There’s 28 flavours in the IVG nic salts range and I’ll be putting five of them to the taste test.

They’re mix of fruits – sweets – drinks and of course more than a few have an icy kick to them.

ivg nic salts review

We’ve reviewed many of the IVG e-liquid ranges including the IVG Crushed line, the IVG 50:50 and the IVG Juicy shortfills to name but a few.

I very recently reviewed the IVG Bar disposable range and was very impressed.

IVG is a UK based e-liquid company and is popular across the globe winning multiple awards including a few in our own EcigClick vape awards.

What Can We Expect From the IVG Nic Salts?

Great flavour is the obvious starting point!

Nic salts are ideal for brand new vapers as there’s less of a harshness despite a high nicotine strength.

As a regular MTL vaper, I use nic salts all the time.

I can get my nic levels topped up and yeah in general they are a very smooth vape.

Find out more about nic salts: 5 Best Salt Nic Vape Juice + Guide To Nicotine Salt E-Liquid.

That article is written by Michelle and includes her own quit smoking via nic salts story – well worth a read.

OK, the IVG nic salts were sent direct from the company – thanks Lilly – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

For the record I tested the flavours on the awesome GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA freshly cleaned and wicked every time.

IVG Nic Salts – Strawberry Watermelon Chew

IVG nic salts Strawberry-Watermelon-Chew

IVG Says:

Nothing Beats the mouth-watering taste of strawberries and watermelons, leaving you with the perfect burst of juiciness.

I Say:

A very sweet and fruity aroma from the bottle – maybe a tad too sweet for me…

However, the inhale is all about the crushed ice taming the sweetness down.

Yes it’s a sweet candy vape, but that watermelon arriving on the exhale along with the ice calms everything down.

Almost too syrupy for me but the sweet toothed out there will love this one.

IVG Nic Salts – Ribery Lemonade

IVG nic salt Riberry-Lemonade

IVG Says:

A perfect blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with refreshing lemonade, an extremely satisfying taste.

I Say:

I’ve already reviewed the Ribery Lemonade nic salt and absolutely loved it.

So take my word for it when I say this flavour is one of the best fruity drink vapes I’ve ever tasted.

If they toned down the sugariness just a touch it would be an all day vape for me.

Lovely stuff.

IVG Nic Salts – Bubble Gum

ivg crushed nic salts Bubblegum

IVG Says:

That amazing bubblegum taste, which will bring your memories back with a refreshing exhale

I Say:

The smell from the bottle really does take you back those big balls of bubblegum!

The inhale is minty sweet and again almost too sweet.

However the ice is never far away and builds on the back of the throat – a nice tickle and not too harsh.

The exhale has the ice edging the sweetness away and I found this one very refreshing indeed.

IVG Nic Salts – Summer Blaze


IVG Says:

Sicilian style cool lemonade, infused with mixed summer berries.

I Say:

I reviewed the shortfill version of this flavour and absolutely bloody loved it.

It’s a delicious mix of tanginess and natural sweetness and given the coolant has been dialed down a little, it’s bang on my favoured flavour profile.

Those fresh juicy berries keep the tart lemon in check and those clouds smell amazing!

A great vape indeed.

IVG Nic Salts – Frozen Cherries

frozen cherries review

IVG Says:

Indulge in a combination of freshly handpicked red cherries, splashed with a blast of crushed ice, giving you a sweet and icy burst of flavour.

I Say:

I’ve also reviewed the shortfill version of this vape juice and could see why it’s now IVG’s best selling e-liquid.

Those cherries are a little on the sweet side, but again lashings of crushed ice tames the sweetness down considerably.

There’s a lovely cold kick to the tonsils before the exhale delivers a cherry delight!

I said in the review of the shortfill this is almost artisanal in its blending – as in a posh juice.

If anything, the intensity of the nic salt delivers a deeper flavour – lovely drop of e-liquid!

Highly recommended indeed and I shall be keeping this one rather than giving it away down the pub 😉

Final Review Verdict

It’s a shame I got a couple of flavours I’ve already reviewed, but hey there you go!

What I can say is the five I’ve tried are very nice indeed – and I’m not that big on vapes with coolant.

The blending just about stops the coolada from overpowering leaving a nice balanced vape.

Stand out for me is indeed the Frozen Cherries and as I said, the nic salt version has a slightly more intense flavour.

The IVG nic salts are ideal for newbies to vaping and for those like me that enjoy a good MTL vape.

I would like to see each flavour offer a choice of nic strengths though.

That aside and yeah the ones I’ve tasted are well worth your hard earned cash.

So…do you use the IVG nic salts?

Do they indeed vape great?

What’s your favourite flavour?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below 🙂

Strawberry Watermelon Chew
Ribery Lemonade
Bubble Gum
Summer Blaze
Frozen Cherries
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