denoted by an ‘S’ on the screen) or RBA mode (denoted by an R on the screen)

Smart mode is cool because it doesn’t allow the coil to stray outside recommended wattage settings.

As an example, the maximum power delivered to the VM3 PNP coil is 32W but Smart mode detects the best setting as 28W.

This is the mode I suggest if you’re new to variable wattage or if you don’t like tinkering with the device.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit in Smart ModeHowever if you do want to push the coil to the device’s maximum setting of 40W, use RBA mode.

This essentially acts as variable wattage and coil parameters are fully adjustable between 5 – 40W.

Users of vape Mods and sub ohm tanks will feel very much at home with this mode.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit in RBA mode

  • To clear the puff counter long press the fire button and the bottom menu button together
  • Rotate the pod to adjust the airflow

Charging the Device

  • Using the supplied type C USB charging cable, plug the smaller end into the bottom of the battery section
  • Connect the larger end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet

Charging the Voopoo Drag H40 pod kitWhile charging, a battery icon is displayed that gradually fills up over time. A numerical percentage (in real time) is also shown. It doesn’t matter if the device is on or off – it will still begin the charge process as soon as the USB cable is attached.

It took approximately 90 minutes for the device to fully recover so I don’t consider that to be fast type C charging. Pass through vaping is only available if the device is switched on during the process.

The screen remains on even when fully charged.

A Note On Battery Safety

The Voopoo Drag H40 makes use of eight different safety features for peace of mind.

The device will cease to function whenever the following messages are shown on the OLED screen.

Atomiser short, Check Atomiser, Check Battery, Low Power, Low Resistance, Max Power, Temp High or Time out all indicate there is an issue. Stop using the device and correct the problem.

Safety features of the Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit

How Does the Voopoo Drag H40 Perform?

Two different modes, two different PNP coils to try them out with. I’ll start by using the installed VM3 PNP coil in Smart mode.

Voopoo VM3 0.45ohm PNP Mesh Coil (Rated 25-35W)

I recommend using E-liquid ratios of 70VG/30PG with this coil but if you’re experienced enough by all means play around.

Doozy Temptations Strawberry Milk was used to test the coil and had 3mg freebase nicotine included.

So Smart mode detected 28W to be the optimum setting. The AI chip does allow boosting to a max of 32W but I played it safe for the purposes of review.

Voopoo VN3 PNP coil pic 2

Now this coil was feisty! And I mean feisty. Snap, crackle and pop the second the fire button was hit.

With the airflow wide open there’s very little resistance with this direct lung vape. And I have to be honest, I know of no other Mesh coil to deliver such flavour on this setting.

It was incredible. The taste was clean, well defined and very consistent throughout exhale.

Prolonged inhales simply add to the vapour production which is amazingly good. Thick, pure white cloud tumbling out into the atmosphere. Quality!

Even though this isn’t the quietest of vapes there’s zero turbulence generated but admittedly the experience remains on the cooler side. Don’t expect any heat to be pulled into the mix.

Other Airflow Settings

Voopoo VM3 PNP coil pic 1I turned the airflow slider down to mid position but to be honest, there wasn’t as much restriction as I expected. Probably in the region of 20% over wide open. How does that affect flavour?

It doesn’t really and although more sweetness is introduced it doesn’t feel as natural tasting as previously experienced.

The Strawberry also appears slightly muted this time but it’s not a major issue. I’d still know I was vaping on a classic Doozy dessert E-liquid.

Of course, noise generation is also dampened slightly and turbulence remains non-existent from this already tried and tested PNP mesh coil.

Whatever you do, do not reduce airflow further. I found that really did alter the taste, diluting it quite severely. Consequently this has a major impact on flavour enjoyment.

To summarise I found the best setting to be either wide open or with just the slightest of restriction. The VM3 PNP coil simply thrives in this environment and to be fair, 28W does also feel like the optimal setting.

Voopoo TW30 0.3ohm PNP Mesh Coil (Rated 28-36W)

As with the VM3 coil I recommend E-liquid ratios of 70VG/30PG.

The coil is designed for use as a restrictive direct lung vape, in accordance to Voopoo’s own website. I used IVG Vanilla Biscuit, a personal favourite to test these airflow properties.

RBA mode used but with Smart mode already detecting 35W as the optimal setting there really wasn’t much to play around with.

Voopoo TW30 PNP coil pic 1

With airflow set wide open I didn’t notice much difference between this and the VM3 coil, to be fair. Audibly it’s slightly louder but again, no turbulence encountered with long inhales.

