The GeekVape Aegis Hero pod kit review and would you believe it? This is the eleventh device in the highly popular series!

It all began three years ago with the Aegis 100W box mod, followed by the Aegis Mini. Less than a month later GeekVape released the dual 18650 Aegis Legend, a device that’s still serving me well to this day.

Geek vape Aegis pod kit hand check

In September 2019, GeekVape produced the worlds first waterproof squonk kit. Towards the end of that year they gave us their very first pod kit, the Aegis Boost.

Being an extremely well received device it paved the way for the Aegis Pod and the Aegis Boost Plus both going down a storm with pod users.

We love to listen to different voices from users, we aim to contribute a positive impact…

It certainly seems the five year old Shenzen based manufacturer has been living up to their mission statement.

What Can We Expect From the GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod Kit?

The GeekVape Aegis Hero pod kit inherits the same G coil boost formula mesh coils of its predecessors the Boost and Boost Plus.

Although it uses a built in battery as opposed to a single 18650 external, it still manages to gain minimal improvement to the output.

There’s also an adjustable top airflow so we can expect open, semi and restrictive vaping styles from the two included kanthal mesh coils.

All the trademark features have been ported across from previous iterations. These include the soft leather padding and stitching, the raised fire and menu buttons and the removable skeleton or frame of the device.

Tiny But Tough!

It may be tiny but the GeekVape Aegis Hero is rugged, waterproof and dustproof. Looks, as they say can be deceiving!

Incorporated is the now familiar IP67 rating, found on many devices currently hitting the market. GeekVape have their own way of applying it and they happen to do it very well, aesthetically.

geekvape aegist hero review

What the GeekVape Aegis Hero offers as much as anything else is portability. It’s the dinkiest pod in the range to date.

I think it’s time we cracked on with the review.

Note: I’ve received a sample edition of the GeekVape Aegis Hero pod kit.

It’s highly likely the retail packaging will look different.

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Inside the box

Geek cape Aegis Hero unboxing

  • Aegis Hero (4ml)
  • G coil Boost formula (mesh) 1 x 0.4ohm, 1 x 0.6ohm
  • Spare drip tip (narrow bore – 5mm)
  • USB charging cable
  • Coil removal tool
  • User manual
  • Warning card


The GeekVape Aegis Hero is a top airflow pod kit designed to offer rich flavour.

It features a “buck – boost” system allowing the user to continue vaping at higher wattage even when the battery is running low.

Geek vape Aegis Hero with Geek vape Aegis Legend comparison
Geek vape Aegis Hero with Geek vape Aegis Legend Mod shown on the left.

The skeleton or frame of the pod is available in various colours. These are: Silver, Blue, Red, Gunmetal (personal favourite), Black (under review) and Rainbow.

Being top fill the device is said to be leak proof. Since most of the plug and play coils I’ve used have had a tendency to leak from the base of the coil, that’s somewhat debatable. That’s also why you’re here – to find out.

The internal battery is rated at 1200mah with variable wattage ranging between 5 – 45W.

GeekVape themselves state the adjustable top airflow system makes for a more fulfilling vaping experience, providing not only a direct lung vape but the option of MTL. Again, you’re reading this to find out if that is indeed true.


  • Size 48.15 x 25.4 x 82.9mm
  • Weight 88g
  • Battery capacity 1200mah
  • Charge voltage 5V/1.5A (micro USB)
  • Output power 5-45W
  • Screen dimensions 0.42in OLED
  • Resistance range 0.1-3.0 ohm
  • E liquid capacity 4ml
  • Drip tip 510 drip tip

Standard, US and TPD versions are available, the latter of which includes a 2ml pod and the obligatory “This product contains nicotine” drivel on the front of the packaging.

Design and Build Quality

It’s the Aegis, and GeekVape has taken a swift U turn by excluding an 18650 battery. They’ve still managed to increase maximum wattage to the integrated 1200mah battery.

In doing so they’ve been able to create the smallest, lightest and most pocket friendly Aegis to date.

GeekVape Aegis Hero Battery Section

The front of the GeekVape Aegis Hero will look very familiar to anyone in possession of other devices in the series.

The heavily raised fire button and vertical menu buttons are both comfortable and easy to use, they’re also tactile and responsive without being too noisy.

Geek vape Aegis Hero screen

The screen itself isn’t the brightest I’ve come across but the 0.49in OLED display remains clear and readable.

