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**This Kit Has Been Discontinued**

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If you are looking for a small e cigarette then we recommend taking a look at the Epuffer Magnum Snaps and the Vapour2 Cigs starter kits. Both very good products.

Apollo have been involved with the manufacture and production of electronic cigarettes since the beginning and actually own their own research/development and manufacturing facilities. Originally supplying the US market they are now available in the UK.

There are a number of different types of e cig kit on offer from Apollo but we decided to start with a review of their entry level kit or the Apollo ‘Standard’ kit. Lets take a closer look..

apollo starter kit in the boxIn The Box

The presentation box looks the part, branding is good and it comes with a magnetic flap closing mechanism.

Inside the box was the following:

2 X Batteries (one manual and one automatic)
1 X PCC (Portable Charging Case)
5 x Cartomisers
1 X Charger

Battery / Responsiveness

apollo standard kit reviewThe Standard kit comes with two batteries, you get to choose between black/ white and automatic/manual or one of each.

The manual battery has a button on the side that needs to be pressed to activate whereas the automatic battery is activated simply by taking a drag.

Both batteries do a good job but I like the way the manual heats up the e-liquid prior to taking a drag, this just makes for a marginally better vape than the automatic.

The batteries themselves are good quality and have a nice feel in the hand, they are 180mAh capacity and I was getting approx 1.5 hour of use before needing to re-charge. This is pretty normal for this size of mini e cigarette.


The main plus point of the standard kit is that it comes with a portable charging case or as it is often referred as, a PCC.

Apollo ppcThis case not only allows you to carry around two batteries and 5 cartomisers but it will charge one battery at a time as well.

This is great if you are on the move a lot and don’t always have access to a power point or computer to charge up your batteries.

The PCC needs charging itself but once you have done this it will charge around 5 batteries before needing a re-charge.

The case is nice and solid and comes with a handy digital battery meter on the front that lets you know how much power the case has left.

The best way to use the case is to charge it up over night so it’s ready for use the following day, get into this routine and you won’t have too many problems with running out of battery power.

Overall – The batteries and PCC are both good quality and perform well. The options you are given on the Apollo website are also good allowing you to tailor your batteries to suit your needs.


This Apollo standard starter kit comes with 5 cartomisers. There are again a number of options you can choose, the good thing I found here, and something apollo e cigarette cartomisernot many of the other e cig companies offer, is the option to choose empty cartomisers so you can use an e-liquid of your choice.

If you are brand new to vaping this may not seem too important at first but it will in time be a good option to have.

The other options are obviously the flavours, you can choose from 5 different e liquid flavours or if you want to try them all you can opt for the variety pack.

This is what I went for, it contains cherry, tobacco, vanilla, cherry, coffee and menthol. The last option is the nicotine strength, I went for the medium 12mg strength but you can opt for 0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 16mg.

apollo flavoured refillsAs the flavours go on a whole they were good, the tobacco is good and provides both a nice throat hit and vapour volume, the cherry is a touch on the sweet side and while it gives a decent vapour volume there is not much of a throat hit.

The vanilla comes through well, it surprised me in the fact that I actually liked it which I can’t say for many of the vanilla flavours I have tried.

Again though the throat hit is not really there with this flavour but the vapour volume is. The coffee tastes more like one of the coffee flavoured chocolates rather than a coffee drink so to speak and was my least favourite of all the cartomiser flavours.

apollo standard kit reviewLast but not least was the menthol which was decent, not the best I have tried but definitely ‘vapeable’.

It was smooth on the draw and left a cool ice aftertaste.

The replacement cartomisers come in a pack of 5 which is about right when compared to other brands but I would recommend buying blank cartomisers and experimenting with the e-liquid they have on offer.

They have a lot bigger selection of flavours when you buy it in bottles.

Overall – I enjoyed all but the coffee flavour cartomiser, the throat hit varied from flavour to flavour but it was decent with the tobacco as was the vapour volume. Another plus point was the availability of blank cartomisers so you can fill yourself with any e-liquid

Discount Codes

We have an exclusive Apollo e cigarette discount code that offers 10% off all purchases!

Customer Service

Apollo can be contacted by phone or email and they are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Returns / Warranty

Liberty A 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty. Please check out the Apollo website for full details.


For those new to electronic cigarettes then the Apollo Standard e cig kit is a good choice. The product feels quality and the inclusion of the PCC will ensure you should always have a battery charged and ready to go.

The option to use blank cartomisers with an e-liquid of your choosing may not be something you opt to use initially but it gives you flexibility when you become a more experienced vaper.

For me Vapour2 Cigs and the Epuffer Magnum Snaps kits are some of the best e cigarettes in the UK and still ahead of Apollo but if you were to opt for this Standard e cig starter kit then you won’t be disappointed.


I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. We have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 100 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! I'm available on the blog most days, if you have any questions just use the contact tab and I'll get right back to you! Vape on...


  1. I have no complaints about this product when it comes to the cartomisers, however be careful as they list two classic tobacco tastes varieties, and I bought one and it was vile, however my gripe is with the customer service. Placed an order on the Monday, a full week later after sending several mails, they cancelled my order as they no longer had the items in stock that I had ordered.

