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Introduction: The Livepor 230 Box Mod from Yosta

The Yosta Livepor 230 is a new vape mod from the brand Yosta.

We have had a few products from Yosta in to review in the past – the Livepor 256 Box scored well in its review from our Kevin and I used the Yosta Pillar tank – which had its flaws but was a lovely vape.

So I have had a new package of goodies arrive from Yosta including the Livepor 230 Box, the Yosta IGVI M2 sub ohm mesh tank and the IGVI MVC RDA which I will be adding to the site as they get put through their paces!

The Livepor 230 Box is a tiny weeny little mod barely bigger than the two 18650 batteries it contains and is marketed as a lightweight mod and houses a 1.33in IPS colour screen on the front.

There are all the usual user modes and the mod will output as the name suggests up to 230W.

livepor weightThere are 4 colours to choose from – Red, Camo Green, Volcanic Black and Black. However there are some mentions on the Yosta Facebook page of there being Graffiti editions of this model too!

Right then batteries installed let’s get this beauty fired up!

Thank you to Yosta for the devices sent free of charge for review purposes – but as you know this makes no difference – my opinions are based on the device I am using and my experience with it!

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What’s In The Box

  • Yosta Livepor 230 box mod
  • USB cable
  • Manual

yosta livepor 230 box contents


  • Size: 86.5×52.5×32.5mm
  • Max Wattage: 230W
  • Power modes: VW/Bypass/TC/TCR/Curve/Memory
  • Temperature range: 100-300°C / 200-600°F
  • Display: 1.33in IPS colour screen
  • Output voltage: 1-9V
  • Batteries: 2×18650 (not included)
  • 0.01 second firing speed
  • Lightweight material
  • Multiple heatsink vents in body to reduce temperature inside the mod
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0 ohm

livepor 230 specs

Build Quality & Design

I would like to apologise for my photos – it is so hard to take a photo of this mod due to it being black, rubbery and a fluff/dog hair/fingerprint magnet!livepor 230 front view

The version I received is the Volcanic Black model.livepor 230 right side view

I don’t know what this is made from but Yosta say it is a “Lightweight new material”?igvi livepor 230

This thing is tiny. Sooooo tiny. Barely bigger than the 2 batteries it guzzles into its tardis like body.lp 230 size

Anyway with the batteries installed I keep thinking I need to put the batteries in as there is no weight to it at all!livepor 230 in hand

The shape is reminiscent of the Smok Mag trigger shape devices and fits really nicely in the hand with a full fire bar where the trigger part would be.livepor 230 left side view

The screen is nestled in the front of the mod.livepor 230 display

Around my screen are a few plastic imperfections like rough edges – I keep trying to see if there is a peel off screen protector but doesn’t appear to be.livepor 230 screen edges

Below the screen are the adjustment buttons which are nice and clicky and have the same grippy finish as the mod.

Also below the screen is the USB port – I am not sure if my port is slightly wonky or the panel covering it is mis-aligned. The USB connector fits in ok but it’s slightly out of line.lp 230 usb port

The base of the mod is the battery compartment cover, a slide and clip in affair which so far is working as good as gold.

The mod body has lots of little vent holes to help keep temperature down and also in case of the dreaded battery vent too.livepor 230 bottom view

The back of the mod has a panel which feels “leather-ish” with the Livepor 230 branding.livepor 230 back view

It is not the most exciting of mods to look at – you know me I do like a bit of rainbow and a big screen – but it is in no way offensive or garish and feels like a functional and robust mod.

On the top of the mod is the 510 connector – and this mod is pretty surprising for such a little thing.

The tank I am using is the Yosta IGVI M2 tank which is 25mm diameter at the base and fits perfectly fine.igvi m2 livepor 230

The massive Freemax Mesh Pro which, when you measure the resin airflow control ring is almost 28mm in diameter, even sits quite comfortably on this mod!lp230 freemax mesh pro

The only visible screw heads are the two on the top of the mod and they are completely obscured by the tank.lp230 top view

Set-up Guide

Basic operation

There are 3 controls on the Yosta Livepor mod – the fire bar on the left side and the up (+) and down (-) buttons just below the screen.

