Today I’ve got my fat fingers on the new Voopoo Uforce L tank, which comes paired with the excellent Argus GT2 mod.

Voopoo Uforce L tank hand check imagePlease note: I’ve been sent the standard version of the tank for the purposes of review. It is not available for purchase in the EU or UK. There will be a 2ml version for TPD regulated markets such as the UK.

Voopoo and vaping. Vaping and Voopoo. They go together like Salt and Vinegar, Laurel and Hardy or Bacon and Eggs. And so they should given they’ve been a dominant force in the industry since 2016.

They really broke through with the release of their Drag 157 Mod. It’s gone on to spawn three updates, each one incorporating various guises of the much lauded GENE chip.

It’s interesting to note the original Uforce tank was designed specifically with the Drag 157 and the Mojo 88W box Mod in mind.

Over the last year or so, Voopoo have bolstered their catalogue of higher powered box mods with releases such as the Argus XT, MT and GT2. They also came bundled with the Maat Tank new.

Now, the Uforce tank makes a welcome return by literally flipping the airflow structure of the Maat tank new on its head.

And Voopoo would like me to give it a whirl on the Argus GT2, the U Force L tank will be available with this mod in kit form. The tank is also available with the VOOPOO Drag 4 mod as a kit.

We have an in depth review of the Voopoo Argus GT2 mod here.

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What Can We Expect From the Voopoo Uforce L Tank?

It’s a dedicated stock coil sub ohm tank for the intermediate vaper yet much more than that.

u force l components

Because it’s compatible with the full range of PnP Voopoo coils we can expect direct to lung (DTL), restrictive lung (RDL) or mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. We tell you what these terms mean in our Guide To Vape Styles.

There’s even the option of using a dedicated RBA coil head if tinkering is your vape thing.

Voopoo Uforce L tank features bullet So the bottom airflow structure of the Maat tank new has been ditched in favour of top adjustability in the way of three sizeable airflow inlets.

We do still get the same easy top filling arrangement.

Filling the Voopoo Uforce L tankSpinning the 360 degree airflow ring means total customisation of flavour and vapour production. In fact it’s the first atomiser to adopt a top to bottom airflow with a leak proof function.

Tri airflow structure of the Voopoo Uforce L tankNot only are the three airflow inlets designed to eradicate turbulence, the air pressure inside and out is evenly balanced.

Combine a hollow central structure that absorbs sound with 25% improved coil heating efficiency and we can expect a quiet, flavoursome vape.

As well as a coil capable of lasting in the region of 20 refills using the 2ml glass.

Hollow core structure of Voopoo Uforce L tankIt’s all part of the Voopoo “dual in one tech”.

Any condensate built up during use is isolated to prevent any form of leakage and regardless of the wattage pumping through those PNP coils, the incorporated heat sink at the base accelerates cooling for a consistently warm vaping experience.

The Voopoo Uforce L tank is available in three colours. Gunmetal, Silver and Black.

u force l colours
Image courtesy of Vapesourcing UK

The standard and US editions include a 4ml and 5.5ml Pyrex glass tube (making the tank taller) and the TPD version comes complete with a 2ml equivalent.

Glass sections of the Voopoo Uforce L tankThe same PnP coils are included whichever version you decide on.

Inside the Box

  • Voopoo Uforce L tank (4ml)
  • PNP TW20 (0.2ohm) mesh coil
  • PNP TW15 (0.15ohm) mesh coil
  • Spare glass (5.5ml)
  • Silicone rubber spares pack
  • User manual

Voopoo Uforce L tank what's in the box

Voopoo Uforce L Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 58 x 25.5mm
  • Material: Stainless steel / Pyrex glass
  • Capacity: 2ml / 4ml / 5.5ml
  • Airflow: Top airflow
  • Filling: Top fill
  • Coils: Compatible with all PNP coils
  • Drip tip: Delrin 810 removable
  • Connection: Gold plated 510 threaded

uforce l specs

Voopoo Uforce L Tank – Design and Build Quality

Voopoo Uforce L tank hand check image 2Starting at the top with the 810 Delrin drip tip.

