ROK Universal have now discontinued this product – Take a look at Vapour2 e cigs for a great cig-a-like starter kit.

ROK Jet Black Mini Electronic Cigarette

ROK Universal After previously reviewing the ROK Original starter kit and finding it to be good and the ROK Star e cig, which we thought was excellent we were looking forward to having a closer look at the Jet Black starter kit .

For disclosure purposes, we did receive this e cig free of charge from ROK Universal for the purposes of this review but as always our opinions are our own and we will be true with our recommendations.

This kit is aimed at the style conscious e cigarette users amongst us with a new PPC design. But is it enough of an improvement to make this kit stand out in the crowded mini e cig marketplace? Lets find out…

ROK Video Review

In the box / Presentation

ROK Electronic Cigarette ReviewThe ROK Jet Black looks like a quality setup as soon as you get to the packaging.

The outer box is branded really well and the whole look is in keeping with their ROK Star e cigarette package.

Inside the box you will find the following neatly presented:

  • Jet Black Portable Charging Case
  • 2 E Cig Batteries (140mAh)
  • 2 Cartomisers (One Medium 1.1% Nicotine & One Strong 1.6% Nicotine
  • USB Charging Lead
  • Instruction Manual

PCC & Battery/Responsiveness

In the ROK Original kit the batteries were smaller in both size and power, coming in at just 90 mAh. This of course effected the amount of vaping time you got from each battery.

ROK e cig size

With the Jet Black, ROK have kept the width of the batteries the same but increased the length by about 1 cm which in turn has added more juice to the batteries, they now come in at 140 mAh which is a big improvement for the size of the battery. Don’t get me wrong they are still amongst some of the smallest batteries available so don’t worry about them being too big.

Looks wise they are keeping to the ‘cig-a-like’ approach which is perfect for new vapers making the switch over from tobacco cigarettes.

e cigarettes ukNow the batteries are definite improvement, the switch is good meaning the battery doesn’t activate randomly with movement or wind.

The battery life is also better than the Original kits due to the slight increase in size/capacity, having said that they are still not the best available in terms of the amount of time they will last before needing a re-charge but that isn’t so much of an issue as we have the Portable Charging Case or PCC as it is know for short.

This is where the Jet Black really does jump way ahead of the original kit as although there was a PCC and it did a job it wasn’t exactly the best looking thing I have seen!

The Jet Black PCC really does look slick, it has a glossy finish, slips in and out of the pocket with ease, has a smooth opening mechanism that is activated by sliding the front of the case and it works very well.

There is also a power button and display on the front of the pack that sits flush, kind of like what you would find on a Samsung LCD TV.

Charging The PCC/Batteries

Charging the ROK Jet Black PCCThe case itself, once fully charged, will re-charge your batteries up-to 5 times before the case itself needs charging.

This is done by using the USB cable to plug the case into a USB port on your computer.

Charging the batteries in the PCC is nice and easy as well, just place one of the battery stems into the left side slot.

Close the lid and press power button down for 5 seconds, this will show a red light that indicate the battery is charging. Once fully charged the light will turn green and your e cigarette is ready to vape.

You can also check how much power you have left on your PCC by pressing the power button twice, this will show a number of white dot lights indicating the charge on your pack. 5 lights = a fully charged PCC.

The only downside for me with the Jet Black PCC is that it feels a little bit plasticy in the hand, might be an obvious thing as it is made of plastic! But nevertheless it lets it lets it down just a touch.


The batteries have a great quality feel and I found them to work very well with no major problems. The only slight downside is still the length of time the batteries last but you have to expect this with mini e cig batteries this size.

The good thing however is that you can charge the batteries on the move with the PCC, which by the way looks and works a treat, again there is a slight downside in which I found the case to be a bit plasticy.

Vapour / Flavour

The kit comes with just two tobacco flavored cartomisers, one medium and one strong.

Although tastes do differ from person to person I found the tobacco flavour to be quite good, it provides a rich tasting flavour that also gives a decent throat hit. The cartomisers lasted me around 120 drags with each of my drags being around the 3 second mark so the 40 cigs claim does seem a little over the top.

