For those of you that can’t get on with vaping CBD and have a sweet tooth, then here’s a review of the CBD Asylum Gummies.

And yes, these are gummy sweets and as to how they taste we shall of course be looking at in this CBD product review.

cbd asylum cbd gummies review

CBD Asylum is a UK based company and I’ve been lucky enough to review a number of its products – including the CBD Asylum Sub Ohm e-liquid range – the regular CBD e-liquids and a number of other CBD products including the super-powerful 10000mg Infuse Drops and the CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures review that included both the CBD Shot and Pro Oil.

As you can see from my reviews, I’ve really enjoyed using the CBD Asylum products, so it will be interesting to see if the gummies tickle my taste buds.

What Can We Expect From the CBD Asylum Gummies?

A sweet CBD treat is the obvious answer!

The CBD Asylum Gummies come in a packet of 20 sweets each with 25mg of CBD – so a total pack size of 500mg CBD.

cbd gummies

They’re mixed fruit flavours – Vegan friendly and CBD Asylum says they are suitable for the whole family – so does that include children?

The jury’s out on this one, however there is one CBD based approved drug specifically given to children with epilepsy – Epidiolex.

I’m not a medical professional so if you are considering giving ANY CBD product to children, please seek medical advice.

More Info On CBD

And the same goes for adults using CBD.

CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol, and is what’s left when the THC is removed from the cannabis plant.

Given that is what gets users ‘high’ CBD cannot and neither can you overdose from it.

As to dosage, that again is down to a number of factors including body size/build. The experts recommend starting with a low dose and moving up until the effect you’re looking for is achieved.

Whilst the medical profession is slowly beginning to accept CBD in the mainstream, anecdotal evidence suggests CBD is useful for treating pain, sleep issues and lifting personal well being.

CBD in all forms is perfectly legal in the UK, most of the USA and EU but please check with your country’s laws.

OK, the CBD Asylum Gummies were sent to me direct from the company – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

CBD Asylum Gummies – 25mg CBD Each

cbd asylum cbd gummies

CBD ASylum Says:

These are just Delish!

Think of the most mouthwatering mainstream jelly sweets you’ve ever had, add some extra palate drenching credentials and hey presto, you have a packet of these new and improved CBD Gummies from CBD Asylum.

Vegan-friendly, sugar-coated, chewy, fruity, sweet and juicy blobs of delight that you and the whole family can use safely.

We’ve recently upgraded our CBD gummies in both taste and strength and each one not only tastes absolutely blooming gorgeous, they also now pack a whopping 25mg of CBD per gummy!

You’ll just want to masticate all day long once you taste one of these jelly based beauties!

I Say:

I bloody love those fancy fruity jelly sweets you get at Christmas, the one’s in a fancy box…can’t remember the name…

And that’s exactly what I’m getting from the CBD Asylum Gummies – delish indeed!

They are not at all like the chewy gummies you can find, instead they are light with just the tiniest resistance before you break through the sugary coating.

But oh boy are they tasty!

Not too sweet and absolutely no hint of CBD or terpenes in the mouth or as an after taste.

VERY moreish and my bag emptied very quickly indeed…Jabba that I am lol.

Final Review Verdict

CBD Asylum say:

…the most palate-pleasing way of consuming CBD…

And I have to agree!

I’ve tried very many CBD products and NONE have been as pleasant as these CBD gummies!

I did try to differentiate between the colours, it might just be me but all tasted very similar and very fruity.

Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD, which in the scheme of things is a very small dose, however they recommend eating 2 to 4 per day.

My body is so full of CBD, even if I was permitted by law to tell you if they’ve had the desired effect, I can’t.

What I will say is they really are tasty and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a different way of getting your daily CBD dose!

In a nutshell: Yummy CBD Gummies!

CBD Asylum Gummies
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