The Wotofo NexM Pro tank review and this is an upgraded sub ohm tank from the China based manufacturer that list safety, innovation and quality as part of its criteria for success.

Founded in 2012 their vaping philosophy was born out of incessant battles between the E cig industry and unscrupulous scaremongers. They stood firmly behind their beliefs in vaping and its potential to improve health.

Wotofo NexM Pro tank hand check

Wotofo acquired OFRF in August 2019 after being impressed by their mesh coil making ideas. It’s turning out to be quite a match and more of a partnership as ORFR are now concentrating on the CBD/hardware market.

In fact the predecessor to the Wotofo NexM Pro tank, the NexMesh Sub ohm tank was originally under the OFRF moniker but after the merger became known as a joint project. What better way of cementing a hand shake?

Wotofo has fast become known for their bright green text. As an interesting fact it’s the colour that relates to balance and harmony along with rebirth, health, growth and hope.

I’m hoping that this latest release lives up to some of the hype surrounding mesh coils.

Please note the following views are based on my own experiences and will no doubt differ from yours.

What Can We Expect from the Wotofo NexM Pro tank?

This sub ohm tank relies very heavily on previous successes, only this time there’s more variety with the coil designs themselves.

It will come as no surprise to learn that mesh is the order of the day – today.

Wotofo NexM Pro Tank boxed

It uses four new stock coils and.. wait for it! A rebuildable deck which has been released simultaneously, indicating further improvement over the OG tank in the series.

We’re told the bottom honeycomb air intake is designed to provide a comfortable and delicate taste.

Conical mesh has also been ported across from the OG tank to funnel the flavour up through the chimney. This should help to suppress and improve flavour as it does so.

Every drop of e-liquid is said to be heated faster for a more even and enjoyable vape. That’s for us to find out with this review so let’s get started then!

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Inside The Box

This is going to take some explaining so please bare with me lol!

I’ve received the TPD edition for the purposes of review.

With it you get:

  • NexM Pro tank
  • H12 Clapton Mesh coil
  • H15 single mesh & parallel coil (pre installed)
  • User Manual
  • Accessory bag
  • Bubble glass tube

Wotofo NexM Pro Tank unboxed

The included straight glass will hold 3.5ml of juice with the H12 single Clapton coil installed, and the bubble glass will hold 5ml.

Using the wider pre installed H15 dual coil reduces tank capacity to 2ml and 4ml respectively. Something to keep in mind, some of these coils are like bullets lol!

The UK edition includes a single 3.5ml tank and two H15 coils, keeping everything in line with EU regulations. A bubble glass is included but packaged separately.

The standard and TPD editions are identical but for one notable exception, the tank, the standard issue being 2mm taller.

Wotofo NexM Pro Specifications

Again, I will try to keep this as simple as possible.

  • Tank material Stainless Steel
  • Size 40.85 x 24mm (42.85 x 24mm standard edition) – without drip tip
  • Tank capacity TPD and UK edition 3.5ml/2ml straight glass 5ml/4ml bubble glass (dependent on coil installed)
  • Tank capacity STD edition 4.5ml/3ml straight glass 6ml/5ml bubble glass (dependent on coil installed)
  • Drip Tip 810 Delrin
  • Insulator material German peek
  • Threading 510 thread
  • Wattage range 50-80W
  • Filling system Top fill
  • Airflow type Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Weight 72g

Wotofo NexM Pro Features

The tank comes in a host of different colours. There’s Gunmetal, Black, Gold, Blue, Rainbow and the one under review which is Stainless Steel.

The H15 single mesh and parallel coil is said to burst unparalleled flavour with ultra direct sensations for your taste buds.

The H12 mesh is made from Clapton wire using Ni80 wire wrapped around an inner A1 Kanthal coil. We’re told this will create a brand new vaping experience.

As mentioned earlier, a rebuildable deck is also available for use with the Wotofo nexM Pro tank. We’ll be covering that in it’s own section later.

Design and Build Quality

Measuring around the base of the deck the tank appears to be nearer to 26mm in circumference. It reduces down to around 24.5mm on the knurling above the airflow control ring.

The three airflow ports are around 10mm in width, 3mm in height.

Wotofo NexM Protank

The AFC ring exhibits a fair degree of resistance which I’m sure in time will loosen.

