The KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA is a small single coil tank which, as the name suggests, is designed for mouth to lung vapers.

KAEES have a pretty solid track record of rebuildable tanks with the recently reviewed Stacked RTA receiving a decent score – the Aladdin RDA which our ‘Shell loved – the original Solomon RTA, which I enjoyed and the Solomon 2 RTA, which I reviewed and really didn’t like at all!

kaees aladdin mtl rta review

As a regular MTL vaper, let’s see if this one has answered all my MTL wishes.

What Can We Expect From the KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA?

Hopefully a flavourful smooth vape with great flavour and decent throat hit – we shall see.

What we have got is a single coil RTA with a 2 or 4 ml capacity and a 22mm base – with of course, the elephant in the room – that domed top cap!

That’s a design feature that’s going to be Marmite to most – you’ll love it or hate it.

OK we’ve set the scene now let me shine my magical reviewers lamp on this one and rub one out…a review I mean…Jeez you lot have dirty minds 😉

For the record this was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Inside the Box

Pity it didn’t come in a magic lamp shaped container but hey ho at least the image show’s what the designers were aiming for:

kaees aladdin mtl rta box

  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Spare Parts

kaees aladdin mtl rta

KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA Specs

  • Single coil
  • 53.7 x 22mm
  • 2ml and 4ml capacity
  • 510 drip tip

kaees aladdin mtl rta components

Key Features

This is obviously designed for low wattage mouth to lung users [MTL] and is a single coil RTA.

The deck features clamp like posts and you will need to use the included tool to open the hex screws as they are recessed – unless of course you have one small and long enough.

kaees aladdin mtl rta deck

The straight glass gives you a 2ml capacity – whilst the bubble glass doubles that to 4ml and it appears to be included wherever you are in the world.

It’s a top fill with x2 kidney shaped fill ports underneath the bulbous top cap which is a bayonet style twist off design.

kaees aladdin mtl rta filling

There’s plenty of airflow options too, with either: reducing in size single holes or all of the holes exposed cyclops style that you can adjust to your preferred setting.

single airflow hole option
single airflow holes option

I mentioned the bulbous top cap – so lets see what that’s all about.

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Design and Build Quality

Opening the box I immediately thought they’d popped an Aspire Nautilus 2S inside by mistake – the do look uncannily similar – design wise anyway.

kaees alddin mtl rta vs nautilus 2s
kaees aladdin mtl rta – nautilus 2s

The top cap is more conical than domed – think half way up the inside of a witch’s hat.

Given the name Aladdin and the shape of the ‘dome’ it’s obvious to see the designers were going for a minaret look – that beautiful cap you see on many mosques around the world.

Design wise you’re gonna love it or hate it!

With the bubble glass on it does look a little top heavy and maybe a bit strange.

kaees aladdin mtl rta bubble glass

The straight glass calms down the bulb/dome a little and anyone who likes the Nautilus 2S tank will like the look of this one.

kaees aladdin mtl rta straight glass

Like the rest of the RTA the top cap is made from food grade 304 stainless steel and is extremely heavy – it’s hewn from a solid piece of metal let’s put it that way.

Build quality is very good indeed, with all the moving parts fitting together nicely, and all with a good finish – the inside of the ‘dome’ is particularly well finished.

Saying that, the airflow adjustment ring is extremely loose and slides off whenever your try to open up to get to the base.

As well as that, it can be an absolute sod to alter the airflow whilst the tank is on top of a mod – I’ve had to completely remove it most times.

How Does the KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA Perform?

Let’s break this down to building and wicking and then the flavour test.

Building the KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA

About as simple as things get – even for this old fingers and thumbs bloke kind of.

There’s no coil or cotton inside the box which I guess has helped keep the price down – still a bit stingy though lol.

I used a simple coil [I eventually found in my old Digiflavor Siren 2 box – no wire left lol] with a resistance of 0.98 ohm and wicked with simple Muji cotton – I tend to use that in MTL tanks.

OK popping the coil in is easy enough – however those recessed hex screws are a long way in and are tiny making it tricky to get the very thin tool to bite.

kaees aladdin mtl rta coiled

Once tightened make sure you snip off the excess legs tight to the side to avoid any shorts. Again the design means you have to fiddle about a bit to get the tip of the snips flush.

