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Escape e cigs (or vapourettes as they call them) are a new brand to hit the Uk e cig market and one that we hadn’t previously come across until we were contacted by them to take carry out a review of their product. The website and setup all looks very professional, lets see if the product also fits the bill!

In the box / Presentation

The Escape Vapourette kit we received for review was the Executive which included the following:

  • 2 x Rechargeable batteries
  • Portable Charging Case (PCC)
  • 10 x Cartomisers
  • USB Charger
  • Mains Charger


The Escape Executive comes with 2 batteries finished in white, the batteries themselves have a good quality feel to them with a smooth coating that is nice to handle. If you have read any of my previous cig-a-like reviews, especially with e cigs similar in size to this one, then you will have heard me mention that battery life isn’t great. The Escape e cig isn’t any different, once the battery had been through 2/3 cycles I was getting around 1 – 1.5 hours use before needing to re-charge.

escape e cig size comparison

This isn’t a great battery life by any means but it’s something that you will have to expect if you want to keep the size to a minimum. There is nothing wrong of course with e cigs this size, I started my e cig journey with a cig-a-like and still to this day take one out with me when I don’t want a big clumpy device.

I see them as a very important product that makes the transition from cigarette that little bit easier and more familiar. I digress though! Yes the battery life is poor, as mentioned, the real plus point with the Escape Executive kit is that it comes with a PCC, or portable charging case for long, something we will take a look at next.


escape vapourette e cig kitThe PCC as mentioned is short for portable charging case. This does exactly what it says on the tin, it charges your batteries without having to be tethered to a power point. For this type of mini e cig I think this is an essential piece of kit.

The PCC allows you to carry a full e cig, a spare battery on charge and 3 extra cartomisers. It also allows around 4 full charges of a battery before the PCC itself will need re-charging. This should be more than enough for most vapers to see them through a working day or a night out.

The case itself is around the same size as a 20 pack of cigs and again has a nice smooth finish to it that is nice in the hand and allows it slip in and out of your pocket easily.

Overall – Now while the build quality is there it has to be said the batteries on their own don’t perform that well. This is to be expected with small e cigs like this though, as long as you have the PCC as a back up then you shouldn’t have too many issues here. Just be sure to get into a routine of keeping everything charged.

Vapour / Flavour

The Escape Executive kit comes with 2 packs of cartomisers, each containing 5 refills. Again these have been finished in the same way as the batteries to keep the smooth handle throughout. While I got the Virginia Tobacco and Cherry flavours they do give you an option of choosing from their 8 flavours on offer most of which also have an option on nicotine strength from 0mg to 24mg.escape e cig cartomiser battery

Escape E Cig PCCI like that escape give you the chance to choose your own flavour, a plus point there for sure. Onto the flavours themselves and they are OK, they are pretty much the same as other branded kits I have tried. The Cherry is quite a sweet one but very vapeable and the Virgin Tobacco does a good job of replicating a rolling tobacco. Both provide a decent vapour volume.

Are there better flavours out there? For my personal tastes yes for sure but as a starting point for someone new to electronic cigarettes it’s not a bad offering.

The cartomiser refills are available to buy in packs of 5 with the option of reducing that price if you buy 4 or more. I would say they are on the expensive side when compared with other e cig products but they are good value.

Overall – The Virgin Tobacco and Cherry flavours were just OK for me. I have been spoilt for choice though with the amount of e-liquids I have tried. If I were to have tried these without trying anything else then I’m sure I would be happy with them.


Escape do have confidence in their products, so much so they off a no questions asked refund on starter kits even if you have used it. There is a £5 restocking fee though. They also have a good warranty more of which can be found on the website.

Customer Service

Escape have a freephone number to contact customer services as well as being available via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Discount Codes

When a discount code becomes available we will post it here.

Overall – Final Verdict

Is this a new product to the e cig market that we haven’t seen before? Well, no…. It’s certainly nothing new in terms of e cig kits, we have seen them before in similar offerings from the likes of SKYCIG, Apollo E Cigs and previously ROK Universal. Does mean they are poor? No… They all do a job and have their market you just need to be aware of the limitations.

The Escape Executive e cig kit is overall a decent product that is built well and for the new user market does a good job.

As mentioned though there are limitations.

For example, if you were to start with their entry level kit moderate to heavy smokers will have an issue with battery life so while this is a good option to give the e cig a try, if you like it you will need to buy more batteries and a PCC as soon as you decide this is for you or re-charging that one battery multiple times a day will soon become a chore. This could very easily see you stop using e cigs.

So to sum up…. If you must have a small electronic cigarette then be prepared for lots of battery charging if you don’t have a PCC. However, if you have the right kit and enough batteries and you get into a routine of charging this is a decent kit to start with.

If you are on the fence about the size, then it does of course go without saying, go for an e cig with a bigger battery. Especially if you are a heavy smoker, a vape pen type device would be better suited.

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  1. Ok cigarette size e-cigs have a limited battery life due to their size, but for me it beats walking around with an e-cig that looks like a bong, even if the battery lasts for days.

    I work from home so charging my batteries at my computer is no problem with the Escape USB charger, and if I am away from the office I just take 2 batteries with me to last the whole day.

    I have tried all of the big brands and the battery life is the same as Escape, the difference is Escape refills are available in a wider range of flavours and five different nicotine strengths, they are also far cheaper than the big brands.


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