Wotofo NexM Protank 510 gold plated pin

On the underside is a gold plated 510 pin with enough protrusion for use on a hybrid or mechanical mod. Surrounding it is a German peek insulator.

Wotofo NexM Protank fill port and gasket seal

The Wotofo NexM Pro tank features a top sliding mechanism but it’s not entirely child proof because it merely needs to be pushed forwards at the marker to open.

However, Wotofo has included a “one way” valve type system on the fill gasket which should prevent juice spillage – that’s a nice touch.

There’s a release port incorporated into the top cap to prevent air getting trapped inside the tank. A common cause of leakage with bottom airflow fed tanks.

It’s also worth noting that the slider moves forward around 8mm so hopefully that will help with tank filling.

Wotofo NexM Protank Inside the Deck

Unscrewing the deck from the tank section reveals gold plating on the base. This will  assist with coil conductivity. Two pins either side work the AFC stopping points from within.

Wotofo NexM Protank inner chimney
There’s very little doming on the inner chimney

The TPD edition comes with two tube sections. The straight one is made from a tough PCTG plastic – so try to avoid using any citric based  e-liquid, it has a tendency to crack this material.

Wotofo NexM Protank exploded component view
Exploded view of all the components included with the TPD edition

The extension/bubble tube appears to be made from Pyrex glass.

Fitting A Coil and Filling the Tank

The coils are plug and incorporate some hefty looking O rings.

  • Unscrew the deck from the tank
  • Push the coil up into the chimney section ensuring a snug fit
  • Screw the deck back onto the tank section taking care not to over tighten the threads

Wotofo NexM Protank filling process

It’s a good idea to prime the wicking ports of the coil before plugging into the tank.

  • Push the top cap forwards at the marker to expose the fill port
  • Gently push the bottle nozzle through the silicone gasket and fill the tank with E liquid
  • Slide the top cap back securely into place

Let the juice soak into the cotton for about five minutes before vaping. This will reduce the likelihood of a dry hit or burning the cotton itself – known as priming your coil.

How Does the Wotofo NexM Pro Tank Perform?

I was going to start my tests using the pre installed H15 single mesh and parallel coil, rated between 65-80W. With a resistance of 0.15ohm it’s the first ever to feature a dual coil set up of this nature.

Unfortunately none of my paired mods wanted to know, giving a “no atomizer” reading every time.

Wotofo NexM Pro tank inside the H15 mesh and parallel coil
Being 22.5mm in height with a diameter of 17.4mm, the H15 coil is a bit of a beast.

It was possible to remove a few parts on the underside so I had a quick dabble. I’m no expert when it comes to coil engineering though and only managed to bring it back to life briefly.

The resistance was fluctuating all over the place. This was one “fluct” up coil lol!

One that I was unwilling to take chances with. Of course it’s a shame and yes! I had high hopes for it but it does happen from time to time.

H12 Single Vertical Clapton Mesh Coil (0.2ohm) Rated 55-75W

There were no such problem with this one.

The coil is comprised of Ni80 wrapped over Kanthal A1. It’s vertically installed but lacks the conical nature of the other single mesh coils in the series.

Wotofo NexM Protank H12 Clapton mesh coil

I paired the tank with the Smok Rigel mod. I used Exceptional Vapes rice pudding and custard, a 70VG/30PG ratio with freebase nicotine added I began the tests.

At the minimum setting of 55W and with airflow wide open I got a very cool vape. There wasn’t much turbulence and took in a good long pull.

Cloud production was excellent with plenty of volume, spilling out into the room obscuring the Wife’s face.

The flavour properties were clearly defined, however there was a distinct wetness to the inhale. It almost felt like residual juice being left on the tongue.

Dialing all three airflow ports down to mid way created a semi restrictive lung hit.

The vapour production was unaltered but I noticed a distinct degradation to flavour, that’s something I was not expecting.

Turning Up the Heat?

I decided to go in for the kill opting for the maximum recommended output of 75W, again with airflow wide open.

Much more power was being generated by the Clapton coil with a lot of the dairy sub notes pouring out. The smooth, milky texture of the profile was really able to shine at this level.

Wotofo NexM Pro tank H12 Clapton mesh coil wicking ports

There was no turbulence on the airy inhale and the level of noise was acceptable.

