Volcano Mini E Cig Kit

It wasn’t long ago that we carried out a Volcano Inferno review, this is one of the brands performance e cigarettes and I have to say was a very good product.

Of course Volcano have been a major e cig player in the USA now for a number of years and are based in Hawaii so it wasn’t a huge surprise that the Inferno was a good e cig.

Still, we were looking forward to trying the Volcano Magma kit which is aimed not only towards new e cig users but also those that quite simply want a device that is nearer in size to a cigarette.

This kit was received free of charge but as always our opinion is our own and shall be an honest one.

OK..onto the review.

Volcano Magma ReviewPackaging / Presentation

Very professional and tidy packaging that contains the following:

2 Automatic Batteries
5 Cartomisers (Tanks are also available in an alternative kit)
Chargers and instruction manual.


The Volcano Magma kit comes with two 180 mAh batteries. The batteries are finished off in a black gloss with raised rings around the body and have a quality feel in the hand.

Onto the performance of the battery… I found when taking a drag that it activated straight away as it Volcano Magma Batteryshould on inhaling and heated the e-liquid up first time around.

No need for any primer drags here.

The batteries themselves, whilst not going full on to look like an e cig, are designed to be closer in size to a cigarette and therefore the life of them is not the best.

I was getting around an hour of actual vaping time before a re-charge was needed.

For heavy smokers this can wear a little thin after a while but that is the sacrifice that needs to be made if a mini e cig is the way you want to go.

This isn’t just a problem with the Volcano e cig but all e cig batteries of a similar size. The saving grace here though is that not only does the kit come with two batteries but it also comes with a portable charging case or PCC as it is commonly known. 

IfVolcano Battery Size Comparison you bought this kit and find the battery doesn’t last long enough there is an option to buy (separately) a ‘Mega Battery’.

I’ve got to say this is the biggest ‘mini e cigarette’ battery I have come across to date at almost 4cm longer than the standard battery!

But… it does last a lot longer so would be ideal for the heavier vapers out there. These are as mentioned additional accessories that can be purchased for £10.99. One thing to note though, they are too big to be used or carried in the PCC!

Volcano PCC

Volcano Magma PCCThe PCC included in the Magma kit comes in the form of a hard case and is very simple to use. The case can be used to carry 2 batteries with one on charge and up to 6 cartomisers.

To charge the e cigarette just screw the battery into correct slot, press and hold the bottom of the button on the side of the pack.

This will turn the display red and show the charge of the actual pack, keep it pressed down though and after a few seconds the battery tip will flash and the display will turn orange and show the charge remaining on the battery.

You can also go back to the pack at any time to check status of the battery. If the display is still orange then the battery is still charging, once it turns red then your battery is fully charged and ready to go.

Of course the pack also needs to be charged which I found myself doing every evening ready for the next day. Batteries can also be charged on their own using the supplied chargers.

Overall – 3.5/5 – The batteries, although good quality, are small and therefore vaping time is on the short side but there is the added bonus of the PCC. There is also a Mega battery available to buy separately that will increase your vaping time. These don’t fit in the PCC however.


This is one area where Volcano offers a lot of great options. This particular kit (Magma cartomiser kit) is as the name suggest supplied with cartomisers, a pack of 5. You will have the option of choosing from around 12 flavours at checkout, this could be the Tobacco or Menthol or if you are feeling adventurous you could go for Pineapple Punch, Coocoo Coconut, Milk Chocolate or Waikiki Watermelon to name just a few, did I mention Volcano were based in Hawaii?

Volcano Magma Cartomisers

These flavours are also available in three different nicotine strength options, 0mg, 8mg and 16mg. So there is plenty to go at. One thing that would be good to see here is maybe a mixer pack of cartomisers available to buy separately so you can test out all these flavours without having to fork out for a pack of each.

I received the Tobacco flavour (8mg) in cartomiser form as well as a couple of bottles of e-liquid which I will talk about shortly.  I have to say straight off the bat I wasn’t too sure about the flavour of these cartomisers but the more I vaped the better it got for me, to the point where I did enjoy it! The Tobacco flavour has a very slight nutty flavour coming through and has a touch of sweetness as well but not so much that it was too much. The throat hit was OK for me and the vapour volume good.

As mentioned before I was also sent two bottles of e-liquid – Cherry Lava and again the Tobacco. It is possible to refill the cartomisers that come with the kit or you can opt to buy empty cartomisers separately and refill from scratch. There are also two other options to use with the Magma kit that can be purchased as extras that I will tell you about hopefully without confusing matters too much!


