The Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid is a new 80W ‘box’ pod mod from a relatively high-end and popular vape company.

Though I probably shouldn’t call it a ‘box’ because that is in no way an official title, we’ll get to my opinions later.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod

Lost Vape was founded in 2014 by Frank Guo with the mantra “unique, high-end devices, designed with functionality, beauty, and ease of use in mind”.

Lost Vape claims that 2018 was “the year of the vape pod system”. That’s pretty much where this pod boom began, I suppose. It was also in 2018 that Lost Vape started to get noticed in a big way.

The Orion DNA GO was the first pod system to have the popular DNA chipset. This caught a lot of attention, the device was very popular and it put Lost Vape straight into the ‘limelight’ at the start of the pod uprising.

It didn’t stop there for Lost Vape, they’ve had an ever lasting respect ever since.

I personally have only ever used the Lost Vape Lyra, which I really didn’t like and the Lost Vape Prana, that one was better, in fact the title of that video review was “Lost Vape Parna, better than I expected.

What To Expect From The Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid

The first thing that stands out to me is, the Gemini Hybrid comes with a 510 connection adapter.

Although most Pod Mods have a 510 adapter available, very few (if any) come with the kit.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod 510 adapter

This little beast take a single 18650 and powers anywhere between 5w and 80w (in increments of 0.5w).

The device has a 0.96” colour TFT Screen, which looks great.

It also comes in 9 different designs, which all look great, between them then is sure to be at least one that you will like.

This device is definitely designed to be an All In One Device. I’m my experience, AIO devices seem to cater more for one style of vaping or the other, the styles being Mouth To Lung or Direct To Lung.

Reading though what Lost Vape say about themselves, they have user experience as a top priority, that sounded better the first time you read it, until you realize, that’s what every designer and manufacture does…

So I’m going to be nailing down on this.

For the ‘best user experience’ it has to feel good in the hand, be easy (as well as simple) to operate and of course have a good vapour and flavour production.

To get top marks it’s also going to have to be able to perform great for MTL as well as DTL.

Watch Harley’s Video Review

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Inside The Box

  • 1x Gemini Hybrid Kit
  • 1x Pod
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x 0.2ohm Mesh (UB M4) Coil
  • 1x 1.0ohm (UB MTL) coil
  • 1x 510 Adaptor
  • 1x (Additional) 510MTL Drip tip
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

Lost Vape also sent me the 0.3ohm UB M1 Coil and the 0.6ohm UB M3 Coil as well as the Ultra Boost RBA.


  • Size: 81.4 x 48 x 23mm
  • Weight: 155g
  • Battery: External 18650
  • Power Range: 5W – 80W (0.5W increments)
  • Resistance Range: 0.12- 5ohm
  • Screen: 0.96” Colour TFT
  • Body Material: Zinc Alloy


  • Changeable Theme (screen) colour
  • RBA Available
  • 510 Adapter Included
  • MTL and DTL Ready
  • Adjustable Airflow (Built onto coil)
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Compatible with Ultra Boost Coils
  • Short Curcuit Protection
  • Over-time Protection (10s)
  • Overheat Protection (10s)
  • Overcharge Protection (10s)

Design & Build Quality

The Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Mod

At the beginning of the introduction, I referred to the mod as a ‘box’ pod mod, that was purely on the basis of it being a box.

In fact if you look at it and ignore the banding it looks very similar to what a very small VooPoo Drag would look like.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod

On reflection it is pretty much a small box mod.

It weighs approximately 200g with the battery in, and in comparison to other pod mod systems, it’s not small, although compared to actual box mods, it’s not big either.

It doesn’t have a very ergonomic grip, the edges of the device are only very lightly chamfered and the sides are flat, making it loose that ergonomic grip that many brands brag about.

It’s not awful to hold, but it certainly won’t be winning any awards for how it fits the hand.

However it does feel pretty sturdy and durable.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Side Panel/Battery Door

The side panels have a sort of satin reflective shine to their stickers, which makes the mod stand out.

The stickers are also nicely placed and don’t feel like they’ll ware away or become unstuck any time soon.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod panel

Towards the bottom of the panels is a silver banner with “LOST VAPE” and “GEMINI HYBRID” on them. They’re a decent size and as far as branding goes they are certainly not ‘in your face’.

On each panel is 3 slits for airflow and a long slit to see your liquid level. The slit to see your liquid level is sufficient but I think it could do with being a little bit wider.