As before the flavour is absolutely insane. Leaving no room for doubt that the Voopoo PNP mesh coils mean business!

The Vanilla Custard notes tasted very rich and concentrated and plenty of sweetness was present throughout, leaving a few drops on the taste buds for good measure.

Flavour consistency was top notch too as I tested during slower, drawn out exhales.

Vapour production was incredibly satisfying again. It doesn’t take long to fill a room so make sure you’ve plenty of ventilation!

Other Airflow Settings

Voopoo TW30 PNP coil pic 2

I reduced airflow by 50% but it wasn’t cutting the supply by 50%. I was slightly annoyed by that and shows a distinct lack of versatility in this respect.

However, unlike the VM3 coil the flavour was actually enhanced. I personally felt I was getting enhanced creamy textures and the biscuit base was much more prominent.

The intensity of the flavour was also leaving its mark much longer post vape, an added bonus I always enjoy.

So using RBA mode I pushed both the capability of the coil and the battery to 40W.

As you might imagine there was little difference to the output. Then again, there was nothing wrong with it anyway!

I only consider this coil to offer a restrictive lung hit when airflow is reduced by around 80%. But I don’t think it really works that well at 40W. It seems to crave much more airflow for a better experience.

Flavour isn’t as balanced either. It’s not as consistent throughout the exhale. To begin with it seems slightly muted, developing later on.

I had the most fun with airflow knocked down to 50%. Here, I got a very good semi restrictive lung tug and flavour was at its peak.

Battery Performance, E-liquid Consumption & Puff Counter

I consider nine and a half hours continuous use pretty damn good for a 1500mAh battery.

And I was taking some long direct lung vapes too. I can’t say I noticed much, if any, flavour degradation as the battery reached a stage of total depletion.

The AI chip was responsive to each and every press of the fire button, something Voopoo are renowned for. Also of note – I didn’t encounter any fire button lag when leaving the device idle for short periods. An oddity that’s been the subject of much scrutiny with previous Voopoo products.

E-liquid consumption is always heavily influenced by the individual vaper. I consider myself a chain vaper so 7.5ml of E-liquid isn’t too bad. So I’m not classing the Drag H40 as a juice guzzler.

I got exactly 223 puffs from a single charge. As previously stated I was taking long, drawn out direct lung vapes so I also consider this to more than satisfactory.


  • It’s the Voopoo PNP range of coils. Excellent flavour. Say no more!
  • Awesome vapour production
  • Extremely comfortable in the hand
  • Portable and pocket friendly
  • Easy to navigate menu screen
  • Responsive fire button
  • Ability to view all remaining E-liquid levels


  • Both coils leak
  • Lack of airflow versatility
  • Unable to charge in a vertical position (subjective)
  • Replaceable mouthpiece doesn’t fit flush (subjective)
  • Not the fastest type C USB charging

Final Review Verdict

One thing I did notice was that although the factory charge appeared to be reading full in terms of the battery icon it was actually only showing 84% when plugged in.

Keep this in mind when using for the very first time. You may need to plug the USB cable in and wait another fifteen minutes or so.

Also, the battery icon depletes in 25% increments so it’s not necessarily an accurate representation as to how much power has been used. It’s no real biggie but I prefer the numerical percentage, displayed while recharging the device.

The device was also prone to leaking from the base of the coil. Droplets were visible around the magnetic contacts and deep down around the coil/battery contacts. You’ll have to use a cotton swab on occasion with the Voopoo Drag H40.

Those issues aside, it’s one of the most solid looking pod kits I’ve encountered for quite some time. I love the form factor and Voopoo have obviously put a lot of time and effort in to get the aesthetics just right.

It’s totally pocket friendly but also stands firmly on any surface it’s placed upon.

The tolerances to the adjustable 360 degree airflow are spot on. Buttery smooth while the screen is uncluttered and easy to read. Functionality is as basic as it gets.

Combine this with PNP coils and a simple, side filling pod and you’ve got yourself another respectable pod kit from the Voopoo Drag stable.

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neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud production VM3 PNP coil
Flavour and cloud production TW30 PNP coil
Airflow Versatility
Replace if lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
voopoo-drag-h40-pod-kit-reviewThis is the best looking pod kit in the Drag range to date in my opinion. It's beautifully constructed with due care and consideration for the user. It does have a few issues, not least with airflow versatility but hey - it's those Voopoo PNP coils! They never let the side down and the Drag H40 showcases their abilities delivering incredible flavour and cloud production. Perfect for anyone that's spent time with a sub ohm set up and for those making the transition across from MTL to DL vaping.


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