I haven’t had any Ovanty products to review yet so I was surprised to see the cute little Ovanty Falcon pod kit arrive.ovanty falcon main image

Recent releases from the company include the strange looking Ovanty Vega 200W mod and the Koop pod mod.

What Can We Expect From The Ovanty Falcon Pod Kit?

The Ovanty Falcon Pod Kit is another box pod style device but like the recent Snowwolf Wocket you get true variable wattage and a 0.69in OLED HD screen.

The main component (the mod) is where the 950mAh internal battery lives and the device will output between 5 and 40W.ovanty falcon poster

Styling wise the side panels are made from 3D tempered glass and Ovanty say the Falcon is “2019 top high end workmanship pod system”. Hmm we will have to see about that!

There are two pod options – you can refill these with 1.8ml of your own e-liquid but the coils are not replaceable. Therefore if the coil expires you will need to discard the whole pod and buy a replacement.

  • Cotton / Stainless Steel Pod – this has a Stainless Steel coil and pure cotton wicking. The coil has a resistance of 0.5ohm
  • Ceramic Pod – this has a ceramic coil and a resistance of 1ohm

ovanty falcon pod optionsBoth pods are included in the kit.

There are 3 colour options to choose from – Jewellery Blue, Logo Red and Emerald Green.Ovanty falcon colours

Right time to get stuck in and see if this can land a spot on our best pod mod vape list.

This was sent free of charge for review purposes I will report back honestly on the device in my possession.

What’s In The Box

  • Ovanty Falcon device
  • Cotton pod
  • Ceramic pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

ovanty falcon kit contents

Ovanty Falcon Pod Kit Features

  • Size: 75x37x16mm (device) / 39×33.5x12mm (pod)
  • Output: 5-40W
  • Battery: 950mAh (Internal)
  • Display: 0.69″ OLED
  • Top fill
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and 3D Tempered Glass (device) / PCTG – food grade (pod)
  • Pods: Cotton or ceramic pod options – refillable – fixed coil
  • E-liquid capacity: 1.8ml
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 1A charging

ovanty falcon specs

Build Quality & Design

I received the Ovanty Falcon in the Emerald Green finish and it is really pretty.falcon top view

The packaging was great although I think some protective covers on the side panels and screen would be a good idea. I didn’t have any damage or scratches on mine.falcon packaging

The instructions are good but I could not find anything in there about fault conditions – i.e. short circuit, overheat etc. So if a new user encountered one of these faults they wouldn’t know what was happening.

falcon wocket pasito
L-R: Ovanty Falcon, Smoant Pasito, Snowwolf Wocket

Included in the kit are 2 pods, fully sealed and well-marked to tell them apart. There is no pod installed which I prefer as there is less chance to accidentally fire it before filling which would kill the pod.falcon size with ball pen


The colour panels have a kind of holographic finish – as you move them around the light catches different areas making different bits shine.falcon side panel effects

I will say though this super shiny finish is an absolute fingerprint magnet, I have only put the flipping thing on charge and it is already smeared up like the windows in a zoo enclosure.falcon full side view

The side opposite to the screen is completely plain.falcon plain side view

Also quite noticeable is a wobbly back panel – however I haven’t installed the pod yet so this might improve. Now I have installed the pod it is no better really and still quite wobbly. Very noticeable when you pick up the device.falcon with side panel

Telling the front from the back is a bit difficult as both sides appear to be the same with just the “Falcon” text branding at the bottom of the side panels. If you look at the device with the screen facing you and the pod upright the removable panel is the left side.

With the side panel removed the pod compartment can be seen with 2 spring loaded contacts which do push in as you push the pod into position.falcon pod contacts close up

On the base is just a Micro USB port and nothing else.falcon bottom view

There appears to be two places you can attach a lanyard – at the side of the top or the loop in-between the drip tip and filler cap.falcon lanyard points

Screen and Controls

The screen and controls are located on the side of the device.falcon screen

There is a 0.69inch OLED screen and this displays the power level, voltage (when you press Fire), coil resistance (Ω) and the battery capacity icon.

Above the screen is the elongated oval shaped fire button this is clicky and responsive.falcon screen side view

Below the screen are two tiny adjustment buttons. To give you an idea how tiny these are see the image below with a ballpoint pen to help compare the size.falcon adjustment button size

The adjustment buttons are a bit hard to operate especially if you have big old sausage fingers. I found I had to press right on the outside edge of the button.


My first impression unpacking the pods to get started is how well made they feel!falcon with panel removed

Yes sadly they are fixed coil pods which I do find a bit sad but there is definitely a market for these for people who want less faff and bother.falcon pod contacts

The top cap unscrews cleanly to reveal a massive fill port – no issues with airlocks or nozzles not fitting in here.

The adjustable airflow ring turns smoothly and it is clear to see the airflow inlet to check what setting you have it on.falcon pod airflow

Where the coil sits has a frosted finish but the rest of the side of the pod although tinted gives a super clear view of the e-liquid level.

