The new Wismec AI mod is the latest all singing all dancing Bluetooth enabled device that features the voice of Amazon’s Alexa…what a time to be alive!

So the question I’m asking, is it possible the Wismec AI will become your All In One Device for everything?

wismec ai mod review

I’m a Tech Geek – OK I’ve said it!

I absolutely love anything that’s: A – Electrical and B – allows me to do some clever s**t!

So when the Wismec AI came through the post, literally hours after reading about it, I was setting it up within minutes and controlling the lighting in my Man-Cave within half an hour.

This isn’t Wismec’s first attempt at this kind of device.

Back in October 2018, The Devil Vaper tried out the Wismec Active.

A rugged mod featuring a 2100mAh internal battery, fairly decent sound and unusually, a Carabiner Clip!

Wismec has been a bit hit and miss of late but still has a good track record of producing some very good mods indeed.

The recent Reuleaux Tinker 2 was a big hit and the rest of the Reuleax range, especially the RX2 21700, are now the stuff of vaping legends.

So Wismec has gone back to the drawing board with this one, and come up with the Wismec AI .

Artificial Intelligence?

I hope not!

But its certainly very smart.

What Can We Expect From The Wismec AI Mod?

The ‘AI’ is a mod that I’ve broken down into 2 sections – A Dual 18650 mod capable of firing up to 200 watts, and a Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker with Alexa Integration.


If I ever wanted to become a tech reviewer, here is my chance to shine!

Not 😉

At a glace, the AI doesn’t appear as robust as the Wismec Active, nor as attractive some might feel.

But it looks blatantly functional for both using as a vaping device, and a handy ‘On The Go’ Bluetooth speaker.

Wismec AI Mod box

Which of course includes a Built-In Microphone meaning you can use the device to speak commands to Alexa, along with making and receiving phone calls.

See The Wismec AI Mod In Action

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Inside the Box

Wismec AI Mod contents

  • Wismec Ai Mod
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning Card
  • Warranty Card


  • Battery – Dual 18650 Battery Compartment
  • Wattage Output – 1-200w
  • 0.91inch OLED Screen
  • Built In Speaker with Bluetooth and Alexa Integration
  • Up to 30mm diameter without overhang.
  • Output Modes: Variable Wattage/TC/NI/SS
  • Multiple Circuit Protections
  • Height: 87.3mm
  • Width:53.5mm
  • Depth: 23.5mm
  • Weight: 166.9g
  • Colours Available:Black | Gradient Blue | Red

Design and Build Quality

I’m not really sure how attractive a dual battery mod could ever look with a speaker attached the side.

But Wismec hasn’t done a bad job with regards to the design, its not the most attractive but its fairly small considering its power output and although its heavy, its not as heavy as you would imagine.

The device really is split into 2 separate functions.

On the front is the speaker with Bluetooth buttons including the magic Alexa button, along with Power button and Volume Controls.

Wismec AI Mod speaker

And on the side are the controls we are all accustomed to with any dual battery mod.

A large fire button, decent sized OLED screen and  +/- Buttons.

AI mod buttons

Considering its dual function, its designed fairly well and fairly compact.

But definitely not the most beautiful mod I’ve ever seen.

In The Hand

As a thumb, or finger firer – Its OK in the hand.

The AI really isn’t exactly ergonomic or aesthetically pleasing, it’s made for function over comfort.

But putting that to one side, its fine really.

Its quite compact to be fair and the paint finish is really nice so its smooth yet still a little grippy in the hand.

Wismec AI Mod in hand

The battery door has a nice pattern to it meaning you get a little grip from that also.

One thing that’s great with this device, is its able to take up to a 30mm diameter tank, which for me is ace as I,ve really been enjoying the larger style RTA’s lately.

510 pin

Wismec AI Mod OLED Screen

The 0.91in screen is basic, but bright and clear and has all the usual information including:

  • Level of both batteries
  • Coil Resistance
  • Voltage
  • Current in Amps
  • Wattage or Temperature the device is set at

Wismec AI Mod Basic Operation

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to navigate the Wismec AI:

  • 5 Clicks of the Fire Button On/Off
  • 3 Clicks of the Fire Button enters Menu to change Output Settings
  • Press & Hold Fire and + button to enter Main Menu
  • Press & Hold + & – Button to Lock Keys

Wismec AI Mod alexa

Wismec AI Mod Main Menu

Within the main menu you can:

  • Change the bottom display to  Puff, Amp or Time
  • Adjust the Power and Timeout Time
  • Turn Wismec Logo On/Off
  • Check Hardware & Firmware Versions
  • Check Battery Voltages

As a whole, the Wismec AI is fairly easy to navigate once you get used to the controls.

Bluetooth Speaker Functions

Not the first time I’ve had to put together a Tech tutorial to go along with a vaping device, so here goes!

So first off, here’s an image to best describe what the buttons, on the front of the device do!

wismec bluetooth

First off, get the AI connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.

