Before we get into our Vaptio S150 Review lets find out a little about the company.Vaptio S150 Review

Vaptio are a Seattle based company founded in 2014. Not a name that is well known in the vaping world but one that does partner with China First Union to develop it’s products.

First Union are one of the biggest e cigarette manufacturers in the world with over 5000 employees. So all in good company.

What Can We Expect From The S150 TC Mod by Vaptio?

We have previously tested the Vaptio P-I, which offered a quality box mod for users new to sub ohm vaping.

The Vaptio Ascension S150 on review here is their most powerful and advanced box mod to date. It’s powered by dual 18650 batteries and has interesting temp control capabilities.

Lets see how it holds up.

In The Box

  • Vaptio Ascension S150 Box mod
  • ATC Tank
  • 2 X 0.4Ohm Kanthal Coils (one Pre-Installed)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User ManualVaptio S150 ATC Kit


  • 1-150W Power Output
  • 0.05-2.0 Ohm in TC Mode
  • 0.1-4.0Ohm in VW/ATC Mode
  • TC Range 95-315˚C / 200-600˚F
  • Max Output Current 25A
  • Temp Control Compatible With Ni200, Ti, SS316L
  • Powered by 2 X 18650 Batteries
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Over 10’s Protection
  • Short Circuit protection

ATC Tank

  • Top Fill
  • 3ml Capacity
  • 22mm Diameter x 66.5mm Height
  • 0.4 Ohm Coil

Build Quality & Design

When I first took the Vaptio S150 out of the box on first glance it was like any standard box mod.

In the hand though the quality immediately becomes apparent, the S150 build is excellent with a nice weighty feel.vaptio soar s150 review

I received the black mod for review which comes with red accents around the edges, which I find looks the part.

The curved back of the mod allows the fingers to wrap around comfortably with the thumb in the firing position. The front edges, however, are quite hard and the bottom edge can dig into the palm a little.

On the top of the mod the S150 has a 510 connection but differs from the standard mod connections on the market with what’s described by Vaptio as a ‘unique 3 pin structure’.vaptio ascension s150

This technology is made to match up with their new atomizer coils which have a chip in coil design with Accurate Temperature Control (ATC).

The connection has a small spring loaded pin protruding from the center connection. This matches up with a pin on the tank threading.

The mod is compatible with all 510 tanks though so this new design for ATC is made to partner with the Vaptio tank ATC coils.

OLED Screen / Front Panel

The OLED screen is housed on the front panel which looks to be some kind of plastic/acrylic.

The OLED display is a good size and very clear. While the front panel looks great and adds t the overall looks of the mod it is a finger print magnet. I also found myself wiping this down constantly.Vaptio S150 TC Mod

The fire button is solid and sits at the top of the panel while the two function buttons are set below the display just above the Micro USB port.

The buttons have slight movement but don’t rattle in any way.


The base of the Vaptio S150 houses a plastic spring hinged battery door which is well design and easy to function.Vaptio Soar S15 Vape mod

The batteries can be charged by way of the Micro USB port but if you are new to removable batteries I would highly recommend buying a quality charger for external battery charging. it’s a safer and quicker way to do things.

Check out the Nitecore or Golisi chargers, both trusted brands you won’t go far wrong with.

One big issue here, however. There are no venting holes at all on the mod. There is the micro USB port that could provide a release but apart from that absolutely nothing.

I understand this is a regulated mod with built in safety features but surely it would make sense for vent holes as an added measure. A big oversight for sure.vaptio ascension s150 battery cover

Vaptio ATC Tank

Vaptio S150 ATC Sub Ohm TankThe tank itself is built well. The chimney and top part of the tank are one piece but the base and glass can be easily broken down for cleaning.Vaptio ATC Tank Parts

I really lie the top-fill on this tank. It’s a small swivel latch that when opened reveals the filling hole. Looks kind of small at first but I had no issues filling with standard glass drippers.Vaptio ATC Top Fill Tank

There are two settings for the base airflow, very easy to function with a safe like click when you have reached each setting.Vaptio S150 Review

There are also two small airflow holes at the base of the drip tip which do actually make a slight difference to provide an airier draw.