It displays coil resistance, a battery strength icon, number of puffs, wattage and whether the device is in power or bypass mode.

How To Use the Menu Functions Of the GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod Kit

  • Rapidly press the fire button five times to turn the device on/off
  • Press the fire button three times to enter the mode select screen
  • While in mode select, press + or – to enter wattage/bypass mode. Hold the fire button for one second to select either mode
  • Press the + or – buttons to increase or decrease wattage. (The device will reset to 5W after the maximum of 45W is reached)
  • Hold the fire and – button to clear the puff counter
  • Hold the + and – buttons together to lock the device. Hit the fire button three times to unlock
  • To restore factory settings, switch the device off and press the + and – buttons together

Cycle speed is impressive when making wattage adjustments and it’s possible to round robin once maximum output has been hit.

Geek vape Aegis Hero Micro USB port

The micro (Type B) USB port is heavily recessed into the device and protected by a rubber stopper, another example of IP67 standard at work.

Geek vape Aegis Hero internal battery contacts and magnet

Within the battery section there’s a single 12mm wide battery contact which coincides with that on the base of the pod. This makes for a very strong and secure marriage, how many of us can say that lol?!?

Also included are two gold plated spring loaded coil contacts which should help with overall conductivity between the battery and pod.

Geek vape Aegis Hero pod kit hand check2

The frame of the GeekVape Aegis Hero is made of zinc alloy while the main body is an injection moulded silicone rubber. This ensures the device is resilient to water, knocks and general wear and tear.

GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod

Good News! Not only is the window completely transparent but entire juice levels can be viewed. It’s been shaped in such a way that nothing goes unnoticed.

I’ve had cause on many occasions to remove a pod only to find out how close I was to a dry burn. It’s these little design tweaks that make all the difference, so full kudos to Geek vape.

Geek vape Aegis Hero Pod

There is, however a knack to installing the pod, as it needs to be tilted forwards before snapping securely into place.

It’s not possible to just drop the pod into the battery section and relying on magnets will do the rest.

It’s a minor issue for sure but something that needs to be mentioned.

The connection between battery and pod is a very secure one and under tests when dropped, the rubberized coating absorbed any impact – it also prevented the pod from dislodging from the battery.

The toughened PCTG material of the pod is more than capable of withstanding a few knocks too.

Geek vape Aegis Hero adjustable airflow port on pod

The dual airflow control ring incorporates knurling which assists with grip when making minor adjustments, the turning tolerances are spot on.

Whatever adjustment that’s made on one side is mirrored on the other.

The packaged 510 drip tips include two O rings making for a secure fit. Third party drip tips will also work with the GeekVape Aegis Hero pod kit.

When vaping under tighter airflow restriction GeekVape has included a narrow (5mm) bore drip tip to assist with this style of vaping.

Geek vape Aegis Hero silicone stopper

Now that’s what I like to see! Not only do we get top airflow but the fill port is top mounted too!

Without doubt this is the easiest way of filling pod based systems and here the GeekVape Aegis Hero works an absolute treat. I had no issues when filling even when using wider chubby bottle nozzles.

Just remember not to overfill. As with most stopper based systems there’s a habit of e-liquid seeping from the sides when resealing.

GeekVape Aegis Hero Fitting the Coil

It’s plug and play, folks! With just one rule.

Geek vape Aegis Hero pod kit how to install a coil

Line the squared off sides of the coil with the two markings on the underside of the pod.

Push the coil firmly up inside the pod and ensure the rubber O rings are seated firmly in place and hey presto! Job done.

Before filling, it’s a good idea to prime the cotton of the coil with a few drops of e-liquid. It’s just an added precaution against potential dry hits.

..oh how our vaping community loves those lol!

How To Fill the GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod

Since the pod uses top fill it’s never been an easier process.

filling the pod

  • With the coil installed carefully lift the tab of the silicone stopper
  • Tilt the pod and slowly pour E liquid through the fill port and into the pod taking care not to overfill
  • Push the silicone stopper back into place making sure it’s firmly sealed

Leave the e-liquid to soak into the cotton for around five minutes before vaping the Geek vape Aegis Hero pod kit.

How Does the GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod Kit Pperform?

I started with the 0.6ohm G V Boost kanthal mesh coil, rated between 15-25W. Zeus Juice Death By Bunny, a freebase e-liquid with a 70VG/30PG ratio was used for the purposes of sub ohm vaping.

