The Jumate is a simple device that will refill JUUL pods as well as any compatible pods.

So the big questions are, does it actually work? How do you refill a JUUL pod using the Jumate? Well, we are going to answer both in just a minute!

The company is based in California USA and also has a couple of nifty gadgets for use with a JUUL, the Jumate charging case and the smart-looking JUUL wallet charger.

jumate pod refiller review

OK, so what can we expect from this one?

Without treating you all like idiots lol, we can expect – or at least hope – the Jumate refills JUUL pods – that simple!

Before I get into the review a disclaimer from the company who want to make it clear:

JUUL is the registered trademark of Juul Labs, Inc. Jumate is not associated with or sponsored by Juul Labs, Inc. Any reference to use of JUUL brand products or related trademarks, patents, and copyrights of JUUL Labs, Inc. are for identification of compatibility and informational purposes only.

Let’s hope there are no lawyers sniffing around 😉

The Jumate was sent to me free of charge from Vaporl for the purpose of this review – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions can’t be bought.

Inside the Box

jumate box

  • 1 x Refiller for Pods
  • 1 x 5pcs Oil Guiding Cotton
  • 1 x 2pcs empty JUUL style pods
  • 1 x 20pcs Cotton Swab
  • 1 x User Manual

jumate kit contents

I didn’t have any ‘guiding cotton’ in my box and can’t seem to find what they do anyway!

Key Features

As the title suggests this a device that refills closed JUUL and JUUL style pods. I have tried a few others, namely: the Apollo Brez – the SMOK Infinix 2 and the MOTI but none fit.

jumate juice port

The company says the kit is designed for JUUL and JUUL styled pods but you might get lucky with whatever pod kit you have and I would imagine they’ll eventually bring out a universal version – maybe!

The key feature is blatantly obvious – it refills JUUL pods which are closed lol.

How Many Times Can You Refill a JUUL Pod?

The company makes the bold claim that if you vape carefully enough, each JUUL pod and the pair in the box can be refilled between 5 and 10 times – we shall certainly take a look at that!

jumate pins

There’s no battery as this is operated through air-pressure that once the two pins pierce through the mouthpiece, allows the e-liquid to be forced into the pod chamber.

So does it do the job with no fuss and most importantly no leaking mess?

We shall see.

Design and Build Quality

It’s a handy little gizmo measuring 84 x 20 x 52mm and is made from ABS and PCTG and certainly looks quite smart and feels well made. And despite being plastic it certainly doesn’t feel cheap and nasty.

Design-wise it looks functional and wouldn’t look out of place in a kitchen or on desktop, and it kind of reminds me side on of those ‘pump up’ a baseball shoes back in the day!


You have an option of choosing a ‘special message’ written on the side of the device should you so wish – nice touch.

Not much more to say really – it is what it is!

How Do You Refill a JUUL pod with the Jumate?

OK, this is pretty much a performance and quick start guide!

To refill a pod you simply slide it in with the mouthpiece facing the two long pins inside the housing.

jumate loaded

Once clicked into place insert your e-liquid nozzle into the rubber port on the top of the device and fill to the MAX line. Don’t overfill as this can cause the system to clog.

using jumate

You then remove the pod and use the q-tips to clean the holes in the mouthpiece to remove any excess juice – you can find them in a handy little compartment under the rubber seal on top.

clean mouthpiece jumate

And that really is it – simple!

Checkout the video of the Jumate in action:

So Does the Jumate Do the Job?

Yes it does and very efficiently too.

Let’s put it this way as a typical bloke I never read instruction manuals and was able to work this one out no bother lol.

The pods fill really quickly so keep an eye on the fill level and despite having those cotton swabs I’ve yet to get any residue – but I use one nonetheless.

jumate pods
Jumate empty pods

The empty pods that come with the kit are decent enough flavour and vapour wise and I’ve ran nic salts and freebase e-liquid through them and found even an 80/20 VG PG Wick Liquor Contra filled up easy enough.

I will say using thinner consistency nic salts and runnier 50/50 VG PG juices, meant one squeeze of the juice bottle pretty much did the job – so don’t be heavy-handed!

Refilling JUUL Pods

I’ve had this nearly 3 weeks now and it’s been a while since I did the JUUL kit review.

Given I really didn’t like the flavour or vape off the pods – it took me a while to actually empty one lol.

But in the interest of science and vape reviewing, I eventually managed to empty one – tough job but someone has to do it 😉

juul and jumate pod
‘real’ JUUL pod and Jumate pod

OK, in all seriousness now, I used the JUUL Golden Tobacco pod and refilled it using Black Note Legato – a strong bold sturdy flavour that I hoped would mask any lingering bad taste.

The first few puffs soon cleared away the remnants and whilst not the best flavoursome vape I’ve had with that juice, it was surprisingly decent – and as you might expect it got better the more I refilled.

I managed 6 refills before I could tell the flavour had dipped – so not bad.

However with the 80/20 VG PG Contra – I only managed x4 refills before the flavour dropped considerably.

I know the JUUL pod isn’t really meant for thicker cloud chucking juices, but I wanted to see if I could eke more flavour out of those pods.

jumate cleaning port

Please note: should the needles become blocked press the rubber button on the side of the device to flush out excess juice. Clean needles regularly with warm water.

So yeah, if you’re a JUUL fan and are looking to not only eke out those pods – but try your favourite flavours – then yup, the Jumate does exactly what it says on the box – impressive!


  • Simple to use
  • Refills closed JUUL pods!
  • Mess and leak-free
  • Saves money on pods in the long run
  • The average for me was 5 to 7 refills
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only JUUL pod compatible – but hey not really a con!

Final Review Verdict

If you read my review of the JUUL you can see I was not impressed with the flavours.

However, the guys over at Jumate have given those like me the chance to experience a whole new vape off the JUUL and whilst the flavours aren’t popping – they are much much better. It’s still way underpowered as a device though…

I have kind of begun using the JUUL again – if only for this review, and whilst I’m still not a fan as I said adding your own e-liquid brings it back to life somewhat.

It’s a nifty little device that is not only a pod saver but a money saver too so well worth investing in.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Recommended ?
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  1. You can wash pods clean using a shotglass filled with the strongest Everclear you can get. One sealed jello shot glass treats several pods at once. Just put pod pieces in, fill with Everclear, snap lid on shake, wait for a while or a good few minutes, shake again, pour out, shake out or spin dry on a repurposed broken hard drive. Let air dry before refilling.


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