How Does The Vaptio S150 Mod Perform?

The functions are simple to use, so lets have a quick look at those.


  • 5 Click On/Off
  • Press Fire button and Top Function Button – This selects the TC/ATC/W setting
  • Press Fire Button and Bottom Function Button – When in temperature mode this changes setting from Centigrade to Fahrenheit.
  • Press Either Function button – Changes wattage/temperature up or down
  • Press Both Function Buttons Together – This locks/unlocks the screen

That’s pretty much it in terms of functions, nothing overly complicated.

There is one thing I found to be a slight annoyance with the Vaptio S150. When you don’t vape a for a short time the mod goes into sleep mode. So when you go to take another vape nothing happens.

You need to click the fire button to come out of the sleep mode and then click again to vape. May not sound like to much of an issue but I lost count the number of times I did this!vaptio s150 temp control mod

Coil Performance – Wattage Mode

The kit comes with two ATC 0.4Ohm coils, which have an in built chip to help control the temperature of your e juice when vaping in ATC mode.

The coils are rated at a max of 75W, I found this to be too high and the flavour was tainted at this power for me. My go to setting fell around the 45-50W mark.

The coils and tank perform a treat at these wattage’s for me. It’s not as airy as some sub ohm tanks but the flavour is up there with the best. I was vaping Beard Vape No 32 vape juice and the flavour came through very well indeed.

Not quite on a par with the Aspire Cleito Pro but impressive all the same.

Clouds were good as well if that’s your thing!

I only managed to ramp up the wattage to just short of 90W with my Freemax Mesh Pro tank. Even these highs are way too much for my personal vaping preference.

Maybe 150W is something you will use with your specific setup. But for me it’s a lot of extra power that I won’t be using anytime soon.

Spare time, day to day vaping I vape between 14W-55W depending on what I am vaping and where I am doing that vaping.

ATC Mode

These ATC mode (Accurate Temperature Control) is made to work specifically with the Vaptio coils that have an in built chip.vaptio atc coils

With the 0.4 Ohm coil I set this up vaping at 390˚F on the mod which was good for me. The wattage ramps up automatically to around 31W, obviously this increases decreases as you go through the temps.

The vape was good in this mode. I let the e liquid run pretty much empty and the mod did a good job of detecting this and adjusting the power accordingly.

When in ATC mode with any other tank it will detect that the ATC coil isn’t in use and revert you back to wattage mode.

Other Temp Control Modes

Again, all worked as expected when tested with iSub G Ni200 and Ti coils.

For me personally though I still found myself reverting back to wattage mode for a fuller flavour.

Overall though I was impressed with the supplied coil heads, paired with the Vaptio ATC tank the results were very good.

New to temp control? Check out our guide here.

What I Like

The build quality and design of the Vaptio S150 is excellent. It’s a beautiful, classy looking mod.

The coil with the built in chip worked well in the ATC mode although I found the flavour and vapor to be better in standard wattage mode. In fact it was excellent.

What I Don’t Like

The first and most important thing is the lack of venting holes in the mod. Something that doesn’t sit so comfortable with me.

On a less important note the front panel is a fingerprint magnet that I was constantly cleaning.

Final Vaptio S150 Review Verdict


  • Quality build
  • Looks great
  • Coil head worked well in ATC mode
  • The Vaptio tank provides very good flavour
  • Temp Control capable


  • No noticeable venting holes! Which is concerning and the reason why this mod doesn’t get a hearty thumbs up.
  • Auto sleep mode can be very frustrating
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
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  1. good review jonny. I agree with just about every point, pros and cons.
    Well done, spot on mate.
    This was one of the first vapes i bought and its still a favorite.
    I like temp control at around the 400F to.
    For those looking for coils I just got hold of some on Aliexpress from one of the vaptio authorized sellers.
    A 5 pack for AUS$13.95

  2. I bought this pack s150
    It’s pretty good for me.
    In between mouth to lung and direct.

    But I have an issue with it
    I cannot find coils from vaptio in my country, are there other coils that match the clearomiser?

    • Not that I’m aware of unfortunately. Probably be worth getting in touch with Vaptio direct to ask them if it’s compatible with other coils and if they know of any stockists.


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