I was still getting that wetness on the tongue, however.

Flavour properties once again decided to go a little funky with further restriction, tending to fade away during the final throes of exhale. Head scratching stuff and the exact opposite to what I was expecting.

Even at the highest recommended power setting I was still just receiving a warm vape. There’s no doubt the coil craves plenty of airflow, being much more effective with the flavour notes at any wattage setting.

I pushed the coil beyond it’s capabilities (90W) and the wetness remained. It’s not as if the coil wasn’t being heated up enough, something that often causes this issue.

I’m no expert by any means but I do wonder about the vertical nature of the coil. It could be that the juice is being drawn up too far, not fully vaporizing and ending up on the tongue.

Don’t get me wrong! This isn’t spit back but it’s just as noticeable.

Because the coil isn’t conical in design there’s no funneling, something that could potentially reduce the chances of it happening.

Rebuildable Deck – In the box

Wotofo provide us with everything we need to get up and running.
Wotofo NexM Protank rebuildable deck unboxed

…apart from the cutting and trimming tools.

  • H17 Rebuildable deck coil
  • Framed staple Clapton
  • 3mm cotton strip/aglet
  • Accessory bag
  • Allen driver

Design and Build Quality

This rebuildable deck is available in three colours: Gunmetal, Stainless Steel and Black.

For the purposes of review I’ve been provided the latter.

rebuildable deck hand check

A protruding gold plated 510 pin is once again included with some German peek insulation. You can therefore use the deck on a mechanical mech or hybrid device if you so choose to.

showing doming on inside of the removeable chimney

The screws on the inner chimney are silky smooth and doming decreases its size by 5mm.

Two O rings at the top provide an adequate seal and connection with the external chimney of the Wotofo Nexm Pro tank.

Wotofo NexM Protank rebuildable deck exposed

The Genisis style build deck measures 16.4mm in circumference so isn’t quite the smallest deck I’ve had to build on. The wicking ports are approximately 7.5mm wide so it’s vital the cotton isn’t just stuffed in.

The posts measure 4mm in diameter and the post holes in the region of 2mm, restricting the type of single coil build you’ll be able to use yourself.

There are a series of 20 honeycomb style slots incorporated into the deck which should allow for an unrestricted direct lung with airflow fully open.

rebuildable posts on build deck
The grub screws are set vertically into the top of the posts

The wicking ports are off centre with the positioning of the coil. Hopefully this won’t affect the vape quality in any way.

How Does the H17 Wotofo Rebuildable Deck Tank Perform?

I used the included framed staple Clapton coil in order to test the deck. It’s made from Kanthal A1 and works best between 40-55W.

The AFC ring on the deck is identical to that of the NexM Pro tank so the same airflow structure is available. The honeycomb style air ingress on the deck will also help to keep the coil coil while distributing any restriction.

rebuildable deck hand check
Looking good! The rebuildable tank deck in all its matchy, matchy glory

Building on the deck itself was relatively painless although I think the grub screws are likely to strip in no time at all.

It’s imperative to trim the legs back to the very sides of the post in order to prevent shorting on the inner chimney wall.

I placed the coil around 2mm off the deck, centred over the honeycomb airflow and made sure to use just the right amount of cotton for the small wicking ports.

My build came in at 0.35 ohms so I was happy enough with that.

Flavour and Vapour Production

One word. Incredible!

I had no idea this little rebuildable deck was going to give me the performance it did!

Switching between any of the wattage parameters gave me superb flavour reproduction. The vape was clean, bright and well defined bringing out all the subtle nuances of any profile I threw at it.

The vapour quality easily matched that of the H12 mesh stock coil. Phenomenal stuff!

Again, the wife’s face was obscured by clouds, bringing a little chuckle that I excused as a cough lol.

Not A Hot Vape!

Using those wattage parameters, the vape went from cool to luke warm so don’t expect to receive a hot vape if that’s your bag.

I found my preferred setting to be at 50W with airflow semi restricted.

Unlike the H12 Clapton mesh stock coil, flavour qualities did improve under tighter airflow restriction.

In order to get a restrictive direct lung the AFC ring needs to be at least three quarters closed off.