This is however ROK Cartomisers & Vapour Volumealways a tricky area when it comes to e cigarettes, most brands base their information on the amount of time it takes to smoke a normal cigarette which is around 10-12 one and a half second drags.

So in my case it should really equate to approx 24 cigarettes if that is taken into account.

Anyway, like I said it is always a tough one to work out and even if they are being optimistic with the amount of cigarettes it still offers very good value for money.

When it comes to vapour volume ROK does a decent job, while it doesn’t quite hit the volume produced by the likes of the Epuffer Magnum it won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

There are also a few other e liquid flavour selections available that you might find appealing, I haven’t personally tried any of these as of yet but you can choose from Mountain Menthol, which is available in 2 nicotine strengths, coffee, cherry and vanilla.

The latter 3 however are only available in one strength and that is the strong.

It would be nice here to see ROK offering a taster pack of 5 cartomisers, it could be an expensive mistake if you find the flavour isn’t for you.


The tobacco flavour is decent as is the vapour volume, neither are the best I have tried but you won’t feel let down with what you get. The cartomisers didn’t quite last the “40 cigarettes” stated on the ROK website but they still represent good value for money overall. The only downside for me is the expense in trying out the flavoured cartomisers, this could put some people off trying the different flavours out.


ROK offer a 7 day return, this is on unopened/unused product. As always check their website for upto date terms!

Customer Service

I find that this is a strong point and they have been both responsive and helpful. They can be contacted via telephone and e-mail. They are also active on Twitter.

Discount Codes

The VapeROK discount code ECIGCLICK10 can be used to give you 10% off all purchases.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

I found the Jet Black starter kit to be an improvement in terms of battery life and PCC appearance and functionality compared to their ‘Original starter kit’ and with only a small difference in price I would definitely go for the ROK Jet Black Kit if you were looking to choose between the two.

I found the tobacco cartomisers to give both decent flavour, vapour volume and throat hit. The only downside really id that this kit only comes with 2 cartomisers so if you try them and like them you will need to re-order a new pack of cartomiser straight away to avoid running out completely.

As mentioned above the PCC looks great with it’s glossy finish and works very well too. The only downside for me personally is that it does feel a touch on the cheap side with its all plastic finish.

This is definitely targeted to those new to vaping that are looking for their e cig to resemble a tobacco cigarette. This may be about an inch longer than a cig but the diameter and looks are very similar.

With its solid performance you won’t be disappointed with the ROK Jet Black electronic cigarette.

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  1. I bought the ROK Jet Black after first trying the E-Lites which I found disappointing and nearly thought e-cigs weren’t for me. However after checking out the reviews on here I decided to give the ROK Jet Black a go. I am so glad I did, the way in Vapes is so much better and gave me an instant satisfaction when using.
    The size and feel is close to that of a cigarette and with the added benefit of having the PCC which holds a spare battery, 2 e- tips and and complete e-cig, I never feel on edge.
    I have been using the ROK Jet Black for just over 2 weeks and find when the PCC is fully charged it is good for a few days charging of the batteries. I managed a long weekend before needing to recharge the PCC.
    The plastic of the PCC as mentioned in the review does feel a little cheap and I have concerns it may break if dropped or sat on but compared to others that don’t quite hold all you need ( complete e-cig spare tips and battery) which in my opinion is the minimum to avoid being caught out.
    The e-tips last me between 1 to 2 days (15 to 20 cigarettes worth). Since using my urge to smoke normal cigarettes has reduced dramatically, only giving in now and again when around certain friends. (I initially bought to help reduce the amount I smoke and it has done this from day one. I have high hopes on it completely replacing my normal cigarette)
    I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make their first step into electronic cigarettes.

  2. Really like the PCC and the fact there is a charge level indicator for this. This is what primarily led me to ROC, as other PCCs didnt have this feature, which seems odd considering the idea is to never get caught out!

    Everything works, no faults or issues.

  3. This is my first eCig, so maybe I’m not the best person to be making comparisons.

    But I can say that since using this device I have had no urge to return to tobacco. I guess we’ll see how it goes, but so far I think it is great! I’ve already ordered a supply of spare cartomisers.


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