It is removable but trying to replace with ones of my own was a very hit and miss affair – either too tight or too loose. Rather unsurprisingly, the Maat tank new one fits perfectly.

It’s purposely designed for direct lung vaping and cloud chucking. It makes me wonder if Voopoo have an equivalent in the works to suit the compatible lower powered TM and TR mouth to lung PnP coils.

Removeable 810 Delrin drip tip

The top cap relies on a simple quarter turn mechanic which is extremely easy to use. Simply turn it anti-clockwise to remove.

This exposes the two Silicone lined fill ports. I must admit they’re a little oddly placed. It’s no biggie but they’re not opposite each other as usually found. They are wide enough though so will accommodate any bottle nozzle sizes.

Top filling gaskets on the Voopoo Uforce L tank

Below this we have the 360 degree fully adjustable airflow ring with its air inlet ‘grilles’ for want of a better word. It can be removed to show exactly how airflow passes down and through the tank at a 45 degree angle.

Top adjustable airflow ring on Voopoo Uforce L tank

NB: If you remove the airflow ring for maintenance, be aware that it only fits back on one way. Do not attempt to force it into place or you risk the chance of damaging a silicone O ring.

My version came with the 4ml glass tube attached. The 5.5ml spare will retain the overall height of the tank but the 2ml version reduces it by around 5mm.

The threading on the deck of the tank is quiet and buttery smooth, which I appreciated. There’s not much in the way of knurling, more a series of grooves but they get the job done for when needing to replace or install a coil.

The bottom tri-airflow structure is as wide as the top. So there’s going to be more than enough to keep those coils permanently cooled.

Internal airflow structure of the Voopoo Uforce L tank

Gold plated spring loaded coil/battery contacts sit inside the deck to assist with conductivity and connectivity.

Spring loaded gold plated coil and battery contacts on deck of Voopoo Uforce L tank

Finally, a protruding gold plated 510 connector resides underneath the deck. Although possible I wouldn’t recommend using the tank with a hybrid Mod or tube mech. I prefer to stick with regulated devices with protective circuitry included.

Gold plated 510 connector on base of Voopoo Uforce L tank

Quick Start Guide

How To Install A Coil

  • Unscrew the deck of the tank by turning clockwise
  • Push the PnP coil up inside the opening of the chamber, ensuring a good seal
  • How to fit a coil on the Voopoo Uforce L tankScrew the deck back onto the tank (anti-clockwise) ensuring a finger tight seal

How To Fill the Tank

  • Turn the top cap anti-clockwise to release from the tank
  • Locate one of the filling ports
  • Push the bottle nozzle through the fill port
  • Squeeze E-liquid into the glass chamber
  • How to fill the Voopoo Uforce L tankReplace the top cap by turning a quarter turn clockwise

Voopoo recommend filling the tank two thirds. This will ensure adequate coverage of the cotton wicking ports but also prevent over filling.

Remember to let the E-liquid soak into those wicking ports for around five minutes prior to vaping.

How To Replace the Glass Tube

  • Remove the top cap
  • Remove the airflow control ring
  • Unscrew the deck from the tank
  • Grip the top section of the tank and carefully pull down on the glass tube to remove it
  • How to remove the glass tube on Voopoo Uforce L tankPush the replacement glass back on, making sure it’s firmly attached to the O rings
  • Replace the airflow control ring
  • Replace the top cap
  • Screw the deck back onto the tank

How Does the Voopoo Uforce L Tank Perform?

Both TW mesh coils have been upgraded as part of the “dual in one tech” to improve flavour and vapour production as well as increase efficiency of the coils.

This should mean the same great performance from these PnP coils but with less E-liquid consumed thus extending overall life span.

PNP TW20 0.2ohm Mesh Coil (40-55W)

Voopoo Uforce L tank on the Argus GT2 Mod

Voopoo rather kindly sent across the Argus GT2 Mod for use with the tank, which will be available to buy with the Uforce L as a kit.