  • Power on/off = 5 clicks of fire bar.
  • To vape = press fire bar
  • Make adjustments = use the up and down buttons.
  • Lock/unlock screen = hold down + and – buttons at same time to toggle between lock and unlock
  • Enter menu = press fire bar 3 times.
  • Navigate through menu = use adjustment buttons

Menu Functions

livepor 230 menu

livepor 230 power

  • Set = enter settings menu to adjust display colour, brightness, time out and puff counter.

How To Install The Batteries

Best practice for mods which use removable batteries is to charge the batteries externally in a good quality charger.

Make sure to install the batteries according to the polarity marked inside the mod and on the battery door.lp230 battery polarity

Do a quick check of batteries for torn wraps, dents or bulges. Have a good read of our Guide to Battery Safety if you are not familiar with the precautions required.

  • Slide the door in the direction of the arrow – make sure the batteries won’t fall out.lp 230 battery door open
  • If installed remove batteries.lp230 batteries removed
  • Install new batteries according to the polarity – one battery is positive end first and the other is negative end first.lp230 batteries installed
  • Close the door and slide in the direction of the arrow to lock.lp 230 battery door close

How Does the Yosta Livepor 230 Box Perform?

The screen display is odd – that is the only way I can put it – like a triangle affair which makes you stare at it harder than you should need to. However everything you need to know is there.

You can adjust the screen brightness and colour to make this easier on the eyes though! In the light blue colour I found the display less “busy”.

The first fire up with the Yosta IGVI M2 tank on did really impress me with how quickly it responded so the fire action is definitely quick!

The menu system is pretty simple to operate and easy to get used to.

The puff counter was an issue – you set a limit to the amount of puffs and when it reaches this the mod wont fire until you go into the menu and reset it.  You cannot turn this feature off.

If you try and change the number of puffs it goes back to 10 and you have to sit and wait for it to scroll to 999 which is the maximum amount of puffs you can set the limit to. So annoying – I hit this limit and had to manually reset the counter. I don’t understand why you would even want to limit the amount of puffs? Pointless feature.

Power wise – I have no equipment to test the accuracy of the output – but a tank I am used to running at 70W on other mods feels exactly the same using on here so output at that level does appear to be true.

The Yosta Livepor 230 operates exactly how it should – quick firing and everything worked perfectly. This could be a handy little carry around all day sort of mod.

Battery Life

The Livepor 230 will only take 18650 batteries and the battery specs plus how you operate and set up the device will of course cause variations in battery life.

But to give you a rough idea – using paired Samsung 25R batteries I got 12.5 hours at 75W.

When the battery indicator was showing approximately 20% left I did notice a slight drop in performance – there appeared to be less power. This happened during the last hour of the battery life.


  • Feels robust yet lightweight
  • Lovely grippy texture
  • Really fast firing
  • Amazing battery life!
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Ability to accommodate some of the bigger diameter tanks
  • No rattles or malfunctions
  • Great instruction book


  • Small imperfections around the screen panel
  • Wonky USB port
  • Display layout is a bit “busy”
  • Not sure if firmware is upgradeable – nothing on the Yosta website
  • Can’t turn off the puff limit

Final Review Verdict

Overall the Yosta Livepor 230 is a sweet little mod.

The size and weight of this really as such a surprise – and the fact this little pocket rocket can output up to 230W and somewhere conceals 2 batteries is incredible!

Yes there are a couple of slight build issues – but only cosmetic – this functions perfectly and the fast ramp up time really surprised me. Add to this the excellent battery life and this has become a favourite for me now.

The feel of the mod is lovely with its rubber texture – although you will be constantly removing fluff from it! Don’t let it near a tissue!

The only niggle is the puff counter limit – this is not required and I wish you could switch this off totally.

I have to say well done Yosta – I am not usually a fan of dual battery mods and tend to favour single battery jobs as they are easier for me to carry around. Yet the Livepor 230 box has broken that rule! It is a lovely little mod – just make some prettier colours for it – a nice pink or purple one please!

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Build quality
Ease of use
Mod performance
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


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