It’s a bit of a minefield out there with electronic cigarette brands popping up all over the place! Worst still, a lot of them are claiming to be the No1 or the best e cigarettes in the UK. So it is no surprise that some of you may feel very confused as to what to buy.

Having over 65 UK electronic cigarette Reviews under our belt we feel we are in a good position to give you a hand choosing the right product first time around. To do this we have decided to put this post together with e cig brands we recommend. This is also going to be open to any questions you may have so just ask away in the comments below!

To keep it as simple as possible we are only going to break this down into 3 areas.

  • Those that want an e cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette.
  • Those who are not concerned with the ‘cig-a-like’ look or size and are more concerned with performance
  • For those that already vape a ‘performance’ e cigarette but want something more portable to use when out and about!

Ok, so here we go. You can click each brand for our reviews and a closer look at the product.

For those that want an e cig that is designed to resemble a tobacco cigarette, choose from:

  1. Green Smoke Starter Kit
  2. Jacvapour V1P Starter Kit 

For those that already use mini e cigs and are wanting to upgrade. Or for those that prefer performance over the ‘cig-a-like’ from the outset, even though this means a bigger device (also better suited for heavy smokers), choose from:

  1. Jacvapour Series E
  2. ROK Legend Kit
  3. Jacvapour 510

For those that already use a mid size device that want something smaller to vape when out and about, choose from:

  1. VGO2 Mini E Cig Kit
  2. Eleaf iStick Mini

For those that want to move up from the mid size e cigs then the next step is APV’s. These can give a whole host of options such as variable wattage/voltage and much longer battery life. Choose from:

  1. Innokin iTaste MVP3
  2. Eleaf iStick 50W
  3. Cloupor Mini

If you do have any questions about any of the above brands/products then please leave a comment below!


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  1. Hi. I have been on E-Lites for a couple of months now. I love that I’m no longer smoking 20 fags a day but am finding E-lites expensive.
    I used to smoke roll ups made from (cheap) Spanish tobacco (£4.00 per week) so £7.99 for 2 refills is VERY expensive. I use 1 refill per day. Is there an equivalent quality e.cig but with cheaper refills? Many thanks

    • Hi Margaret,

      E-Lites do have expensive refills! What I would suggest is the following:

      1) Refill the E-Lites cartomisers yourself. The end cap on the cartridge should pop off using the prong of a fork or a nail, you will see a material that the e-liquid soaks into. You can buy your own e-liquid bottles and top up yourself, just 8-10 drops onto the material and not down the centre tube! With this method you will have to replace the refills after around 10 or so uses so it will mean buying more e-lites refills every now and then.

      2) For a complete swap of e cig brand, which in the long run is probably a better idea (although more cash to lay out initially) I would recommend you take a look at one of the following, both of which offer great quality.
      – Jacvapour V1P Kit – Review Here. You can buy blank cartridges that you can refill yourself. Works out A LOT cheaper! They also have prefilled cartridges that cost around £8 for 5. Can use discount code ECIGCLICK15 for 15% discount.
      – Green Smoke – Review Here. Great kit, they only do prefilled cartomisers but the flavours are good and they do last a decent amount of time. Can use ECIGCLICK10 for 10% discount.

      If you don’t mind using a slightly bigger device though I would take a look at the Kanger EVOD (Review here) which is a great bit of kit that you refill yourself, this again reduces ongoing costs a lot compared to E-Lites.

      Hope that helps, anything that doesn’t make sense though please ask and I will try and clarify!



    • This is quite a common occurrence for new e cig users and is put down to changes in nicotine consumption. I had this the first week or so but it passed once I had found the right strength nicotine.

  2. Hello Jonny
    Well done for a terrific site and all your advice; I’ve read pages and pages with interest! Yet I’m STILL not sure what to go for!
    I’ve been a roll-up smoker of 10-15 a day for over 40 years, for the last 10 it’s been Cutters Choice tobacco only, as it seems the mildest and with ultra slim filters. For the last 5 years I’ve also used a Friends mini-holder with extra filter, which removes a LOT of tar, but I’m now fed up with wheezing and coughing, so bought a Nicolite disposable – initial reaction brilliant! I was hooked on ecigs and decided to investigation for a more permanent variety, found your site, and looked at those of Jacvapour, Eigarette and Greensmoke – and was confused:
    I’d like low nicotine (having given up a few times I’m convinced it’s the taste I’m addicted to, not the nicotine), mild tobacco flavour only, none of the exotic flavours, thanks, and I read that one of your bloggers had found a soft tip!
    Couldn’t find any means of selecting those criteria on any of the sites I looked at so, if you’d be so kind as to post a link, I’ll buy that! Though I dislike waste, money isn’t a problem really.
    Many thanks

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for stopping buy!