Press the ‘On’ button at the front of the device, head over to your phone and discover the device in the Bluetooth settings.

Once connected, its time to Link Alexa to the AI.

Simply pressing the large round microphone button on the Wismec AI will pretty much tell you what to do

‘You haven’t connected your device in the Alexa App, to set it up – Add a new device, then choose Alexa Enabled Headphones’

Once you have scrolled through the options, the Alexa app will try to discover the Wismec AI.

It took me a few tries the first time I wanted to connect.

But make sure you try and discover ‘Headphones‘ Not ‘Speaker’

set up

Hey presto! You’re now free to enjoy all of the Amazon features along with everything Alexa has to offer.

Now everything is setup – you’re also free to use the Wismec AI as a complete Bluetooth Speaker, meaning you can use the device for Hands-free calls, playing your favourite music and even switching your lights on and off.

If you’re eagle eyed, you’ll see it took less than 10 minutes to configure, and that’s including me typing the description, whilst taking screen shots!

So simply put, its easy to setup and configure.

How Does The Wismec AI Mod Perform?

Before you ask:

Yes you can vape and make a call at the same time.

Yes you can vape and listen to your favourite playlist.

Yes you can vape and switch your living room lamps on!

It works, and it works really well and really fast.

But first, as a Dual 18650 mod, it performs very well and it actually feels a little overpowered.

For example, set at 80 watts, its delivering much more power than the GeekVape Aegis Legend, and the Ultroner Gaea mods.

Maybe around 10-20 watts more!


I’ve heard reports the Wismec Active was under-powered, so maybe they’ve turned the dial up to 11 and stuck a finger up at those complaining about lack of power?

How Long Does The Wismec AI Battery Last?

Like any mod, the battery life purely depends on:

  • A: The batteries being used
  • B: The resistance of your coils
  • C: The wattage you are vaping at.

But there are some battery saving ideas in play here, one for example keeps the screen blank, unless you press the fire button to wake it up.

Wismec AI Mod review

So the big thing to consider is how much of an effect the Bluetooth/hands-free options have on the device as a whole?

Well no-one would be too pleased if I stuck on a playlist of troublesome hip-hop music, set the volume to max, and vape away until the batteries died.

But what I can say, is during my normal working day, at 65 watts – taking approximately 10 phone calls during that time and vaping a hell of a lot, I experienced pretty good battery life which lasted me 9 hours!

That’s good enough for me.

battery door

Bluetooth and Hands-free Performance and Connectivity

Firstly, I’m really quite impressed with the speaker.

At maximum Volume the Bass does get a little lost and slightly distorted but only slightly.

The device does a great job of bringing out the mid ranges and the high end isn’t sharp or tinny.

So fairly well balanced.

As a hands free speaker for use in the car, its very good.

The microphone picks up your voice over other sounds really well and I never had a caller complain about me sounding too quiet.

The speaker is loud enough that I could hear the caller even with the windows open.

If, for example, you wish to make use of the Bluetooth Speaker whilst watching one of my reviews on YouTube on your phone (hehe) – you will find no delay between me talking, and the output on the Wismec AI.

Instant Bluetooth transfer – impressive!

Ive had absolutely no issues with connecting the AI to my phone, with a press of the power button it takes literally seconds to connect.

And it has connected faultlessly every time throughout my time with the Wismec AI.

Charging the Wismec AI Mod

You can charge the device Via the Micro USB port, which I feel would be more useful for this device than most considering its a hands-free Kit along with being a vape device.

But as I always stress that people should really charge their batteries in an external charger.

Battery Door

The large Wismec Panel on one side pulls off lovely using the little notch at the bottom, and clicks in beautifully thanks to the magnets on the inside.

There is a little play, but its only very small and doesn’t click around if you hold or shake the device.


  • Fairly compact considering its uses
  • Battery life is good considering its Dual Purpose
  • Bluetooth setup and function is simple
  • Speaker quality is good


  • Not the most comfortable in the hand
  • Fairly Heavy
  • Won’t win a beauty contest
  • Arguably a bit of a gimmick
  • + and – volume buttons feel to be on the wrong sides!

Final Review Verdict

If you’re not into your gadgets, controlling your lighting and sockets with your voice, and have no need for hands free communication when driving, then I’m pretty sure you will have absolutely no interest in this device.

However and if like me, you had an interest in the original Wismec Active, but felt that being a Bluetooth Speaker alone was not enough – then the Wismec AI will tick all the boxes which were up to this point, un-ticked.

Yes its not the best looking, but it performs as both a 200 watt Box mod, and a hands-free speaker with some smart features.

Have you bought or considering buying the Wismec AI Mod?

Do you think it’s a bit of a gimmick?

Have any questions about the device?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save With Code AIMod

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Mod Ease Of Use
Bluetooth Ease Of Use
Mod Performance
Speaker Performance
Hands-Free Performance
Replace if Lost or Damaged
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