I had the coil slightly raised above the airflow hole and obviously dead centre – to these tired old eyes any way.

Wicking the KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA

Straightforward enough, especially given this is a raised almost genesis style deck.

The wicking ports are small which immediately tells you when it comes to the cotton – less is more.

trim wicks

I snipped with the scissors flush against the tank and that’s bang on the length you need.

Don’t stuff the holes, simply tease the cotton when damp with juice and let them fall or rest over them – easy.

kaees aladdin mtl rta wicking

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Vaping On the KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA

I used a 50/50 PG and VG flavoured tobacco by Decadent Vapours – from their short fill shake ‘n vape range- a juice I’ve used for years.

I popped the RTA on top of the Jac Vapour DNA 75 Sandstorm edition for a bit of ‘matchy matchy’ and began vaping at 19.5w with the cyclops style ‘all holes showing’ airflow wide open.

kaees aladdin mtl rta open airflow

Wide open and on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being as airy as a cow after eating curry flavoured grass, I’d say this was an 8 to 8.5 – a little airy maybe for most but I do like a less restricted MTL vape.

The vapour was warm and plentiful with a real smoothness and just a touch noisy.

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How’s the Flavour Off the KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA?

Flavour Wise the first few hits were pretty good but came to life when I bumped up the wattage to 23w – then the flavour popped and things got a whole lot better.

One thing I did notice and that’s I got a very different flavour off my regular tobacco e-liquid.

Off most tanks and RDAs I use, the sweetness really comes through – on the KAEES Aladdin – it was more the dryer earthiness rather than the sweetness which lingered on the back note – quite a pleasant change!

I definitely beats the Vandy Vape Berserker RTA 1.5 IMHO, by quite some way.

Half closed and things got warmer with the flavour a tad more intense but not significantly so.

Swapping to the gradual hole style airflow and on the smallest size I really had to suck hard – that is VERY tight!

Even the largest single hole was on the too tight side for my style of MTL vaping, so true mouth to lungers will really enjoy this one.

rta wicking
wicks well!

Wide open and nope you really can’t get even the most restricted lung hit – so yeah this is most definitely for the MTL’ers out there.

It might be my e-liquid, however I really am getting a decent throat hit off this one – even with the airflow wide-open, so if that’s you thing this hits the spot.


  • Competitive price
  • Nice build quality and materials
  • Good flavour
  • Decent vapour for an MTL RTA
  • 2ml or 4ml glass included
  • Easy build – though those hex screw holes are deep!
  • Dead simple to wick
  • Easy fill


  • Airflow ring comes off far to easily
  • Tricky to alter airflow when on a mod
  • Hex screws can be tricky to line up with the tool
  • No coils or cotton inside the box
  • A ‘little’ noisy

Final Review Verdict

Apart from a couple of niggly points – the airflow ring and those recessed hex screws, I quite like this one – yeah even the minaret top cap.

The shape might not be for everyone, but I’m easy and it does make it stand out from the crowd.

I have to say it also fits nicely against your lips – “that’s what she said!

It does look a lot better with the straight glass on and trust me at low wattage the 2ml tank will last us ‘normal vapers’ past midday – those that chain vape might need to swap it out for the 4ml.

Speaking of chain vaping, it wicks very well indeed and I tried 8 deep pulls and it kept up beautifully – that’s with a 50:50 VG/PG juice.

I did try one fill of a Puris from Twelve Monkeys – a 70/30 mix and yeah this little guy kept up with no issues or even threat of dry hits so wick it right and all is good.

Whilst I wouldn’t call the flavour ‘exceptional’ it’s certainly on the better side of good and is a smooth vape with a decent throat tickle – can be a little noisy though.

There might be a thousand and one [think about it!] other MTL tanks and rebuildables out there with many of the most popular eye-wateringly expensive and classed as high end and this one keeps up impressively.

Whilst not a truly magical vape – and if you can get past the design – for a mass market MTL RTA this is indeed all you could wish for.

Have you used the Aladdin MTL RTA? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Replace if Lost?
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