The Beyond e-liquid range is a relatively new set of fruit vape juice flavours from the award winning IVG.

I Vape Great is known for producing some of the most popular e-liquids in the world.

beyond e-liquid review ivg

It was founded in 2016 by Ahsan Bawa with the goal of becoming one of the leaders in the global vaping industry.

Based in the UK and with a global footprint, IVG has indeed become one of the most recognised vape brands in the world.

We’ve reviewed a lot of IVG vape juice including, IVG Nic Salts – the icy Crushed range – the Juicy and of course the famous 50:50 flavours.

Whilst predominately a vape juice company, IVG has also branched out into hardware with the IVG Pod kit and the very recently reviewed IVG Bar disposable vapes.

What Can We Expect From the Beyond E-liquid Range?

The Beyond e-liquid line are all fruit based with some very interesting ingredients.

They’re sold in 100ml bottles – meaning you can add x2 nic shots to make a 3mg nic mix.

Incidentally, at the time of writing IVG is offering x2 free nic shots with every bottle…nice!

The juices are a 70/30 PG/VG mix and are to be used in sub ohm tanks and drippers…and of course sub ohm rebuildables.

OK, let’s put these to the taste test to see if they are indeed ‘beyond expectations…’

I’ve received all 6 flavours from the Beyond e-liquid range and they came direct from IVG – thanks Lilly – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

For the review I used my go to dripper – the Augvape BTFC – freshly cleaned and wicked every time.

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Beyond E-Liquid – Dragonberry Blend

Dragonberry-Blend-beyond e-liquid

IVG Say:

Experience the breath of a dragon with this powerful blend of sweet dragonberries, succulent strawberries blended together with a finish of fresh blackcurrants!
A flavour of legend.

I Say:

A really quite tempting aroma from the bottle – extremely fruity to say the least.

The inhale is all about those berries with sweet strawberry joined by tangy blackcurrants making a devilishly good fruit vape.

There’s a gorgeous hint of warmth that builds on the exhale.

The merest hint of spice but just enough to add another depth to a very tasty – if a tad sweet – vape indeed.

Beyond E-Liquid – Kiwi Passion Kick

Kiwi-Passion-Kick-beyond e-liquid review

IVG Say:

Get your summer sun kick with this kiwi and passion fruit combination, merged together with berries so fresh it’s as if you picked them yourself!

I Say:

Oh my!

If you could bottle a citrusy summer fruit salad the smell from this one is exactly that – divine!

The kiwi and passion fruit jostle for top billing on the inhale and there’s a slight hint of coolant too.

The exhale delivers more of the coolant balanced out beautifully with the zingy tartness of the passion fruit.

I’m guessing the hint of sweetness comes from the berries and bloody delicious it is too.

Again almost too sweet for me, but the balanced blending keeps it from being too sugary.

Definitely an all day vape.

Beyond E-Liquid – Sour Melon Surge

Sour-Melon-Surge-beyond e-liquid

IVG Say:

A combination of honeydew and ripe watermelon with a surge of sour lime to kick this flavour into the beyond!

I Say:

Any vape juice with the word sour in its title always grabs my attention.

As I find with most melon juices, the aroma is a little on the delicate side.

The inhale certainly livens up…a lot!

Those gentle melon notes are literally zapped with a splash of lime bringing your taste buds to life!

Again there’s a hint of coolant that to be honest adds to the flavour.

The exhale whilst not as tangy as I’d hoped is really quite moreish.

Dial down the sweetness on this and I’d be buying it by the gallon.

Fruit lovers will adore this one!

Beyond E-Liquid – Cherry Apple Crush


IVG Say:

This flavour delivers a crushing blow of both red and green apples, finished off with a sweet blackcurrant vest and a cherry kick that will have you coming back for more!

I Say:

Pretty sure they mean blackcurrant zest and not vest…maybe lol.

It might sound weird but I’m getting a bit of a boozy smell from this one – almost a fruit liqueur.

Wow – the inhale is very deep and the warmth of the cherries surprised me somewhat…again almost boozy!

There’s a real tickle to the tonsils too, not harsh, more warm.

The exhale settles down with the sweetness of the currants arriving and that apple cools it all down.

A vape with depth and almost…just almost…the tiniest hint of menthol maybe…

Lots of layers to this one with a very fresh aftertaste.

Beyond E-Liquid – Berry Melonade Blitz


IVG Say:

Venture into the great beyond with this fusion of sweet blackcurrants and mouth-watering watermelons, delivered with a tang of freshly squeezed lemons.
It’s taking off!

I Say:

I do like my lemon vapes – but they need to be on the tart side.

The smell certainly promises a level of tartness – fresh lemons too.

The inhale however is not so good with those watermelons damping everything down and far far too much coolant for my taste buds.

The blackcurrant adds sweetness – almost too sweet – and the lemons surprisingly struggle to come through.

Yes I’m left with that coolada cleansing feeling, but also a strange melon after taste.

Not my favourite of the bunch for sure but a cool twist on melon flavoured vapes.

Beyond E-Liquid – Mangoberry Magic


IVG Say:

For this magic trick we have blended mango with sweet strawberries, then cooled the mixture off with refreshing honeydew melon leaving you asking how did they do it!

I Say:

In my e-liquid reviews I like to save the best for last, so is that the case here?

It’s a stunning fruity aroma once the bottle top is whipped off – very nice indeed.

The inhale is as intense a fruit vape you’re likely to find – almost too rich.

The mango and strawberries threaten to overpower but yeah, the exhale is where the magic arrives.

The honeydew melon is almost on the over ripened too sweet scale, but it certainly tames the richness.

Once again if the sweetness was dialed down a little I’d vape this one by the bucket full.

Final Review Verdict

Great to see IVG bringing out new lines of e-liquid.

I really think the bottles look great too – very clean and classy.

The Beyond e-liquid range is pure fruit based and at times they’re almost too sweet for my palate.

However, and remember I complain about to much coolant in vape juice – the balance is near perfect.

Just enough of the stuff to lift rather than mask the flavours.

There’s a couple here that would 100% become my all day vape – just a tad to sugary for me.

If clouds are your thing then yup – this range delivers vapour by the volume!


Is this a vape juice range you’ve tried?

What’s your personal favourite?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Dragonberry Blend
Kiwi Passion Kick
Sour Melon Surge
Cherry Apple Crush
Berry Melonade Blitz
Mangoberry Magic
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  1. I find Juice reviews are so subjective to personal taste and differs from with every tank and wattage set up. I have tried all of these part from the sour melon one in mtl.I put 3 50/50 shots gives me about 5mgs of nic at 15 watts is perfect for me in berserker v2 rta with a 1.2 ohm Clapton. I find the berry melonade to be the best really zingy lemonade flavour on inhale then the fruits on the exhale. Really refreshing adv


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