0.6ohm KA1 mesh coil

Vaping at a conservative 15W with airflow wide open the coil knocks out some pretty impressive clouds but the inhale is still rather restrictive.

It’s a very quiet and smooth inhale providing a somewhat cool vape, however, flavour production at this minimum setting is nothing more than average.

Stepping up to 20W and reducing the airflow to around half way created very little difference to the restriction. Vapour production was marginally increased with flavour properties significantly improved.

It’s a slightly warmer vape and the sweetness of the strawberry really kicks in with increased power.

My preferred setting was found under maximum wattage recommendation (25W) with the airflow wide open. This allowed a nigh on perfect balance between vapour and flavour quality.

The sweetness, strawberry and dairy elements of the cheesecake flourished on this setting alongside a healthy plume of thick white cloud. Impressive stuff from this vertically mounted mesh coil.

0.6ohm coil with mesh showing
Although the bore of the 0.6ohm G V Boost mesh coil is quite restricted don’t expect a MTL vape.

This coil likes airflow so there’s no point attempting a mouth to lung vape. I tried and it fails miserably at the task, even with airflow set to an absolute minimum and using the alternative 5mm bore drip tip.

It’s very well suited to a restrictive or semi restrictive direct lung vape. I’d recommend juice ratios of between 60VG/40PG – 75VG/25PG.

0.4ohm G V Boost Kanthal Mesh Coil (Rated 25-33W)

I used Exceptional Vapes Blackcurrant Jam and Custard, a 70VG/30PG ratio with freebase nicotine to test the more powerful coil.

Geekvape GV Boost 0.4ohm kanthal mesh coil

Vaping at the minimum recommended wattage and with airflow wide open I was shocked at just how good the flavour was. There was certainly less restriction than the 0.6ohm coil although some still remains.

I was impressed by how the blackcurrant was able to cut through the creamy notes of the profile. This proved that the coil was more than capable of handling  more delicately balanced dessert profiles, excellent!

As before, dialing the airflow down did little to affect the restriction, instead it had a tendency to actually stifle flavour properties which was slightly disappointing.

Vaping at 33w with airflow fully open allowed the sweetness of the fruit to hit the taste buds. Being a slightly warmer vape on the inhale, the custard was able to take on a more prominent role. All the subtle tones of the profile were now in evidence.

Geek vape G V Boost 0.4ohm kanthal mesh exposed
The wider bore on the 0.4ohm kanthal mesh coil makes a difference to the airflow restriction

As with the 0.6ohm coil the inhale was quiet, with little turbulence and produced a smooth vape overall. This coil edges it for purity and consistency of flavour but it’s a very close call!

For a pod based system the vapour production is more than satisfactory even managing to recreate an enjoyable fullness during inhale, something usually confined to dedicated sub ohm tanks.

Again, don’t expect to get anything approaching a MTL vape despite adjustable airflow, it just ain’t happening.

I ended up spending the majority of time at 30W with airflow wide open as this gave me the best results.

This coil is well suited to a semi restrictive direct lung vape and with the airflow wide open. Liquid ratios of between 70VG/30PG – 80VG/20PG worked well with no wicking issues but I don’t recommend anything thicker than this.


  • An ergonomic, lightweight and pocket friendly device
  • Raised fire and menu buttons make navigation very easy
  • Less time wasted using the top fill system
  • No leaking from the base of the coils
  • Easy to charge in a vertical position (big thumbs up to that!)
  • Buck and Boost system really does work


  • No chance of a MTL vape
  • Battery charge indicator constantly reads “charging” even when complete
  • Poor screen visibility in direct sunlight

Final Review Verdict

GeekVape Aegis Hero Battery Performance

I managed to get 6 hours from the 0.6ohm coil when vaping at a constant 25W. During this period I vaped 5ml of e-liquid and totaled 170 puffs from the GeekVape Aegis Hero pod kit.

The 0.4ohm coil gave me an additional hour of use when vaping at 30W. During this period I vaped approximately 6ml of e-liquid. The on screen counter registered 135 puffs before the battery gave up.

The buck and boost system works pretty well, performance levels only took a nose dive on the last four or five tugs. The battery indicator was erratic displaying a drop in capacity especially when the battery was around 50%.

