Woodies CBD vape pens are the creation of the stepson of Ronnie Wood – yeah man – the ageless rocker from the Rolling Stones!

Jamie Wood created the CBD brand 3 years ago after he suffered a heart attack. Doctors told Jamie he needed to drop his rock ‘n roll lifestylequit smoking and get healthy!

woodies cbd e-liquids review

Thankfully he not only took the advice to heart, but embraced it in a big way!

From his first taste of CBD, he knew this was the future and as you’ll see from his website, he’s taken great Satisfaction in bringing this UK based product to market.

Jamie says:

I’ve been there, lived the life.

Worked hard, partied harder…but then I had a heart attack and had to make some big changes in my life.

Now I’m a health and fitness focused, spiritual family man and when it comes to extracting nature’s finest CBD oil, I’m your man.

I still work hard but I also know how to make the most of life and enjoy it with peace of mind.

Love it 🙂

As well as CBD based e-liquids, Woodies also produces CBD oils – which should NOT be vaped, as well as CBD cartridges.

These are the old school ego pen style screw ins, but as yet there’s no pen on sale on the site. I found a couple of my pen batteries fitted including the battery from the SMOKO vape starter kit – best check before buying one!

For more info on vaping and CBD – please read my articles linked below:

For the record, I’m a massive fan of the Stones and have played the album Bridges To Babylon so many times now is untrue!

What Can We Expect From Woodies CBD Vape Pens?

Woodies CBD e-liquid comes in disposable pens and cartridges, and created from 100% pure CBD distillate. That means it’s skillfully extracted at its purest form and contains around 90% of CBD along with natural terpenes, flower and other parts of the hemp plant.

cbd ingredients

The range is nicotine free and unlike very many other CBD e-liquids out there – no artificial thinning agents are used – as I said this is pure.

And as you’ll see from my review – pure is the word here people 😉

OK, I was sent x4 flavours of the disposable vape pens and one cartridge direct from Woodies – thank you. BTW the cartridge was Strawberry flavoured and I haven’t reviewed it as I also received a strawberry flavoured pen.

Incidentally, all you get inside the box is the vape pen with the cartridge attached and this cannot be removed.

woodies disposable cbd vape pen review

There’s no need to charge – anyway there’s no USB port lol – as to the power of the battery, we’ve reached out to Jamie and will update when and if we get that info.

As always freebies in no way influence my thoughts and opinions, you could say as a reviewer I’m under no-ones thumb…it gets worse trust me lol.

I also received a pineapple flavour pen – sadly this one appears to be a dud, but the smell of the fruit is very enticing indeed.

When it comes to CBD e-liquids its a fact You Cant Always Get What You Want

So, If You Got the Silver, is the Woodies range worth your hard earned green?

Enough Stones puns yet? Nope 😉

Lets take a look.

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Woodies CBD Vape Pens – Green Crack 450mg

woodies cbd e-liquid green crack review

Woodies Says:

With a tangy, fruity flavour reminiscent of mango, Green Crack is a great daytime strain.

Because its name perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.

I Say:

The closest I’ve EVER come to the taste of a strain of marijuana in a CBD e-liquid.

Incredible mixing that will have you looking puzzled as to why this isn’t a rolled and lit joint in your hand – seriously!

Tangy is the word with the terpenes really, and I mean really, to the fore but that acidic sense of fruit lifts this to higher plains without the high if you catch my drift.

A cracking throat hit too but in no way harsh – just a real tingle on the tonsils.

Paint it Green Crack not Black baby – wondrous stuff.

Woodies CBD Vape Pens – Strawberry 450mg

woodies cbd e-liquid review strawberry

Woodies Say:

Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and an expanding sensation that can make even the most seasoned consumer cough, Strawberry Cough is a Sativa blend with mysterious genetic origins.

With no intoxicating effects, this strain may help you maintain a good balance.

I Say:

Sativa is a strain of cannabis that originated in Asia – though these days it’s produced globally.

And yup I’m definitely getting a hint of fresh strawberry from the vape pen along with those fresh terpene tones.

The inhale is again an amazing piece of mixology – with your brain asking this is a proper joint right?

This is a much gentler vape than the Green Crack and the inhale is incredibly smooth with those fresh strawberries lingering on the back notes.

There’s a throat hit, but much tamer and the exhale didn’t make me cough, but there is the merest hint of what I think is pepper – only a touch mind!

A really intricate CBD vape with more than a few layers the more you vape on it.

Naturally sweet strawberries without a hint of Brown Sugar – bloody lovely.

Woodies CBD Vape Pens – Amnesia Haze 450mg

woodies cbd e-liquid review amnesia haze

Woodies Say:

With earthy flavours of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile.

Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains.

I Say:

Jamaican landrace is yet another strain of cannabis and I’m guessing many users of the ‘real thing’ have used this variety more than a few times 😉

I’m getting a real whack of citrus in the nostrils from this one and again those botanical notes combine perfectly.

The inhale is again smooth at first but as the tartness of the fruit hits the back of your throat it’s a ticklish hit to say the least – perfect!

The acidic exhale is so bloody refreshing it’s untrue and yeah this is definitely one to wake up with.

A case of I’ll definitely be using this one to Start Me Up in the mornings 😛

Final Review Verdict

If you’re looking for a 100% authentic taste of marijuana flavoured CBD e-liquid you will NOT do better than Woodies.

I’m seriously trying hard to not make this review a fan boy gush fest, but man credit where it’s due – this range of CBD pens are quite simply awesome dude.

woodies cb products

Yes they are indeed slightly – OK, a lot more expensive than many CBD e-liquids on the market, but these are pure quality and then some.

What A Shame [enough Rolling Stones songs now!!!] I couldn’t get the pineapple flavour to work, because the smell off that is divine.

BTW the draw is not Too Tight either [I said enough Stones songs dude!] giving you a lovely MTL vape.

Highly recommended to say the least.

PS: not sure if the evergreen rocker Ronnie takes these CBD products…if he does it could explain his timeless appearance and vigour 😉

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Woodies CBD Green Crack
Woodies CBD Strawberry
Woodies CBD Amnezia Haze
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