Sadly you will have to remove the magnetic battery panel to check your e-liquid level!

falcon pod eliquid view

The drip tip appears to be fixed, well put it this way I can’t pull it out easily and being such a clumsy arse at the moment I am not putting any welly into trying to get this off!

On the side of each pod is clearly marked the resistance and coil material – again another nice touch Ovanty.falcon pod type id

I have to say so far – not having vaped on this yet – the quality of the pod build is impressive.

Quick Set-up Guide

The device arrives with pods included but they are not installed.

So you will need to install a pod, fill the pod with e-liquid and charge the device up to get going.

I will tell you how to do all of this below!
ovanty falcon components

Basic operation

  • Turn On/Off = 5 clicks of the fire button.
  • To vape = press and hold the fire button.
  • Change power level = use the up and down adjustment buttons and view the power level on the screen.
  • Lock the buttons = press the fire button 3 times quickly.
  • Adjust the airflow = turn the ring at the base of the drip tip to open or close the incoming air port.

Battery capacity remaining

The battery capacity remaining is displayed on the screen.


  • Short circuit / no pod = screen displays “Check Atomiser”
  • 10 second maximum fire time = “Over Time” is displayed on the screen and the fire cuts out. Mine took 15 seconds though before it cut out.

How To Change The Pod

The pod is a fixed coil type so when the coil has failed you will need to buy a new pod.

  • Remove the rear cover of the mod – there is a small notch on the top of the panel to use a fingernail to prise the panel off.falcon panel removal notch
  • Remove the existing pod if installed by pulling out.falcon pod removal 1falcon pod removal 2
  • Install the new pod – it will only fit one way.
  • Replace the rear cover.
  • Fill the pod with e-liquid as described below and if a new pod leave to stand for 10 minutes.

How To Fill The Ovanty Falcon Pod

  • Remove the cap on the top of the pod.falcon pod fill cap
  • Squeeze e-liquid into the filling port and watch the level through the side of the pod.falcon pod refilling
  • Replace the cap.

How To Charge The Battery

The Falcon can be charged at a rate of up to 1A. So make sure to select a suitable charging source.

  • Using the included USB cable plug the small end of the cable into the USB port on the Falcon.falcon charging
  • Install the larger end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The screen will display the charging progress icon.
  • When fully charged the display shows the battery icon as full as shown below. I did leave this connected to see if the screen would go out but it didn’t seem to.falcon full charge

How Does the Ovanty Falcon Pod Kit Perform?

In the kit are two types of pod so I will test each in turn with different types of e-liquid if required.

The 1ohm Ceramic pod would be better with high nicotine or nicotine salt e-liquid.

The 0.5ohm pod in theory could be used with higher VG and lower nicotine e-liquid, but I will also try some nic salts in here as low power pod kits are not always harsh with nic salt e-liquid.

Further reading:

Ceramic Pod (1ohm)

For this I used Crazysaltzzz Nicotine Salt e-liquid in a Bubblegum flavour with 20mg nicotine salt strength. This is a 50% VG/PG e-liquid so should be ideal in here. I also use this in all my pod devices so I know the flavour really well.

It is worth noting that the instruction leaflet says the device restricts the output to 15W max with the 1ohm pod installed. The pod says to use between 5 and 15W. The device defaults to 10W when you install the ceramic pod as a suggested power level to start at.

Well this isn’t going well at all…

I started at 9W considering the max is 15W so I thought this should be well within the limits.

Nothing happened at all. No vapour nothing. The voltmeter showed 3 volts when I pressed fire but that was the only indication the button was being pressed!

Went up to 10W and was greeted by the foulest burnt taste. Urgh 3 more vapes and still as bad this is horrible. I love reviewing but times like these it isn’t much fun!

I filled the pod the night before and left it overnight before my first vape so this cannot be blamed on poor priming.

So I went back down to 8W and we have vapour no burning and zero flavour at all.

Even at 8W with a long vape or several vapes in a row there is the tinge of the burnt hit again.

All I can say is that there is decent vapour. It is a very cold vape, zero flavour – unless you over-do it then you get a nice barbequed cotton to savour.

Ceramic Pod Conclusion

I do wish brands would stop using ceramic coils if they cannot cope with 50/50 e-liquid. Nearly every pod I get with ceramic coils is terrible. Few brands can manage it and everyone else seems to fail badly. Even the amazing Smok Nord is vulnerable to terrible ceramic coils.

Pop a 1ohm regular wire coil in here please Ovanty!

Of course this could just be a rogue dodgy pod but my previous experience with ceramic pods tells me this is pretty usual.

Stainless Steel / Cotton Pod (0.5ohm)

The guidance wattage range on the pod is said to be 10-25W.

70%VG E-liquid

First I tried this pod with IVG Bubblegum 70% VG with a nic strength of 7mg Nic Salts. I am using the same e-liquid in my Smoant Pasito so can do a comparison of flavour.

The Pasito coil is 0.6ohm mesh versus the Ovanty 0.5ohm standard Stainless Steel coil but the Pasito can also be adjusted between 10-25W so should be expecting a similar performance.