The first option is to buy ‘Tanks'(£2.99 for 5) and a separate atomiser (£5.99). This option is available to buy in kit form (£44.99) but is also available to buy in the accessories section as an add on. This is a little more advanced and does take a touch more work as it adds an extra component to the e cig and turns it into a 3 piece device. It also needs bottled e-liquid that starts at £9.99 for 10mls.

Volcano Magma Tank Kit

I wouldn’t have mentioned this here as I know how confusing all these things can get for new vapers but I did personally find the flavour and vapour volume is improved a fair bit when vaping this way. This is mainly due to the e-liquid not having to soak in to a fabric as it does with the cartomiser. These can be a bit fiddly at first to fill but once you get used to it all is simple!


Volcano magma clearomisersThe second option is the clearomiser (£8.99 for 5). This option has the atomiser built in so does away with the need to buy this separately (like with the tank above) making the device a 2 piece again.

The clearomiser I found again is a bit more fiddly to fill as it requires a needle tip to be connected to the e-liquid bottle in order to fill. The needle is then inserted into a tiny hole to fill the tank.

Again it can take a bit of getting used to but as before I found the result were very good and again I personally thought this method improved the flavours and vapour volume when compared to the standard cartomiser.

The only downside is that the standard clearomisers are on the small side. Larger ones are available though.

Volcano Clearomiser UK

Ok… so any new vapers out there confused by all of that?! Don’t be! What I would suggest for anyone that is new and just wants a ‘plug and play’ e cig is to just go for the Magma Kit with cartomisers.

Once you are familiar with the workings of this then I would say buy the tank or clearomiser (or both) with a bottle of e-liquid and start to experiment to see which suits you best.

That is what I like about this particular mini e cig kit, that you can try different things with it to suit your personal vaping needs.

Almost forgot to mention the Cherry Lava e-liquid I received, I really liked this cherry flavour. Although it does have a slight sweetness to it I found its definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried. The vapour volume when used with the clearomiser was also very good.

The prices of the cartomisers when coming to restock are £7.95 for a pack of 5 so on a level when compared with competing brands, if not a touch cheaper than most.

If you opt to buy bottled e-liquid this can work out cheaper in the long run with the price of a 10ml bottle being £9.99 and a 30ml bottle £14.99 which is obviously a lot better value.

Overall 4.5/5 – I found the tobacco flavour for me was good and I also enjoyed the Cherry Lava. The good thing about the Volcano Magma kit is the option to use not only e-liquid to refill yourself but also the choice of buying Tanks and Clearomisers to enhance the vaping experience.

Volcano Starter Kits

Volcano have 4 kit options:

Volcano Magma Cartomiser Kit – £34.99 (Kit Reviewed Here)
This come with 2 batteries, 5 cartomisers, PCC and chargers

Volcano Magma Tank Kit – £44.99
This kit comes complete with 2 batteries, 5 tanks, atomiser, 15ml bottle of e-liquid & chargers.

Volcano Inferno Kit – £49.99
This kit comes with 2 batteries (650mAh & 900mAh), Tube tank, 5 refill cartomisers, 15ml bottle of e-liquid & chargers.

Lava Tube Kit – £99.99
This advanced kit comes complete with VV Lavatube, Battery, Tube tank, 15ml bottle of e-liqud, Charger.

Volcano Guarantee/Warranty

Volcano unfortunately don’t offer a money back guarantee but offer a one year limited warranty.

Customer Service

Volcano UK can be contacted via email, phone and are active on Twitter & Facebook.

Discount Coupons

There is a Volcano discount code that will give 5% off all European orders. Click the link or scroll back to the top of this page.

Overall – For Those That Skipped

For beginners I would say the Volcano Magma kit is a very good option, better for me than Sky Cig and E-Lites.

There are issues with the length of time the standard battery lasts but this is the case with all mini e cig batteries. The kit does help with this though by supplying a PCC so batteries can be charged on the move.

If you are currently a heavy smoker or vaper I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this kit but light to medium users will be OK with it.

The flavours I tried (tobacco and cherry) for me were very good but the main points about the Volcano kit to note is the fact that not only can you can refill the cartomisers yourself with bottled e-iquid, which can reduce costs, but also that there are other more advanced ‘add ons’ in the form of the tank and clearomiser that can be bought at a later date.

These may not be something new vapers will want to go for straight away but once you are more comfortable around the device are great as ‘advanced’ additions.

The only real downfall for me is the lack of a returns policy unless you find the product to be faulty. I understand this is a consumable product but competing brands do offer this and for me it does add a slight barrier for the new electronic cigarette user to give the product a try.

Also if you are a heavy smoker then you may find that the constant re-charging of the batteries may become a bit tiresome after a while.

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Final Volcano Magma Review Verdict:

The Volcano Magma Is Recommended By www.ecigclick.co.uk

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