One of the ‘panels’ comes off, and that’s for the battery and pod placement. It’s held on by a decently strong magnet, however, there is one issue I did find and that was with the battery ribbon.

Battery ribbons make removing batteries so much easier, but I’ve found with the Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid, it’s too long, if you don’t tuck the ribbon in somewhere, it gets in the way and makes the panel unlevel… which is annoying.

It’s not a major issue though, you could always just shorten it slightly.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid the Pod and Pod Connection

Like often with this type of pod mod the pod is square and sits inside of the device.

I don’t usually like that design but Lost Vape seem to have done something a little bit different.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod pod connection

The connection post is pretty big, measuring at about 11mm, it is spring loaded and retracts fully into the mod when pressed down.

When it’s not pressed down it stands at about 5mm tall. To insert the pod you push it in to place diagonally, pushing the pin down.

On the top of the pod is a protruding lip for the mouth piece. When the pod is pushed fully into the mod it the lip pokes through the hole in the top of the mod, sitting flush with the top.

It all works quite well, the lip the a flat edge to stop you putting the pod in at the wrong rotation and obviously it holds it night and still with some help from the strong spring loaded connection pin.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod pod placement

I should also mention there is a ledge on the front of the pod, just above the fill hole, that make it easier to remove it from the mod.

Fear not if you don’t have strong nail because the side panel fits into the ledge perfectly, doubling up as a handy grabber tool.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Screen

The 0.96” TFT screen on the Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid is pretty nice.

It’s simple but still looks stylish and manages to make good use of its colour ability, with the changeable themes.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod screen

In the top left corner is the battery indicator, displayed in a solid bar format.

Off to the right corner is the coil resistance, which is strange, you’d usually expect that information to be below the wattage information and often with the other information (such as puff count) and not just stuck up in the top right corner on it’s own.

Taking up the majority of the screen, the wattage setting is in the middle.

Further down towards the bottom we have the puff timer on the left and puff count on the right.

Along the bottom is a sample of all the theme colours that are available, with a very faint square around the current setting.

The screen brightness is strange because the back light doesn’t seem overly bright, but it is certainly bright enough to be able to see during the day.

The Buttons

The buttons are metal (as far as I can tell).

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod buttons

There’s not much more to say about them other than they feel smooth, secure and don’t rattle.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrind Airflow

The adjustable airflow control is on the coils (not all UB coils), in a different way to what I have seen before.

Usually with coil adjustable airflow, you either get 1 coil base, that you have to interchange (and some times there’s different bases for different coil, for the same pod) or each coil comes with it’s own adjustable airflow ring.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod 0.2 ohm coil

Lost Vape have settled for a bit of both, it’s just the airflow ring it’s self that you unscrew off.

Okay in my eye it’s still a issue of losing the ring BUT the best thing about this design is that if you loose the ring you can still use the coil, because you haven’t lost the base.

It’s worth noting each coil also has it’s own maximum airflow size; set by the hole size on the base.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Quick Start Guide

Insert The battery

  • Remove the side panel, using the lip on the bottom of the device
  • If a battery is already inserted pull the ribbon to remove the battery
  • Making sure the ribbon goes under the battery, insert the battery bottom side (negative) first, pushing down the retract the pin, then toward the device to push the battery fully in.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Filling the Pod

You do not need to remove the pod to fill it.

  • Remove the side panel
  • Lift the plug from the front of the pod
  • Fill pod through the fill hole
  • Reapply the plug and side panel
  • Wait 5 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Changing the Coil

Please note: this is best done when the liquid level is as low as possible, to reduce loss of liquid.

  • Remove the side panel and the mouth piece
  • applying downwards pressure to the pod, pull it forward to remove it
  • Pull the coil out from the base of the coil
  • Unscrew the Airflow ring from the base of the coil
  • Apply the new AF ring to the new coil
  • Applying a downward force reinsert the pod into the system
  • reapply the side panel and mouth piece.

Using the 510 Adapter

Follow the instructions above to remove the pod and then insert the adapter into it’s place.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod 510 adapter

Button Operations

  • Turn On/Off = Press fire button 5 times within 2 seconds
  • Adjust power = ‘+’ or ‘-’
  • Wattage Lock/Unlock = Press ‘+’ and ‘-’ at the same time
  • Reset Puff Time & Counter = Press fire button and ‘+’ simultaneously>
  • Change Theme Colour= Press fire button and ‘-’ simultaneously

How Does The Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Perform?

