Extremely popular UK based IVG are behind the new Super Juice e-liquid range and with that company’s global reputation, I expect them to become big hits.

They have a tagline of Flavours Out Of This World – which is bold claim to say the least…we shall see if that’s the case.

super juice e-liquid review new from IVG

IVG really doesn’t need much of an introduction and I/we have reviewed a number of its products.

Mainly an e-liquid manufacturer, it has branched out recently releasing the IVG Bar disposable vapes – I’ve just added 6 more flavours to that vape review.

IVG is multi-award winning and has featured heavily in the Ecigclick awards with ranges such as the Juicy and Mixer proving popular with vapers across the globe.

More recently IVG has branched out with new brand names including the recently reviewed Beyond short fill and nic salt ranges.

What Can We Expect From the Super Juice E-liquid Range?

There’s a total of 15 flavours, a mix of fruit and drinks, and they come in 120ml bottles – 100mls of juice giving you up to 120mls with x2 nic shots added – at a decent price too.

To ‘sweeten’ the deal [pun intended as you’ll see] you get a free nic shot with every short fill purchased.

They are a 70/30 PG/VG mix making them ideal for your sub ohm vape kits.

OK, the six Super Juice e-liquid flavours were sent to me direct from IVG – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

For the taste test I used my go to Augvape BTFC RDA – love that dripper – freshly wicked every time.

Right then , let’s see if the half dozen flavours I’ve been sent are indeed out of this world

Super Juice – Whammy Bar

super juice whammy bar review

Super Juice Say:

A sweet chew flavour teams electric raspberry with a fizzy sidekick, creating a flavour that’s out of this world!

I Say:

Not much of an aroma from the bottle…however…

It’s been a very long time since I tasted a Whammy Bar, but this vape juice whisked me back.

It’s an intense sweet raspberry on the inhale with that tangy fizz growing as it reaches the back of your throat.

The exhale is where the magic happens as the fizz lifts the fruit to a very tasty crescendo.

A touch sweet for my aged palate – but this is very clever blending replicating that childhood candy bar perfectly.

Super Juice – Gummy Wonder

super juice gummy wonder

Super Juice Say:

A wonderful mix of all of your favourite fruity chew flavours, pineapple, blackcurrant, lime, cherry and orange, coated in a pop of sweetness.

I Say:

I’m a sucker for gummies – especially CBD infused ones lol.

My grandson is now too old for packets of Haribo and my granddaughter too young – but I still buy a pack per week – jabba that I am ha!


The smell from the bottle is really quite tangy, and the inhale really does shout fruity gummy treats.

I’m just not getting that slight tang to take away the sugar.

Those of you who have a sweet vaping tooth will bloody love this one – just a bit too sweet for me.

Super Juice – Crimson Pink Fizz

Crimson-Pink-Fizz-super juice review

Super Juice Say:

Lemonade has never tasted so good, with hints of strawberry and tangy raspberry and your favourite fizzy kick!

I Say:

Smells of fresh rather than sweet lemonade which is a good start.

That natural lemonade makes it as far as the back of your taste buds before the sweeteners kick in.

There’s a gentle tickle on the tonsils before the sweetness builds on the exhale.

I’m not picking up specific fruits – more of a cocktail and again a little too sweet for me.

Saying that, I spent a lot longer sampling this one than the others…it really is a lovely lemonade base.

Super Juice – Mapple Mix Up

mapple mix up super juice e-liquid

Super Juice Say:

Mix it up with fresh mango and sour green apples, socking you right in the taste buds!

I Say:

This one sounds right up my street – I bloody love ‘sour’ based vapes.

It’s a fresh smell once the bottle top is whipped off…but no real discernible fruit.

Oooph…it’s a very very sharp inhale with a real tanginess too it.

Sadly in comes a whack of coolant that kind of adds a depth to the flavour…

There’s a nice hit to the back of the throat, but that’s down to the cooling agent and not the expected sourness.

Sadly the sourness dissolves on the exhale into a sweet fruit mash-up.

Could have been an awesome vape, but again to much sugar for me.

Super Juice – Blue Dazzleberry


Super Juice Say:

Dazzle your senses with the classic blue slushy flavour, giving you the ultimate cool raspberry experience.

I Say:

The only time I go for Blue Slush flavoured e-liquids is during reviews – it’s not really on my flavour profile.

And to be honest of those I’ve tried, none have really stood out.

There’s no hint of anything when sniffing the bottle if I’m honest.

The inhale is more sweet menthol with a hint of the blue slush coming through eventually.

The exhale brings the flavour to the fore, but again enough of the bloody sweeteners!

Far to sweet and heavy for me and strangely there’s barely a hit of ice – more menthol.

If you like sweet menthol vapes, you’ll love this one.

Super Juice – Midnight Berry Breeze


Super Juice Say:

Go to the dark side with the deep flavours of blackcurrant, cooled with a menthol breeze.

I Say:

I had a feeling this one is based on popular cough sweets…bright ain’t I lol.

The smell is actually really quite lovely with a real depth of blackcurrant and barely a whiff of menthol.

That all changes on the inhale with a real ‘hot’ yet cold hit of menthol, but those powerful blackcurrants hold their own.

It’s a warming menthol – rather than icy blast on the tonsils.

The exhale still sees the fruit to the fore with the menthol just in the background.

If you like Tunes flavoured vapes – this is definitely one for you.

Final Review Verdict

The Super Juice e-liquid range is certainly value for money – and at the time of writing there’s some pretty good double up deals, and a FREE nic shot too.

Of the 6 flavours I’ve reviewed there’s a refreshing [no pun intended] lack of coolant thrown about willy nilly.

However, the sweeteners are way over the top for me, an all day vape most of these are not – for me at least.

Not sure why vape juice manufacturers are killing flavours with sweeteners and coolant – but here we are again.

Had the sugar been dialed down on most if not all of the half dozen I’ve tried, I have no doubt they’d be much better flavours.

Saying that, I don’t have a sweet vaping tooth – if you do then go for them…


Have you tried the Super Juice e-liquid range?

What’s your favourite flavour?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Whammy Bar
Gummy Wonder
Crimson PInk Fizz
Mapple Mix Up
Blue Dazzleberry
Midnight Berry Breeze
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