I never use bypass mode but for the purposes of review when vaping at 30W, I received an equivalent direct output of 3.8V. Voltage readings aren’t going to be that important to a relatively new vaper but if it’s your bag, GeekVape has taken it into account.

While charging there was no way of knowing if the battery had actually been charged. The display read “charging” even after two hours attached to a wall socket.

It’s worth remembering I received a sample device and this glitch may be ironed out of the retail version.

GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod Performance

The pod performs admirably.

The filling system is super easy being top fill with juice levels clearly visible and always on view, it takes literally seconds to refill the pod.

The connection with the battery section is rock solid. There’s no movement yet it’s still very easy to remove when changing coils or maintaining the device, for example.

OK, I didn’t get the same level of airflow versatility as found on a dedicated sub ohm tank but as a pod kit the GeekVape Aegis Hero just about manages to pull it off.

The reason it does so is because both coils are ideal for a restrictive or semi restrictive lung hit. The flavour and vapour production is excellent with the AFC ring open or partially closed.

It may be suggested that the pod kit is capable of a MTL vape but this wasn’t the experience I garnered during attempts – even using the included 5mm narrow drip tip. Closing the airflow right down only resulted in an uncomfortable, flavourless vape.

Who Would I recommend the GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod kit to?

To conclude, the GeekVape Aegis Hero is a cracking little pod with very few faults. It’s capable of providing a consistently clean and flavoursome vape from the two G V Boost kanthal mesh coils.

That’s without mentioning its strength and portability factor.

I wouldn’t recommend it to a new vaper or someone that loves a mouth to lung vape for the reasons I’ve already discussed.

It is a device for the vaper that may be three months in, looking for the alternative hit direct lung vaping can provide without being thrown in at the deep end.

All made possible thanks to adjustable top airflow and a restrictive vape. It’s capable of weaning a vaper on to direct lung vaping almost effortlessly, and without any loss in flavour quality while at the same time improving cloud production.

..and to think they sang, “No more heroes anymore…” It makes me want to Strangle ’em! lol

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud production G V Boost 0.6ohm kanthal mesh coil
Flavour and cloud production G V Boost 0.4ohm kanthal mesh coil
Replace if lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.


  1. This is the best(for me) vape I’ve used. I’m a bit of a rhino with bales and am constantly dropping them. This thing keeps going and NO GLASS TO BREAK! It’s easy to use and doesn’t accidentally start firing/ heating up in my purse or pocket. The only complaint I have is minor leakage. It can leak from the mouthpiece from time to time and the rubber piece on the bottom has pulled about halfway from the vape body. There’s always some vape juice under it so there’s that. I’ve had this for over a year (substantially longer than any other aegis or any other brand I’ve used). If these leak problems ever get sorted, it will be perfect.
    Great review!

  2. Bought my hero for use on the water… when we take the boat out for fishing or tubing I am not constantly trying to find a dry spot on my shorts to dry my hands to pick up my device. Now I can keep it in my pocket while driving and wet hands… NO PROBLEM!

    • Hey, Kris.
      In a day and age of cynics what a refreshing change! IP67 is designed to repel water. It makes the device water resistant. Not necessarily water proof. So explaining the benefits in the way you’ve done is ace. Being able to use it in conditions that are usually less forgiving. Nice one, Kris.
      Thanks for stopping by to read the reviews,

      Neil C

    • Hi, David.
      Was I being serious? Very much so, buddy. The screen could’ve been brighter but even for my fading eyesight it was clear enough. Please remember it is only my opinion. Sorry that it’s an obvious con for you.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the reviews.

      Neil C

  3. I don’t know what’s up with the rest of these people or where they’re even buying their vapes from but I’d just like to say that I bought my Aegis Hero about 6-7 months ago and it is still working perfectly!! Which says a lot because I work construction so it’s constantly getting wet, dropped, and getting dirt all over it. I just wipe it off and go about my day because I know it’ll be ready for the next hit still. Charging time for me usually takes about 30 minutes from dead to get a full charge and then it honestly lasts about 6-8 hours of continuous vaping. I can’t say I’ve ever had too much of a problem with it honestly. And I love that it gives me a strong powerful hit all the way till the last one. I am in love with it, one of my favorites.