Starting at 10W – not much happening here. Moving up to 15W and just starting to get a slight flavour, crackly noises and plenty of vapour to be fair.

At 18W this is warming up nicely and can taste some of the menthol bits of my bubblegum liquid.

At 20W on the Pasito there is slightly more flavour than on the Falcon at 20W but not much difference. The sweet notes of the e-liquid sing out more in the Pasito pod and the menthol is slightly stronger in the Falcon pod.

This starts to really come to life at 22W and as the Ceramic coil cam across burnt way below the rated top power setting I left the testing here!

The flavour is great, lots of vapour and the airflow suits this e-liquid and nicotine strength.

Oh Dear…

So after vaping 1 pod full of e-liquid I removed the pod to refill. Put the pod back in the device and kept getting the “Check atomiser” warning.

I removed the pod a few times and still no joy and no resistance was registering on the screen either.

I thought perhaps the contacts on the base of the pod might need cleaning, so had a good look and found that the bottom of the pod had actually melted?

falcon melted pod
Left = melted SS pod, Right = Ceramic pod intact

The contacts have moved as the pod melted. I have not had the power higher than 22W and I did test that the device would cut out after 10 seconds of firing (as it is supposed to). However I found it took 15 seconds to cut out – so perhaps this is where the pod melted? But I used the device after that so I don’t think that is the case.

Anyway for some reason the base of the pod has melted and I can’t carry on with the review sadly.

SS Pod Conclusion

This pod is way better than the Ceramic and I wish Ovanty included two of these in the kit instead.

But as the pod had a massive meltdown (literally) I am unable to use this pod for other types of e-liquid.


On both pods with the airflow fully open this is very similar to the Smok Nord airflow with the 1.4ohm coil. Not the tightest airflow but still acceptable as an MTL inhale.

Fully closed the airflow is pretty tight – not completely closed so you could still vape. It is slightly tighter than my Uwell Caliburn. So there is plenty of airflow adjustment to choose from.

It does whistle a bit in anything above medium open.

I was hoping there would be a difference in the airflow between the pods but to me they do seem to be the same.

Pod / Coil Life

The Ceramic pod was tasting burnt even at lower power than the maximum suggested with the first pod full of e-liquid. So I am unable to consider re-filling and using this pod!

The SS pod melted so I was unable to test this for longer than one tankfull of e-liquid.

Battery Life

The battery life will always depend on the power setting, the coil resistance and obviously your own vaping habits.

But as I didn’t have a working pod I was unable to do a full battery life test – sorry.


  • Beautiful finish pattern
  • Pods really well made
  • No filling issues due to large fill port
  • Adjustable airflow
  • SS pod comparable in flavour to the Smoant Pasito 0.6ohm Mesh coil!
  • Proper adjustable wattage
  • Clear screen


  • Shiny side panels are total fingerprint magnet
  • Tiny tiny adjustment buttons – plus adjust in 0.1W increments so you are pressing them a lot.
  • Coils are not replaceable – may be a bonus for some who don’t want to be messing about with coil changing
  • Hard to tell the side panels apart – one is removable one isn’t
  • Ceramic pod performance is quite terrible – no flavour other than char-grilled cotton
  • Need to remove the magnetic side panel to view e-liquid level
  • SS pod base melted – rendering the pod useless so I was unable to continue my review.

Final Review Verdict

Personally if you like a high resistance MTL vape – I wouldn’t bother with the Ovanty Falcon – sorry but that Ceramic pod was a huge let-down.

The little kit really redeemed itself with the SS pod though, this competed pretty well with my other favourite low resistance pod the Pasito and seemed to match in power levels too.

Until for some reason the pod decided to melt. I haven’t had this device at a power level higher than 22W and it is a regulated device so any firing malfunctions or over heating issues should have been protected against.

Also I have had to drop marks for the rattly back cover and the ceramic pod sadly.

I do wish pod manufacturers would give up with ceramic coils. It is so rare for a ceramic coil in a pod to be any good. Only Vaporesso and FeelM – Hexa seem to be able to nail ceramics.

I think ceramic coils would tick the box to try and target the growing CBD vape oil market.

But the majority of ceramic pods I have tried with high nicotine or nic salt e-liquids have been giving out dry hits.

Ovanty – just a basic regular Kanthal coil at 1ohm or above would really improve this kit 100% for MTL vapers.

Sadly I was unable to fully review this kit due to a poor ceramic pod and a melty SS pod.

Have you used the Ovanty Falcon Kit? Let us know how you got on in the comments below!

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Michelle Jones

I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour - Ceramic pod
Throat hit - ceramic pod
Flavour - SS pod
Vapour - SS pod
Replace if lost or damaged?
I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
ovanty-falcon-pod-kit-reviewThe Ceramic pod is a total waste of time and e-liquid. The SS pod worked a treat until for some reason it decided to melt and no longer function. I was therefore unable to fully review this kit as I didn't have a functioning pod. What a shame as the device itself is pretty decent too!


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