An Introduction to the Wotofo Nudge Box

The Wotofo Nudge Box is an unregulated, single 18650 squonking device made out of plastic with a faux carbon fiber print and 24ct gold connections and button. It also sports a replaceable 30A blade fuse which gives the user a little safety blanket, just in case the build exceeds the Amperage Limit. Nudge-Box1

Wotofo is a company based in China and have been operating since 2009. Since then they have released atomisers such as the Troll V2Freakshow and Sapor RDA’s and the original Serpent RTA as well as the Troll and Conqueror RTA’s.

I also reviewed the Wotofo Nudge RDA here if you are looking for the matching BF dripper.
As always my opinions are honest and my own.

See The Wotofo Nudge Box In Action With My Video Review

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What’s In The Box

  • Wotofo Nudge Box
  • Spare Squonk Bottle
  • Spare Fuses
  • User Manual
  • Giveaway CardNudge-Box2


  • Size: 59x24x75mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Battery: Single 18650
  • Plastic & 24ct Gold Construction

Build Quality & Design

The fire button, 510 connector & internals:

The fire button is located on one side of the device and is quite spongy. It looks to be made from a gold plated metal. It is slightly knurled to allow the user to twist the button to lock it and prevent it from firing.

This knurling isn’t enough though. I found it extremely difficult to grip and twist. In the end, I gave up locking it and just left it unlocked.Nudge-Box10

The 510 connector is gold, has extremely smooth threading and is well fitted into the device. In the centre it has a hollow 510 pin to allow the e-liquid delivery into the chosen bottom fed RDA.Nudge-Box15

Again, the battery contacts also look to be gold plated, They don’t have any polarity markings on them, but I would highly recommend placing the battery in positive side down to prevent tearing the wrap on the positive end with the sharp contact.Nudge-Box16

There is a single magnet holding on the door for the Nudge. It is plenty strong enough and I have no complaints about that.Nudge-Box12

Below the magnet is a 30A blade fuse, which is replaceable. This offers the user a little bit of safety just in case they accidentally exceed the amperage. If the fuse does blow, simply remove your battery and replace the fuse.Nudge-Box13


I think this mod looks pretty good! Normally fake carbon fiber annoys me beyond words, but this actually suits the device and gives it a grippy texture. Nudge-Box4Nudge-Box9

The gold accents dotted around the Nudge set it off nicely and it doesn’t cheapen the look or feel of the mod.Nudge-Box8

Different Atomisers on the Nudge Box:

The Nudge Box accepts 24mm atomisers comfortably, but they do overhang slightly because of the chamfered edges. I would say that 22mm atomisers fit nicer on there though

How Does the Nudge Box Perform?

I have been using the Wotofo Serpent BF on the Nudge Box with a 0.4Ω build in.

It hits pretty nicely and instantly, so there are no complaints with that department.

Although I feel that the button could have a bit more of a clicky action to it. It just feels a bit spongy to me.

Squonk Functionality:

As the Nudge Box is a squonker, It’s important that the device squonks properly. And I can confirm that it does! The hole in the side is the right shape to allow squeezing of the bottle with ease. And the bottle is made quite nicely as well, it is soft and squidgy, but the collar and cap on top allow an airtight seal to minimise leaks as well as efficiently delivering liquid to the 510.Nudge-Box17

Overall I have had no problems with any part of the squonking side of the Nudge Box

What I Like

  • The looks
  • The 30A Fuse
  • Affordable
  • Strong magnets

What I Dislike

  • No battery ribbon
  • Spongy button
  • Hard to grip button
  • Overhang with 24mm atomisers

Final Review Verdict

Overall, a nice looking mod, but it’s not one for me. I prefer my regulated dual 18650 devices in all honesty. Its great to use, but it’s not practical for me.

The fire button and the lack of battery ribbon is a major let down for me as well. This needs to be addressed in the next model if they choose to do one.

Would I Buy The Wotofo Nudge Box if lost or damaged?

No. Not at all. As said above, it’s a great looking mod and performs well, but it’s not one for me. It’s just not practical for me using as an all day mod, but it may suit people who are into their single 18650 squonkers.

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Build Quality
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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