So what’s in the EcigClick team’s perfect Christmas vaping hampers I hear you ask..?

Quite a lot is the short answer, with everything from seasonal sub-ohm kits, naughty but nice nic salts, and yes even those stocking filler pod kits!

christmas vaping hampers whats in yours

Imagine the scene, here we are, all snug as bugs in a rug, snow bound in a cute Christmas log cabin…sounds bliss!

What have we got in our Christmas vaping hampers..?

Time to settle back with a mince pie or three, pour yourself a glass of the good stuff, and checkout what our awesome team of vape reviewers want when Santa empties his sack out all over them…eewww…smutty mentality of a naughty 8-year-old boy me lol.

Michelle – “Wants Stuffing”…Sage and Onion That Is!!!

Our Neil (Humber) sent me the question…

Christmas Vaping Hampers – What’s In Yours?

Christmas Vaping Hampers xmas 2020 Shell

That made my mind boggle a bit!

I had to put all sorts of filth out of my mind about what I would like Santa to give me which was non vaping, but I will show some restraint!

I have to say I would be really really lost without reliable MTL kits.

Since finally stopping smoking in June 2019 I am still HAMMERING the nic salts. At the moment am down to 11mg but I am vaping a lot.

Therefore the best kits and those which are permanently attached to some part of me are my Innokin Sceptres – plus of course could I have 300 boxes of 1.2ohm coils too – just to make sure…

I would like several skip fulls of CrazyCloudzzz CrazySaltzzz Bubblegum. I assure you all those “ZZZ”ss do not denote this is dull and sleepy.

Christmas Vaping Hampers innokin sceptre
Innokin Sceptre – love them x

In fact this is the best flavour I have ever had from an E-liquid. If I was to choose a high VG liquid I would choose either Stika Bombz Fruit Salad or IVG Bubblegum Millions – so you can see the sweetie theme I have going.

The guy who created the Crazysaltzzz has a new range of Candy flavours I would love to try – Drumsticks, Fruit Salad, Bubblegum and Wham Bars all talk to my sweet tooth in such a sweet fashion.

Santa Please Have Something BIG For Me In Your Sack…

I barely use DTL kits at the moment as I love my MTL vaping so much but if you were to twist my arm (it wouldn’t hurt – I am double jointed) but the following kits would be included…

Augvape Foxy One mod – this is very pretty and I always favour Grey or Gunmetal devices. Failing that a pretty rainbow colour is always ace too.

Another single battery mod I like is the Lost Vape Grus which does look very pretty in some colours.

The ThinkVape Auxo DNA250C mod is another I quite fancy although it would be totally wasted on me faffing about MTL on 20W!

thinkvape dnac 250W

Voopoo seem to have got their game on too – I fancy any of the new Drags – Drag S, Drag X or Max and love the Argus X and Argus Pro kits too.

The huge range of PnP coils really appeals to me as you are bound to find one you like – if not you could even build your own on the RBA!

One thing I would like is a good MTL stock coil tank. So far the ones I have tried have not been able to beat my Sceptres or Freemax Maxpod for flavour. But I would like to use my mods at some point which are redundant on the shelf for the rare DTL vapefest.

I genuinely am struggling (dodgy hands innit) with building so RTA are out of the question. I am constantly using pod mods so would really like a tank which gives the flavour my Sceptre does. Are you listening Innokin – MAKE ME A SCEPTRE TANK!!

I think all of us deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back for getting through this horrible year – thankfully for me at least 2019 was actually worse than the 2020 shitshow! Let’s hope 2021 brings a better time for us all.

Merry Christmas – love and peace – Sage and Onion etc!


Innokin Sceptre Kit
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Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Christmas Vaping Hampers – Will Jameson – Vaping Like A Lord!

It’s been a weird year, and now that I’m stuck in Tier 4 a vaping Christmas hamper would be just the thing to get me through!