I’m digging the amazing Chrome plated finishing and Tan leather effect.

The Silver Uforce L tank would look the absolute mutts on the one supplied and more proportionate if using the 2ml TPD version.

Anyway, for a detailed analysis of the Mod, check out our Kev’s review elsewhere on the site.

I used Digbys Strawberries and Cream to test the coil. It’s a 70VG/30PG juice ratio with 3mg freebase nicotine applied.

Smart mode detected 50W as the optimal power for the TW20 mesh coil so that’s what I went with.

Airflow Wide Open

Voopoo PNP TW20 mesh coil main imageWith the tri-airflow structure wide open there’s very little resistance. I’d say around 10% maximum.

That’s great for extended inhales and I was able to feel a fullness in the throat as the vapour built up prior to exhale.

Very satisfying.

Vapour production itself is immense as you might expect. It won’t take long to fill a room like a sauna if you’re a chain vaper!

The flavour is average to good. I wouldn’t say great but that’s because there’s minimum warmth generated. The vape is cool, so that may be why the flavour notes are a bit flat.

Of course Strawberry does filter through and to a lesser extent so does the cream but there’s also a distinct metallic after taste left on the tongue which I find undesirable, if I’m honest.

Mid Airflow Restriction

There’s not a great deal of difference to the airflow. I would hazard a guess at a further 10-15% over wide open. Obviously this is indicated by a slight difference in the noise generated during inhale.

.. and I’m still chucking that cloudage!

The overall flavour quality remains a little subdued but still consistent throughout the exhale.

There’s maybe a bit more sweetness from the Strawberry but generally speaking it’s a rather monotone performance in terms of flavour and I still experience that metallic taste on the tip of the tongue.

Mesh on the Voopoo PNP TW20 coilFurther Airflow Restriction

That’s better! At least in terms of airflow restriction.

However, it jumps from being a direct lung vape to a restricted one. There’s very little room to play with and semi direct lung vapers may have difficulty finding the right setting.

I was able to find it but after making the slightest of adjustments. For the impatient vaper, the airflow settings are going to feel a bit ‘all or nothing’.

So after finding a restriction of around 50% I was happy. This isn’t the quietest of vapes but neither is it ear shattering and there’s definitely no turbulence because the inhale is smooth as silk.

There’s no noticeable difference to flavour quality. It’s kind of ‘wishy washy’. The Strawberry still seems underused and the cream lacks richness or texture. I’m not shaking that metallic after taste.

NB: The metallic taste continued to be an issue after days of use, with other flavours tested. There’s every reason to suspect a defective coil.

PNP TW15 0.15ohm Mesh Coil (55-70W)

Smart mode was running again with 65W as the recommended setting.

I used Digbys Black Sun to test the coil, a 70VG/30PG juice ratio with a 3mg freebase nicotine strength.

Voopoo Uforce L tank with Argus GT2 running TW15 mesh coil

Airflow Wide Open

The coil instantly shows signs of improvement over the TW20 equivalent. By this I mean power. It hits the coil as soon as the fire button of the Argus GT2 is pressed.

Very impressive.

Flavour replication is on point. I couldn’t really ask for much better – especially with the airflow set wide open. The Blackcurrant is bright and popping with the aniseed content spicing things up very nicely.

Vapour production is off the charts and the airflow itself carries the same level of restriction as its 0.2ohm counterpart – not very much.

Again, it’s not the quietest of coils despite the absence of any turbulence.

Voopoo PNP TW15 mesh coil main image

Mid Airflow Restriction

A slightly quieter vape and although not the level of restriction I was expecting, those aniseed notes really do kick up a notch.

Yet the sweetness of the Blackcurrant remains, running through the heart of the vape.

The flavour was incredibly consistent throughout – it never skipped a beat and the after taste lingered pleasantly on the palate for minutes after.

Vapour production is dense. There’s plenty of volume and again, the lack of restriction (approaching a semi direct lung vape) leads to a satisfying build up in the throat during inhale.

There’s just the slightest hint of warmth. It’s barely noticeable but enough to concentrate the flavour notes in a very pleasing manner.