    However during the week I got emails stating they were out of the office and would send the next day, next day came and went, and nothing, the next day they told me they were moving offices, and then finally one week later I get an email stating they had cancelled it. As I am Australia this meant I now had to order from the US instead, and missed out on their sale due to the Apollo UK complete stuff up. So if you are overseas and need to order, go for the US site, they have never messed up and shipping has always been the next day.

  2. Apollo is truly a brilliant product, but let me introduce my “smoking credentials” first.

    I started smoking at University, about 28 years ago. Initially I smoked WINSTON cigs, moved on to Marlboro Red, later on to Marlboro Lights and over the last few years I smoked mainly John Player Special Blues [8mg]. I never really smoked more than 20 a day on average, plus a couple of pipes in the evenings, after dinner. My pipe smoking was mainly Patterson’s of Dublin.

    I can safely say that for me smoking hasn’t been just a nicotine addiction thing. I do enjoy smoking, end of story!

    However, a number of limitations have encouraged me to look forward to a change towards safer smoking, modern smoking, perhaps the future of smoking as a safer personal and social activity, which brings us to the discussion of APOLLO.

    I must say I have used this Review Site only as I felt it was the best around and after much consideration, I short-listed my options to V2 and APOLLO. In the end I picked APOLLO because of:

    1. Overall price [batteries, kits, etc.];
    2. APOLLO manufacture strategy, i.e., they make everything in-house and control the whole production process, in the USA. It is American and as expected it is very… very good;
    3. The source of their nicotine production, in pre-filled cartomizers and E-Liquids is solely USA based. Again, it is American and it really is very good and very safe;
    4. When assembled, APOLLO Standard Kit e-cig is almost the same in size to a normal King Size cigarette;
    5. The PCC [Portable Charging Case] looks like a standard cigarette packet and goes easily in the shirt pocket;
    6. I wrote to V2 and APOLLO Customer Service and APOLLO was the only who replied with advice, Very friendly.

    I ordered their Standard Kit, which arrived very quickly and I was impressed. The box looks good, it feels good quality, presentation and finishing is very good. Inside, the box is well put together and because it shuts with a magnetic flap, you can use it for storage of bits and pieces.

    Inside, the PCC [Portable Charging Case] shouts “Quality” all over. It is rock solid, opens like a normal cigarette packet to show a special moulded foam to house two batteries [the second slot from the left is the one to charge one of the batteries], as well as slots to hold 5 cartomizers. This is great if like me, you like to keep a few blank cartomizers filled with your favourite E-Juices, ready to use. If you refer factory filled cartomizers, well… Put them in the 5 slots inside the PCC.

    The PCC has a soft rubber coat finish, the quality is truly excellent.

    The E-cig components tell the story about how APOLLO invests in quality. It just shows!!! Batteries look and feel rock solid and well put together, the finish is smooth and the white colour [I chose the white version rather than the black] matches the cartomizer white colour. But the cartomizer is a matt finish, whilst the batteries have a satin sheen. The cartomizer screws into the battery, so the joint shows up as a fine gold line around the fully assembled E-Cig. It looks very smart.

    Now the important bit, what it feels like. The APOLLO e-cig produces a thick smoke, a really nice throat hit, but not to the point of being uncomfortable and inhaling feels full and satisfying in your lungs. This is actually crucial because it makes you feel you are smoking the real thing. APOLLO, I must add, know what they are doing here, definitely. And they made sure the E-cig smoke fills your lungs and feel satisfying, because this is important for almost every smoker I know of, including me.

    APOLLO makes excellent E-Juice in nicotine strengths which range from 6MG through 12MG, 18MG and a high 24MG.

    Now E-Juice is a very important factor and I personally feel safer if my nicotine juice is made in the USA, basically because I know the USA has a much better quality standard as a country than, say, China.

    The choice of flavour is obviously very personal, so I can only share my own preferences. I use E-juice bottles and fill APOLLO blank cartomizers. Each cartomizer can be re-used up to 5 times and takes up to 15 to 20 drops of E-Juice. You will find the instructions in the kit, on how to fill the cartomizers. It is dead simple.

    It is cheaper to use blank cartomizers and bottles of nicotine E-Juices and more importantly, it allows me to fine-tune the flavours. APOLLO flavours are absolutely excellent on their own, I use Vanilla, RY4, Classic Tobacco, Sahara and Tobacco, but I also really like to mix different flavours in the cartomizer. Here are a few:

    1. 10 drops of RY4 and 10 drops Vanilla, wonderfully Canadian Tobacco class, not really sweet or sickening, just a nice hint of sweetness, a smooth combination I enjoy in the evenings at home, after dinner.

    2. 10 drops Classic Tobacco, 5 drops RY4 and 5 drops Vanilla; this is a great everyday, all day favourite.

    3. 10 drops Classic Tobacco and 10 drops Sahara, brings a middle-east tobacco flavour experience, stronger in taste, leaving a delicious after-taste.

    It is fun to experiment with the different flavours and like me, you will find your own preferences and comfort zone.

