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Sky Cig ReviewsSky Cig may certainly be counted among the most well known brands of smokeless cigarettes in the U.K. This growing producer of electronic cigarettes sends the well known cigarette out via Royal Mail to a growing customer base throughout the U.K.

Numbered among the Sky Cig converts is British American actress, Sienna Miller. The Sky Cig promotional campaigns emphasize the thicker vapor produced by their product as well as the lower cost to electronic cigarettes as opposed to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

But can they be classed as the best e cigarettes available?

Sky Cig Products

The Sky Cig lineup of products includes one of the smallest e cigarettes which can easily be mistaken for a traditional tobacco cigarette without the fumes, tar and with multiple tasty e juice flavors.

• 5 flavors of cartridges including Tobacco flavored e juice, Menthol, Cherry fruit e juice, Marlboro and Vanilla flavored refills.
• 3 strengths of nicotine include Bold with 16 mg of nicotine, Regular with 12 mg, and Light with 6 mg.
• Sky Cig sells both a three piece design which requires a vaporiser as well as flavor cartridge and battery. The original cartridges last for around 80 puffs. The newest Sky Cig design is a 2 piece electronic cigarette design which uses only a battery and a cartomizer which includes the vaporiser and flavor cartridge in one piece. The cartomizer refills last for around 250 puffs. Both the styles are available for order in refills and starter kits.
• There is a limited 30 day money back guarantee on Sky Cig starter kits only.
• When ordering the old style refills by the carton Sky Cig offers a free Vaporiser.

Sky Cig Accessories

Individuals who use e cigarettes may want or need some extras, to fit their lifestyle or special circumstances. Besides refill cartons Sky Cig offers a full line up of accessories for the electronic cigarette user.

• Disposable electronic Cigarettes are available for order and are intended to last for around 300 puffs and then thrown away. These are small devices and very discrete. Individuals sometimes use them to try out electronic cigarettes or for unexpected situations where their e cigarettes may not be suitable.
• Electronic cigarette batteries are available in 2-packs.
• USB stick chargers for electronic cigarette batteries to fit Sky Cig brand electronic batteries.
• Car charger electronic cigarette units.
• Replacement Sky Cig battery Chargers include USB and wall plug chargers.
• Replacement Sky Cig vaporizers.
• The Sky Cig recharging carry case can be ordered and is often handy for those electronic cigarette users who are always on the go.

Sky Cig ships orders the next day via Royal Mail. This company offers a 24 hour customer support service located in the U.K. Sky Cigs can be as much as 75% less expensive than traditional tobacco cigarettes. At present Sky Cigs can be used in many situations where traditional tobacco cigarettes are forbidden or unacceptable.

Sky Cig electronic cigarettes offer a very complete basic starter kit. The disposable electronic cigarette is an excellent backup or may be used for a test. The charging carrying case allows many users to charge their electronic cigarettes while on the go or at work.

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