There’s a lot to get through here because I have the 5 coils (including the RBA) so I’m going to try a keep each coil run through a little bit shorter.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid 1.0ohm UB MTL coil

This coil is recommended at 8W and 15W.

I used it with my usual Got Salt Peachy Promise (a 20mg peach and passion fruit 50VG/50PG Nic-Salt).

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod 1ohm coil

The coils fully open airflow is pretty restriction free for MTL vaping and the lower airflow hole isn’t really a tight draw but it’s a comfortable MTL draw.

While using the coil with full airflow I didn’t get much flavour other than the odd burst.

So this review is pretty much for the lower airflow setting as it (in my opinion performs much better) and I’m using the MTL mouth piece with this coil.

Down below recommendations at 5W, you do actually get a hint of flavour at the back of the mouth and a cig-a-like amount of vapour.

8W brings that flavour more to the front of the mouth, but it still isn’t impressively prominent and again we get a cigarette like amount of vapour.

Between 13-15W you get a good flavour concentration, it’s not the most prominent flavour I’ve had from a MTL device but it’s certainly good enough, and the vapour production is a thick Mouth To Lung Flavour.

Though out using this coil the vapour was smooth.

Interesting at one point I noticed I wasn’t getting much flavour and it just didn’t seem right, after about 6-7 puffs, I realized I was actually firing it at 80W… and I still didn’t get a single dry burn.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid 0.2ohm UB M4 Coil

This coil is recommended at 40W and 60W.

I used it with Brain Freeze Lemon and Lime with this coil (0mg 70VG/30PG).

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod 0.2 ohm coil

The airflow on this coil is pretty restriction free, when fully open. There is still the small hole option, but it didn’t seem good at any power, and you can also set the airflow to anything in-between the two.

Incredibly all the way down at 15W you get an OK flavour, it’s not thick but you certainly taste it. Also the vapour production isn’t thick either, you can barely call it a cloud.

40W gives us a nice thick little cloud with a pretty impressive flavour, impressive for 40W at least, it’s certainly prominent.

Skipping up 60W, here is an interesting place to be, it gives a thick medium sized cloud, but I don’t think the flavour is proportional to the wattage in comparison to the 40W setting.

It is still prominent though, it just leaves me wanting more.

Maxing it out at 80W and everything is…okay.

I mean it is good the flavour is prominent, but doesn’t quite flood the mouth, the vapour production is thick but not massively… it’s good but perhaps not as good as 80W kits that are dedicated to sub-ohm vaping.

I did spend a day using this coil with the Got Salts and it performed very similar however you should bare in mind that this coil is designed for low nicotine.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid 0.6ohm UB M2 Coil

This coil is recommended at 20w and 28W.

I used it with Brain Freeze Lemon and Lime with this coil (0mg 70VG/30PG). The airflow on this coil is pretty restriction free and it doesn’t have adjustable airflow.

Pod Mod 0.3ohm coil

I have to say I’m completely confused by this coil.

Surely Lost Vape didn’t test and approve this coil.

The airflow if far too plentiful for MTL it is fully restriction free, even at 28W there is a very small amount of flavour and practically no vapour.

Even at 80W the vapour just seems really hollow and barely existent.

The flavour is prominent at the back of the mouth, but there isn’t much there, it all seems a bit hollow and… well, broken, and the airflow is a bit too big I think.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid 0.3ohm UB M1 Coil

This coil is recommended at 30w and 40W.

Again, I used it with Brain Freeze Lemon and Lime with this coil (0mg 70VG/30PG). The airflow on this coil is almost DTL restriction free but not quite and it doesn’t have adjustable airflow.

Pod Mod 0.6 ohm coil

Down low 20W provides a small cloud with next to no flavour.

30W is the minimum recommended wattage and it’s a good improvement from 20W.

The cloud is still small but it’s got thicker, to a nice thickness, and although the flavour isn’t flooding the mouth, it is prominent throughout the mouth. Having said that, the slower you inhale, the more of a whole mouth flavour it is.

40w gives out a thick medium sized cloud with a good prominent flavour, there is room for more flavour but it’s definitely good enough! It’s pretty much the same for 75W.

If you’re looking for more flavour than you’re getting for this device, inhale slower, it does improve the flavour production significantly, which suggests the airflow is too big.

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Coil Summary

It’s a real shame the last 2 coils don’t have adjustable airflow because I think that would significantly improve their performance.