First you’ve got to have your essentials!

will christmas vaping hampers

I’d pack in a load of cotton bacon on the bottom (also gives everything some nice padding) and then a half dozen roles of VandyVape’s microfine fused clapton in SS, my go-to for mouth to lung wire!

On top of that I’d pack a selection of Ohm Boy’s eliquid, lots of their 50/50 bottles for my mouth to lung, and some of their tasty volume 2 shortfills for when I want some clouds.

I’m a big fan of free vaping T-shirt’s that I’ve picked up (or had thrown at me) from expos, not so much this year! So a load of those to keep my wardrobe in tip top shape!

Maybe now it’s Christmas they should branch out in to beanies and hoodies to help me stay warm… or vape socks? That’s more traditional.

Though with all the PPE and masks being needed this year, someone should come up with an all in one vaping mask? Like a military gas mask, except you can have a vape without having to take it off…for those rare trips outside.

Micrashell vape sex suit
There’s a full protective vape suit that you can also wear for safe sex mate lol… Happy Christmas ha! [Neil H]
Finally, since it’s my fantasy vaping Christmas hamper, I’d have a new Creavap pipe mod in there.

So on Christmas morning I can put on my slippers and dressing gown, treat myself to a bucks fizz, and vape like a sir!


Ohm Boy E-Liquid
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Christmas Vaping Hampers – Neil Cozens – Stuck In A Log Cabin With ‘Yule’…

“Oh the weather outside is frightful but my top five vapes are delightful…”

Good ‘ole Ecigclick!

I review for them all year round and this is how I get repaid?

Christmas vaping hampers log cabin
artistic representation of Neil Cozens’ log cabin

Stuck in a bloody log cabin in the middle of nowhere, that’s how! With no signs of life outside thanks to pre determined blizzard conditions.

Oh.. and it seems Santa can’t reach me either. Someone needs to seriously tech old beardy up with a mobile phone.

Luckily I’ve come prepared. Who needs food and warmth when you’ve gathered together some of your favourite vaping devices?

Mmm. Food and warmth.

Got to look on the bright side. This vaping kit not only represents reliability and functionality but also what I consider to offer superb flavour reproduction.

Hopefully that’ll help stave off any hunger pangs until I can break out of here.

Right! Time to draw the rocking chair up to the log fire and… log fire. That recessed thing in the middle of the cabin with dry logs on the hearth.

Matches. Where are my matches?

I’ve been vaping for almost seven years! Why would I need matches?

Maybe the heat from the vape devices will keep my hands warm? A pair of gloves would do the same but they weren’t included in this snowy scenario!

Cheers, Ecigclick! Lol

Inside My Vaping Christmas Hampers Essentials

So what’s inside my Christmas hamper of vaping essentials? A small collection of my favourite review items of 2020.

You know, the year where everyone was told to stay inside? Like I’ve even been given an option right now.

Stone cold irony.

Frost bitten if I’m honest.

As bitter as the weather outside? Me? Nah never. lol

So instead of turning into a Scrooge fan boy let’s take a look at what I consider to be the top 5 vapes of 2020. (Cue Top Of The Pops theme music)

5 Joyetech Exceed Grip Plus

Joyetech Exceed Grip Plus Hand check

Back in July I was blown away by the Joyetech Exceed Grip Plus.

Not only by the aesthetic qualities (side loading pod) but the ability of the chip to automatically read the correct parameters of the bundled MTL and direct lung EZ plug and play coils.

The Pod is leak proof and the 0.4ohm EZ coil offer amazing flavour reproduction.

The external 18650 battery lasts for days on end when using this coil too!

The Joyetech Exceed Grip plus is the only pod system of 2020 that I believe to have an effective sliding adjustable airflow system. A very impressive device.

Recommended to current pod device users.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

4 Dovpo Odin Mini

Dovpo Odin Mini Hand check

This was my first ever experience with the EVOLV DNA chipset and oh boy! Did I have some fun with the E-scribe software.

It’s certainly a learning curve but once I grasped the basics of this single external battery device, it brought new meaning to the word versatility.