    • Hi, Robbie
      WoW! Now that’s what I like to read, Sir! You’ve just described the effectiveness of an IP67 rated product in a single paragraph. Full kudos to you. It’s very easy for vapers to get bogged down by a multitude of new releases that, well, offer nothing new. Here you are with your trusty Aegis Hero and loving it many months later. Now this is what it’s all about. It gets the job done while you get the job done.
      Thank you for popping by, Robbie. You’ve just made my day and quite possibly the comment of the year. Love it!!

      Neil C

  4. I just bought aegis hero. But it was tasteless. I cannot feel any flav from it. Btw im using the 0.4 mesh and a freebase flavour.

    • Hi, Khai and thanks for reading our reviews. It’s very much appreciated.
      That’s a bit of a vague post there, my friend. What juice ratio are you using? For that coil I recommend 70/30 to 80/20. Did you vape from a fully charged battery? ..and of course what flavour were you using? One you’re familiar with or a new one?
      Look, taste as we know is subjective. What tastes strong to some won’t for others. There are a number of things to take into account. For all I know of your post you may even be suffering from the flu, knocking your sense of taste out, eh?
      Just too many variables, my friend to answer this one. Sorry.

      Neil C

  5. I have bought three of theses, 2 of which have since completely died without first burning me quite bad. It turns into a super hot bomb. It will continue to overheat and say charging even if you turn it off. Two of them did it. If you look online I’m not the only one. They should be recalled and replaced

    • Hi, Robin.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read our reviews. Much appreciated.
      Sorry to read that you’ve been having a bad time with the pod. That certainly sounds like a fault with the circuit board. Not that it makes any difference but how long did you have it before these issues occurred?

      Would it be a far stretch to suggest you received yours from a faulty batch? Were they purchased from the same source?

      Kind Regards,


  6. We’ve purchased 4, and found that after about a month, the tanks seem to leak from the plastic tank seam on the bottom. Any idea what that might be all about, and whether a light coat of superglue would fix the issue?

    • Hi, Michael. Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews, it’s much appreciated.
      I really have no idea why the pods would leak from a plastic seam. Maybe they were included as part of a bad batch.. to have four though? Seems odd. I’m at a bit of a loss if I’m totally honest.
      The majority of pods use a tough PCTG plastic to prevent any of the problems you’ve encountered. That’s why I’ve never experienced such issues myself.
      I also cannot recommend the use of superglue on a product that uses removable parts and comes into contact with E liquid. That, to me anyway, seems like asking for trouble.
      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of further assistance.


      Neil C

  7. I have an Aegis Hero, and I find it to be amongst the worst devices I have used. The battery life is poor, and charging it has taken up to five hours.


    • Hi, Stuart.
      Sorry to read that you didn’t have much luck with your Aegis Hero. I had none of the issues you mention (reflected in the score) and continued to use it long after the review phase without problems.


  8. I just brole my jester pod and i dont want it to happen to my hero. How can i take care of its battery? How can i use it for a very long time?help

    • Hi, Dwight.

      The Vapefly Jester! By all accounts a great little pod. I can understand why you’re erring on the side of caution. However, you don’t mention how you came to break it..

      The Geekvape Aegis Hero Pod is a rugged little beast and is sure to withstand a few knocks and bumps along the way. The USB port has a silicone rubber stopper to protect it so always make sure it’s securely fitted while in use.

      Also be aware that the connector only fits one way so take your time. Bent USB pins will damage the device beyond repair.

      Personally, integrated batteries should be treated the same way as external ones. With extreme care. Never leave the device charging overnight and in this case use a dedicated wall charger.

      Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews and maybe let us know how you’re getting on with the Hero.

      Kind regards,

      Neil C

    • Hi, Raul.

      Hope you get on with the Aegis Hero Pod Kit as well as I did. I think with Geek Vape it’s a case of “If it ain’t broke don’t to try fix it”. As stated in the review this is their eleventh device in the series. I love the portability factor and the G coils provide good flavour. I think it works well for a relatively new vaper as well as those further down the line.

      Thank you for the kind words, buddy.

      Kind regards,

      Neil C

    • Hi, Chescka

      Thanks for reading the review and I’m glad it’s helped you to make a decision. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.


      Neil C

    • Hi, Graham.
      Thanks for checking out our reviews, it means a lot. I’m also really glad that you’re enjoying your Aegis Hero Pod, buddy.

      Merry Christmas, Happy new year and above all. Stay safe.

      Kind regards,



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