I guess by providing three airflow ports, Wotofo is encouraging a more airy vape, one that predominantly caters for mesh.

There was very little turbulence during inhale but the obligatory snap, crackle and pop was evident.

More interestingly, there was no wetness which makes me wonder even more about the integrity of vertical mesh stock coils in general.


  • Solidly built and easy to maintain
  • Good flavour from the H12 Clapton mesh coil
  • Excellent flavour from the H17 rebuildable deck
  • Great vapour production from both tank and rebuildable section


  • Need to remove the Delrin drip tip when filling tank with larger bottles
  • The rebuildable deck prone to occasional leak after filling (subjective)
  • No option of a hot vape (subjective)
  • Airflow adjustments seem a bit limited for a direct lung vape

 Final Review Verdict

Unfortunately I can only make one comparison against the rebuildable deck section. It’s also a shame Wotofo opted against including a conical mesh coil.

On the basis of what I had to work with the H17 rebuildable deck wins, hands down.


The flavour qualities were much livelier. Cloud production was excellent and equal to that of the H12 Clapton mesh stock coil but there was none of the wetness I keep banging on about.

As much as I am no expert in building, the deck was comparatively easy to work with and the tank wicked efficiently on the first take.

So what becomes the most effective option also becomes the cheapest – ideal for a skin flint like myself lol!

Wotofo NexM Pro Tank Vs Wotofo H17 Rebuildable Deck Tank

Both are very solidly built with all component threadings being buttery smooth. Assembling and disassembling is simple and straightforward making maintenance a breeze.

As far as leaking is concerned, the H12 Clapton mesh coil wins, there were no issues whatsoever.

The rebuildable section would occasionally leak, especially after filling despite the built in air release port on the top cap.

Bare in mind that I’m no wicking expert so I have to take some of the rap for that, as I might not have used enough cotton.

In fact the only downside to the tank is in the fill port. It turned out to be troublesome with larger rimmed chubby bottles…there are two reasons why.

The Delrin drip tip gets in the way of the bottle rim, preventing adequate penetration of the fill port. You have to remove it in order to fill successfully.

sside view with top cap slider

The fill port cover gasket can end up with juice on its surface, leading to the occasional spill down the side of the tank.

Other than some dodgy looking grub screws the rebuildable deck is also very well built. I feel there’s a bit of a design issue with the offset wicking ports but in the end bares no relevance to the actual vaping experience.

Wotofo NexM Pro Tank – Vaping Comparisons

I’ve already alluded to this but the flavour from the rebuildable deck was superior to that of the stock coil.

When comparing the same profile with each, the stock coil lacked vibrancy and depth and although still performed well, failed to pull out the sub notes in a way the rebuildable tank did.

Both decks use the same AFC ring so I experienced an airy and semi restrictive direct lung vape with both. There could be more variation to the airflow, admittedly but cloud production was superb in both instances.

I experienced either a cool or mildly warm vape when used inside the recommended wattage parameters. Since I’m not a fan of hot vapes that wasn’t an issue.

Overall I’m very impressed with the capabilities of the Wotofo NexM Pro tank and H17 rebuildable deck, especially.

I was able to chain vape at the highest recommended wattage with no wicking issues whatsoever, and the flavour and cloud production remained consistent at all times.

…Maybe I’m not too bad at wicking after all!

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neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Design ( Nexm Pro tank)
Build quality (NexM Pro tank)
Ease Of Use (NexM Pro tank)
Flavour and cloud production H12 0.2ohm Clapton mesh coil (NexM Pro tank)
Replace if lost (NexM Pro tank)
Design (H17 rebuildable deck)
Build quality (H17 rebuildable deck)
Ease of use (H17 rebuildable deck)
Flavour and cloud production Wotofo 0.33ohm kanthal A1 coil (H17 rebuildable deck)
Replace if lost (H17 rebuildable deck)
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
wotofo-nexm-pro-tank-reviewA solidly built sub ohm tank with a stock mesh coil capable of providing a good, if somewhat "wet" vape. If heat isn't an issue, the Wotofo NexM Pro tank will more than deliver the goods for any self respecting direct lung vaper. The rebuildable deck steals the show with its improved flavour and matching cloud production. It comes very close to replicating the experience of an RTA. Overall - job well done!


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