The colour screen is pin sharp, there’s excellent battery venting and the menu functions are very easy to navigate.

It’s also one of the lightest mods I’ve used.

With a maximum output of 75W it’s an ideal fit for single coil RDA/RTA fans and more than sufficient for a large range of sub ohm tanks.

Above all, the Dovpo Odin Mini hits like a train especially when coupled with a 21700 battery.

The DNA board provides excellent battery monitoring and I can quite happily vape right up to the point the battery goes the way of the Dodo.

Recommended to intermediate/advanced vapers.

Worldwide Shipping

3 Aspire Rover 2 Kit

Aspire Rover 2 kit hand check

In February I got the chance to review the Aspire Rover 2 Kit.

Despite adding a mere 10W of power over its predecessor the X30 Rover kit, it came with a new XS sub ohm mesh coil for use with the included Nautilus XS tank.

Nothing could prepare me for the experience I received!

The 0.7ohm XS mesh coil delivered a “powerhouse” of flavour consistently across a range of wattage and airflow settings.

As well as being immaculately designed the Aspire Rover 2 Kit is incredibly lightweight and pocket friendly.

The screen display is clear and crisp and the Nautilus XS tank proves to be leakproof – always a major plus.

The type C USB comes into its own for speed of charging and exemplary battery life can be achieved with the Aspire Rover 2 kit.

Recommended to new vapers.

Worldwide Shipping

2 Geekvape Aegis Pod Mod

Touted as the first IP67 rated type C charging device to hit the vaping industry, the Geekvape Aegis Pod mod flips adjustable airflow in favour of a steady 18W of power via kanthal mesh coils.

Measuring 88.1mm in height and weighing a mere 73g the pod is extremely comfortable to hold thanks to the Geekvape proprietary stitched padded leather outer.

Featuring an internal 800mAH battery it’s possible to achieve around five hours continuous use.

The type C charging also means the pod mod is never any longer than 30 minutes away from a complete charge.

Flavour from the kanthal mesh coils out performs some of the more powerful pod mods on the market and I found it to be completely leak free.

Recommended to new vapers and those who already own pod systems.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

1 Vaporesso Barr Pod Kit

Vaporesso Barr Pod Kit hand check

In September I reviewed the Vaporesso Barr Pod kit.

I think it only took a few hours to start believing this unassuming little stick could be my contender for device of the year.

Why do I say that?

It’s just like starting over and going back to the first few months of vaping. About the recognition Vaporesso have given the new vaper, struggling to ditch cigarettes.

It’s about their understanding of simplicity and the role it plays in making that transition successfully.

So the Vaporesso Barr pod kit is as light as, the same size as and functions as – yes you guessed it! (No Christmas prizes I’m afraid! lol).

That was one of the key reasons for giving it first place in my Christmas hamper.

Others include the auto draw feature which works a treat and (dare I write) an extremely accurate mouth to lung vape.

It makes the Vaporesso Barr an excellent device when it comes to emulating the draw from a cig.

If that wasn’t enough the flavour reproduction from the 1.2ohm mesh coil is fantastic given the maximum output of 13W.

Type C charging is the icing on this Christmas cake!

Perfect for the transitioning vaper.

UK – Best Price
Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

A Merry Christmas To You All!

Looks like the snow is easing up. I’ve checked the door and if I push hard enough I think I can squeeze through.

You know what?

Think I’ll have a few more vapes on my favourite set ups. It’s been a tough year for everyone. We’ve all had to isolate in some form or another.

To be honest, writing this has made me realise it’s actually been a very good year for vape product releases.

So cheers, everyone! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Another year off the cigs and another year healthier.

Christmas PicSo what’s in your vaping Christmas hamper this year?

Let us know in the comments below!

Neil C

Gaz aka the Flatcap Vaper – A Very Merry Molicell!

If I were snowed in a log cabin, with no means of escape I think my vape essentials would probably be more important than clothing or food!