All in all, I think the first 2 coils are ‘good’ as an AIO, they’re certainly not bad, I just can’t say they’re great because frankly there is better dedicated DTL devices and better dedicated MTL devices.

All the coils work equally well with both the liquids I’ve used.

I’m going to drop the RBA information regarding a quality and flavour review down at the bottom of the review.

Coil Life Span

It’s hard to push the coils to the limit of their life and get the review done in a timely manner when you have 5 different coils to test, so ‘hands up’ I’ve used this device for about 3 weeks, I used the 2 coils that came with the kit for a week each and then the other 2 coils and the RBA for about 2 days each.

The 2 coils that I used for a week coped really well, they showed absolutely no signs of ending, which is really impressive, especially for the 1ohm coil that I accidentally fired at 80W!

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Battery Life

The Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid take a single 18650, as far as I’m aware the most common 18650s are 2,500mAh and 3,000mAh.

In my battery collection I only had a 2,500mAh battery spare and the recommended wattage of the coils that come with the kit varies between 8W and 60W, so that’s what we’ll look at.

Pod Mod battery

If you’re using the kit at 8W you’re going to get about 2,000 x 2 second puffs, that’s about 69 hours of use!

At 60W you’re going to get about 278 x 2 second puffs, that’s over 9 hours of use!

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Battery Charging

For some reason Lost Vape doesn’t seem to have included the charging power input information anywhere. I’m not sure why, but you can charge the mod directly by plugging it in or using an external charger.

I always opt for the charger because depending on the device you are using it is better for the battery, but a big advantage is, you can have two batteries, one charging and one using.

However for the purpose of information I drained the battery and plugged it in to charge the system took between 1hour 15minute and 1 hour 30minutes…which is honestly a lot better than I expected from a device that doesn’t brag about it. ( I used a 2A plug).

The device does not support pass through, which means you cannot use it while it is charging.

Does the Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Leak?

Well this is always hard with pods, they are majorly subject to condensation build up and the Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid is no different.

The excess vapour wasn’t loads (it didn’t leak out of the entire system) but it was noticeable.

The Ultra Boost RBA Deck

The Ultra Boost RBA deck is… well an RBA deck. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

It is built well, the threads are nice and smooth, the wicking port is just fine and the airflow is a good mid range airflow; although it is not adjustable.

 rba deck

The most important thing is, it is super easy to build on… well as super easy as small decks come.

How Does It Perform?

Fairly good.

I didn’t give myself weeks to play with this so I only used the materials given (2 coils and some cotton).

I had it in mind that if the performance was poor I’d give myself a bit more time to play with it and make my own coils but it performed better than the other coils…

What About Building

Like I said, it’s pretty easy. If anything it’s just a little bit fiddly trying to get the allen key into the small screws.

coil wick

If I have any tips, it would be

  • Try to get the coil above the airflow, but not right above the airflow, place it slightly towards the posts.
  • Thin your wicks out very slightly. I wicked it fine without wicking but it maybe just ever so slightly too thick, so thin it out a little bit, but be careful not too go too mad.


  • Flavour is ok
  • Durable Coils
  • Simple and Easy To Use
  • Compatible wit all UB coils
  • Well made / durable
  • 510 and RBA
  • Uses 18650 – huge battery life for MTL ok for DTL


  • Big and heavy
  • Flavour isn’t excellent
  • Airflow doesn’t provide a really tight draw

Final Verdict

I think the biggest question here is, ‘who is this system for?’.

It is there where the rating can go anywhere.

If you are an avid DTL vaper or MTL Vaper, you probably won’t be that impressed by what the Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid can do.

However, if you are just getting into vaping and you want a long term system that can introduce you to both MTL and DTL then this system is a fairly good one.

So why is it good for starters buy not good for avid DTL or MTL vapers?

Well, I just feel that there are better 80W sub-ohm kits on the market, and there are better MTL kits on the market.

The Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid is easy to use, looks good and is a fairly good AIO kit.

When I say it looks good, I am a major fan of how the ‘Dynamite’ range looks!

Is this a vape kit you’re using or interested in buying?

Let me know in the comments below.

UK – Spend £40 & Save £12 With Code ECC
Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use (Excluding RBA)
Ease of Use RBA Deck
1ohm Coil Perfomance
0.2ohm Coil Flavour
0.2ohm Coil Vapour
Buy Again If Lost / Stolen
Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.


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