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Vapourlites Starter Kit

Maybe you have seen the Vapourlites name before after all they have a large presence on the UK high street being stocked in the likes of Home Bargains, The Range and Londis.

We had previously reviewed Vapourlites back in November 2012 and while it didn’t blow our socks off it did do a good job as an entry level e cig kit.

Fast forward to today and the Vapourlites e cig range has been updated with a number of new starter kit options. We will be reviewing the VL4 Vapourlites kit which was sent to us free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always our opinions are our own.

Vapourlites ReviewIn the box / Presentation

The VL4 comes in a neat cardboard case with the following:

  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Tobacco Flavour Cartomiser (Choice of nicotine strengths)
  • USB Charger



The Vapourlites VL4 e cigarette has been designed to resemble a cigarette which all helps make the transition from tobacco as familiar as possible. The battery has a smooth finish to it and feels quality in the hand so no issues with the actual build.

Vapourlites BatteryPerformance wise the battery reacts well when taking a drag, the actual life of the battery is about what can be expected from this size of ‘mini e cig’ battery. As a moderate vaper I was personally getting around 2/2.5 hours from a new battery before it needed recharging.

So not bad going but one thing I do tend to say a lot in reviews of similar e cig products is that a second battery is a MUST HAVE especially in the absence of a portable charging case.

The battery takes around 2 hours to fully recharge so you will need something to use in the meantime. Also if you are using the VL4 when away from a charging point and the battery does die then having a spare at hand will come in handy!

There are VL4 kits that come with two batteries but if you don’t decide to go for that one from the off then Vapourlites do sell spares on their website for a reasonable £6.99 each or a 5 pack for £24.99. I would in fact recommend the second option if budget allows.

Overall – The VL4 battery feels good in the hand and also performs well for this size of battery. I would highly recommend either buying the VL4 kit that comes with two batteries or buying a spare from their website if you decide you want to stick with this kit.

Vapour / Flavour

The VL4 kit is available in tobacco and menthol flavours, the kit I received included a 16mg nicotine strength tobacco flavour cartomiser. The checkout page does also allow you to pick one of 5 nicotine strengths (omg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg, 20mg) which is good, many starter kits I have seen like this only give an option of one strength with their kits.

Vapourlites cartomiser refillAgain the cartomiser design is meant to resemble a cigarette filter, not the most realistic design I have seen but the important bit is how this thing vapes.

So how did the cartomiser perform? Well straight out of the box I took a drag and the first thing I got was some stray e-liquid in my mouth so not the best start. To remedy this I needed to take the cartomiser off the battery and blow through the cartomiser. Just place the ‘battery end’ on a piece of tissue to catch any stray e-liquid that has gotten into the centre tube.

I only needed a couple of blows to get things clear then I popped the cartomiser back on. At first I got just the tiniest amount of vapour. It took a fair few primer puffs to start getting anything like a decent vapour volume.

Once things started warming up the vapour volume was fairly consistent, every time i would come back to the e cig though after inactivity I would need another 2/3 primer puffs to get things going. So not ideal really.

The Tobacco flavour itself tastes similar to a few other e cig brands out there, not sure if they are maybe getting the e-liquid from the same source. Nothing wrong with that of course if the flavour is good and with the VL4 (for my personal tastes) the tobacco flavour is OK. Refill for Vapourlites VL4

I have certainly had better tobacco flavours but then again I have also had a lot worse! If you are trying e cigs for the first time then I would say it does a decent job of replicating the flavour, if you have tried these cartomisers it would be great to hear your opinions in our comment section below.

When it comes to replacement cartomisers a pack of 5 costs £8.99 and buying in bulk will save you a little bit more. Vapourlites do also offer Menthol, Cherry and Vanilla flavours.

Overall – The Tobacco flavour is similar to other e cigs I have tried and while it was OK it isn’t the best I have tried. I also found I was needing a couple of primer drags before I was getting a decent vapour volume.


Vapourlites have a great returns policy, they offer a “100% no quibbles, satisfaction guaranteed” 60 day return. Big thumbs up there. Take a look at their T&C’s for all details.

Customer Service

They are available via email and freephone telephone as well as having an active Facebook and Twitter account.

Overall – For those that skipped to the end!

As an entry level e cig I would say the Vapourlites VL4 kit for me was just OK, I found it hard to get too excited about the product.

Having to take primer drags to start getting any vapour volume of note isn’t something I want to do every time I vape so it did wear a little thin after a while.

Add to this that the flavour of the tobacco cartomiser was similar to many other brands out there and it really had a hard time standing out from the crowd.

What I will say though is that the VL4 entry level kit does have a price of £9.99 so if you were really on a tight budget then it will certainly do a job for you.

If your budget can stretch further though there are better mini e cigarette starter kits available. Our recommended kits are from Vapour2 Cigs and Jacvapour.


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  1. Was given one from a fellow reviewer as he liked it. Must say that as far as starter kits go this one is excellent.

    The flavour is real nice, tobacco is clean and nice tickle and the menthol is the best I have ever had on one of these 501 carts. the whole kit is only £10. Compare that to £70 for 20 cigarettes!

    The team there are great. I pretended that it was a dud and they offered me either my money back or a replacement. Sent out to me and arrived the next day!

    One thing that is good but not great is the vapour production. This could be stronger. It did take a few drags to get it going.


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