Most importantly for me would be batteries and a charger.

gaz the flatcap vaper christmas vaping hampers

Four Molicell P26a 18650 batteries and a pair of Molicell P42a 21700’s along with my trusty Xtar VC8.

You can’t vape much without battery power and I’m not the biggest fan of internal battery devices.

Next up, an Oumier Bulk RTA with enough of Darkstar’s Code Red E-Liquid to bathe in. No, I’m not actually going to bathe in it, I just get through a lot.

The Bulk sits beautifully atop a very special dual battery mod I was sent this year by Vapesmarter – she’s called Magus and its a wonderful device to use and its became a device which I am very fond of.

dream vape set up gaz the flatcap vaper

Next up I’d have my new favorite MTL Setup, The Wotofo Cog RTA on the Ultroner Alieno. Filled with Got Salt’s Peachy Passion. A sweet fruity peach and passionfruit. 10mg of course.

To keep me going I’ll need my trusty Coilmaster Tool Kit, a few packs of Cotton Gods Cotton, a set of Proper Coils MTL Claptons and some Series Aliens.

That’ll do me lovely.

With a year full of uncertainty, stress and doubt, I hope you can all find some joy in this time of year and have a chance to enjoy Christmas however possible.

I wish all the Ecigclick team, its readers and anyone who contributes to the vaping community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wotofo Cog RTA
UK Shipping Option
Rest Of World – Free Shipping With Code ECIGCLICK Or Free DHL Shipping With Spends over $75

Christmas Vaping Hampers – Neil H – CBD and Plenty Of Christmas ‘Greenery’…

Being stuck in a log cabin would, if I’m honest, be absolute bliss anytime let alone at Christmas.

I’ve lived alone for close to 5 years and worked at home for well over 15 years, so quite used to the solitary life…just open the bloody pubs!!!

Neil H Santa
I missed playing Father Christmas this year [I’m in the middle BTW lol]
Pfft…COVID my arse…he said in his usual Neil Bah Humbug grumpy style lol…

So what would I like in my personalized Christmas vaping hamper delivered of course by my ideal Mrs Claus…

First up the Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer and given there’s plenty of greenery around under the snow – ahem – I’ll be seeing more than Santa and his reindeer…totally chilled out too lol.

Speaking of the big man, I’d also pop a load of CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies in the hamper. That dude works his ass off on Christmas Eve, and these should help his aches and pains and of course well being lol. So a few of those with a glass of scotch left out should be a much needed tasty treat. Good for me as well for a boost when I go off on a wintry hike 😉

Vape wise I wouldn’t go anywhere without a couple of my Uwell Caliburn G pod kits – bloody amazing vape off those and flavour to die for!

And for the juice inside – definitely the Jungle Juice Red Lagoon for some flavoursome Christmas clouds and the awesome SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts – lovely stuff!

CBD christmas gift guide

I’d definitely have to pop in a few bottles of CBD e-liquid.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing loads of CBD products, brands and flavours over the years, however I’d definitely opt for two, the CBDfx vape juice and the Love Hemp CBD E-liquid– both very tasty sets of flavours indeed.

augvape foxy one mod druga rta
matched with the Augvape Druga RTA

And finally, the Augvape Foxy One mod topped with the Augvape Druga RTA is my current sub ohm set-up and looks like it may be well into the New Year!

Augvape Foxy One
Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Speaking of which…let’s hope 2021 sees an end to this lockdown madness…and as for Christmas 2021?

It’s over to John and Yoko:

christmas vaping hampers john and yoko


So what’s in your ideal Christmas Vaping Hampers?

Do let us know in the comments below…

Neil H

and finally…Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year To You All!

On a serious note…I can be lol…

From Jonny…myself and all of us here at EcigClick…have a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year…

ecigclick merry christmas 12 days of vaping

This has been the 10th year of EcigClick – time flies lol – and thank you ALL for your continued support – here’s to the next 10!!!

ecigclick vape reviews logo
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