Mesh of the Voopoo PNP TW15 coil

Further Airflow Restriction

Now we definitely enter restrictive lung vaping territory but to achieve this the airflow needs to be almost entirely closed.

The inhale is at its most quiet, yet still silky smooth which I found impressive.

No additional warmth is gained on this setting but then the profile doesn’t need it. The Aniseed becomes very intense and if I’m honest? A little too strong now for my liking.

But this does demonstrate the different flavour layering achievable by altering airflow.

And because of airflow suppression, the cooling notes I experienced during inhale shift over to the exhale. The sweeter notes of the E-liquid are omnipresent throughout and the Blackcurrant continues to be effective for quite some time after the vape.

In my mind, this coil outperforms the TW20 alternative in just about every way possible.


  • Excellent performance from the 0.15ohm TW15 mesh coil
  • Fantastic vapour production
  • Silky smooth inhale and no turbulence
  • No leaking
  • Easy to use top filling system
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning


  • The flavour from the 0.20ohm TW20 mesh coil was a little subdued
  • Airflow control ring spins freely. Not enough tolerance
  • Not as quiet as I was expecting (subjective)
  • Airflow structure isn’t as versatile as it could be
  • Both coils guzzle the juice (subjective)

Final Review Summary

I think my only issue with the Uforce L tank is the overly generous volume of airflow on offer.

The three airflow slots are quite large and minor adjustments go largely unnoticed. So it really does take some fine tuning to find your own particular sweet spot.

I had to dial the airflow back quite drastically in order to obtain my preferred semi restrictive lung vape. But when I did find it –  boy was it satisfying!

The flavour was so impressive from the TW15 that I could only conclude the TW20 to be defective as to be so lacking by comparison.

The Uforce L tank works an absolute dream with the Argus GT2 mod so keep an eye out for this combo if interested in a new vape kit. I refer back to the Salt and Vinegar reference I made at the beginning of the review.

It’s a great partnership.

Smart mode provided me with everything I needed without having to tinker and the GENE. TT 2.0 chipset meant ramp up time was kept to the absolute minimum.

So is it any better than the Maat New tank?

It’s very close but judging by the faultless performance of the TW15 PNP coil across all airflow restrictions I’d say the Uforce L tank just has the edge.

UK/USA – Free Shipping Options
R.O.W – Use Code ECC For 12% Off

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud production TW20 mesh coil
Flavour and cloud production TW15 mesh coil
Replace if lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
voopoo-uforce-l-tank-reviewA traditional sub ohm tank for the cloud chucker. The tri top airflow system ensures plenty of vapour and all the coils in the PnP range are compatible. The inhale of the Voopoo Uforce L tank is silky smooth and flavour quality impresses across all airflow restrictions.


  1. Very honest review.
    I just bought the Drag 4 kit with the Uforce L tank and i found exactly the same difference in flavor between the 0.15 and 0.2 ohm coils.
    Like three times less flavour with the 0.2 coil for practically the same eliquid and battery consumption. (tested with 70/30 VG/PG with Don cristo Maple at 62-66 W for 0.15 and 50-55 W for 0.2)
    And recently bought the Maat tank because of a discount (9 €) and for the moment only tested it with the 0.15 ohm at 75-85 W with same eliquid and very disapointed.
    Really really less flavour, same or less clouds but use lot more battery and juice.
    I’m gonna use the Uforce L with the Maat drip tip because it’s a litlle higher and more rounded at the end. It has a better fit for me, more sealed and thinner in the mouth than the original Uforce L drip tip.
    The only better for the Maat is less guzzle and hot elquid that can sometimes come in mouth.
    But with adjusting the Wattage and maybe with 80/20 the Uforce L will be perfect !
    Thanks for the review… i’m gonna check the others reviews on this site now… 🙂

  2. NICE, thank again Neil for another great review. I just purchased this tank to apply to voopoo’s Argus XT mod. Haven’t received either one as yet, (to be expected coming from China), can not wait. keep up the good work.


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