    Do I still smoke normal fags?… Nope! Not one! Do I plan to stop smoking altogether? Nope! Not me because I actually enjoy smoking.

    Did the transition from normal cigs to e-cigs cause anxiety, withdrawal symptoms or any other undesirable effects. Nope! Not even for a split second! But I advise you to check what is the nicotine strength you usually smoke your normal cigarettes and when ordering E-Juice, go for the strength above that of your normal cigarettes if you have no match in nicotine strength. Let me explain:

    I smoked JPS Blue normal cigarettes, which are 8MG nicotine strength. When I ordered my APOLLO Kit, I ordered 6MG e-juices and 12MG juices, since I had no exact match to my normal cigarettes nicotine strength. And I found that 12MG APOLLO E-juice is better, as 6MG would be too much below what I am used to when I smoked my JPS Blues.

    The result is a trouble-free transition to E-Smoking APOLLO and I now fully enjoy it as much or even more than normal cigarettes, but without the carcinogens present is real tobacco.

    I love my APOLLO, it is easy, clean, no ash. It is OK to smoke in the car as well, no awful cigarette smoke in the car, no ash or burning the seats by accident, no hassle throwing the butt away while driving at speed.

    At home, I can now smoke in the living room, instead of being exiled in the kitchen.

    Thanks to APOLLO, I am a much happier smoker now.

  3. After seeing my brother showing off his Skycig kit and having a couple of draws on it i got the bug. I then proceeded to scour the internet doing research and landed here at Ecigclick.

    One thing i didn’t like about the Skycig was the inability to refill or buy blanks for it whereas the Apollo had the same swanky cigarette pack looking PCC and did offer refill options.
    My head was seriously turned by the Jacvapour V1P and all of its plus points, but the fact that its PCC was quite limited in what it would hold and it didn’t look like a cigarette case eventually made me click “checkout” on the Apollo site. (I was obviously hooked on the fag packet look and couldn’t see past it!!)

    I placed the order for the starter kit in white on a friday afternoon approx. 1pm, standard Royal Mail delivery and whoosh…10.30 the next morning, hello Mr Postman and I’m ready to go.

    I tried all of the carts (ordered the variety pack) at once. Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla the best. The Menthol is ok and the Tobacco was, well, not what I was expecting but it would do as a back up. The free Disposable in Cherry was very good also.

    Batteries and PCC
    The batteries don’t last that long before they need recharging but this is the norm for mini ecigs.
    The PCC however is a very nice piece of kit and does a wonderful job of keeping you going as long as you have it fully charged overnight. Great rubberised finish. Beware that the white PCC will pick up marks on the corners from pockets and car cubbyholes and its quite difficult to remove them. Shame you have to accept the matching colours of ecigs to PCC at the ordering stage. Would be nice to have the option to mix and match the colours.

    I ordered an automatic and a manual battery.
    The automatic with the blue LED works fine, but I found that the manual with the orange LED is brilliant and is the way to go here, i always end up preferring the manual as you seem to get a better draw from it.
    I did find with both, more with the automatic though, that i was slightly blocking the air holes between battery and cart, when dragging as there seems to be not enough resistance on the suck in.
    It always looks like I am playing the recorder now when using them as i am moving fingers around trying to reduce the airflow!!

    It didn’t take too long before the carts started losing their vapour volume and taste and I couldn’t say whether that was just the way they were or whether it was down to me and my new found “habit”
    It is rather difficult comparing volume and duration of vaping compared to actual smoking cigarettes.

    By the Tuesday of the following week things where getting low and I decided to purchase a 5 pack of blank carts and some juice from Apollo.
    Two 30ml bottles, Coffee and Tobacco and the blanks were ordered and once again, standard royal mail, ordered in the afternoon and through the letterbox the next day. Any despondencies i had about the carts running out rather too soon was removed with the amazing delivery service.

    Soon i was filling my first cart, as per instructions of 15-20 drops. After waiting a few minutes for it to soak through i “lit up”
    Amazing tasty coffee flavour, tons of vapour, here we go, this is what we want.

    Within 30 drags or so the flavour started going dull along with the vapour volume and i realised i was back in for a refill.
    Suddenly the realisation dawned on me that the blanks were good for 5 refills or so, 30 odd drags a refill and the disappointment was back.
    I have been refilling like a trooper ever since and have even resorted to refiling my old variety carts that came with the kit.

    Smoking Habits
    My smoking habits have completely changed and I have only smoked a dozen cigarettes in the past 3 weeks. I didn’t move to Ecigs to give up I did it as they are a healthier and cheaper option and in that respect its 100% success.

    The Apollo Starter kit looks great and does work. The cost is so-so but the delivery and customer service is exceptional.
    I think that if you are a moderate and above smoker you will find that it dosent quite cut the mustard and you, as I am now, will be longing for that little bit more.
    If you are a light to moderate smoker then I believe that the Apollo kit may well work for you.

    I am now awaiting delivery of a Jacvapour Crystal Mini and so so wished that i had gone for my other choice right at the beginning of my research that was staring me straight in the face, the Jacvapour V1P


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