      I will try and help best I can, I know there is a lot of options out there.

      One thing that is hard for me to recommend is an e-liquid flavour, I have never smoked Cutters Choice. It’s more a trial and error with the juices.

      Regarding the soft tip, the only one I have tried is from a brand called Vype (review here). It is OK but doesn’t last long and can work out expensive as it is a disposable.

      If it’s a mini e cig you are looking for specifically rather than a ‘Performance e cig‘ (bigger batteries) I would recommend one of the following.

      Jacvapour V1P (Review Here). This kit offers a touch more flexibility than the Green Smoke in that you can buy blank/empty cartomisers and fill with e-liquid bought from anywhere. I would recommend buying a spare battery though as the standard kit only has one. Their tobacco e-liquids start from zero nicotine and work their way up. I wasn’t a huge fan of their flavours but the ‘Tobacco’ flavour is probably the mildest from their selection. This kit makes it a bit easier if you want to try a few different e-liquids. You can use discount code ECIGCLICK15 for 15% discount if you decide to go for this.

      Green Smoke (Review here). This is a great ‘out of the box’ kit and I really liked the cartomiser flavours. The Red Label and Tobacco Gold are available from zero nicotine and up. A good quality kit overall. Can use discount code ECIGCLICK10 for 10% off.

      To take a look at tobacco e-liquid flavour reviews I have carried out you can follow this link.

      If you have anymore questions Chris please don’t hesitate to ask!



  3. I am a heavy cigarillo smoker (20+ cafe creme per day). I am wanting to try to quit smoking by using an e-cigar. I hate the taste of cigarettes and like the throat feel of cigars+ the flavour. Can you recommend anything to try? Most of the time I don’t really mind what it looks like as I smoke a lot at home, although would like something that doesn’t draw too much attention when I’m out (although as a middle aged woman smoking cigars, I’m used to odd looks!). As I’m used to the size of a cigarillo, I don’t really fancy anything with a massive Cuban style mouthpiece. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Hi Frances,

      I don’t have much experience with cigarillo/cigars or the e cig variety although I have tried a few e-cigars.
      This is the smallest I have tried so far and personally I found it to be decent, again keep in mind I’m not really comparing it to anything :)

      The other option is to buy a mini e cig starter kit where you can refill your own cartridges with e-liquid. Then find a cigar flavoured e-liquid that fits to your tastes. For this I would recommend trying the Jacvapour V1P starter kit but by this with ‘blank/empty carts’. You can use coupon code ECIGCLICK15 to get 15% discount here.

      With the e-liquids this is something that may need further research and ultimately trying a few before you find the right one for your tastes. Having said that I have heard in the past from an ex Cafe Creme smoker that Totally Wickeds Patriot Vanilla Cigar flavour is quite good (I haven’t tried this though) here is the link

      I have also heard good things regarding House Of E-Liquids cigar flavours but again it would be best to have a chat to them to see if they have a match for you.

      Please let me know how you get on though Frances, would be great to hear what you went for!



    • Thank you Jonny for your detailed response. I’ve purchased the Jacvapour V1P as recommended along with a selection of liquids- not the last recommendation as its a bit pricey (you have to purchase 60mls, so thought I’d see how I get on with the others first). I’ll let you know how I get on!

        • Well, back from my holidays and I’ve been using the V1p starter kit with both JAC vapour pure cigar liquid and the one from totally Wicked. I’m sold!! A few problems with the PCC, but JAC seem very helpful and will, I’m sure sort it out. I’m now down to about 2 real cigars a day and not really missing them at all. Now I’m thinking of getting some kind of system that is a bit longer lasting battery wise and with more liquid capacity- any suggestions? Thinking perhaps of the crystal mini (also from JAC)? Many thanks for your help- wish I’d done this years ago!

  4. hi
    I just started using electronic cigarette,I don’t know much about the electronic I hope you can give me some useful information

    looking forward to your reply

    Thank You
    I’m sam

  5. Hi, I usually smoke 5-6 cig per day. I am planning to switch to E-cig (Jacvapour V1P preferred), but could you please let me know how many puffs does each V1P cartomizer delivers.


  6. Hi! I’ve only just made the move from smoking to vaping about 3 weeks ago. I’m having a fantastic time with it although I’m using the E-lites right now. I like them, but I want to experience the different flavours that others have which E-Lites don’t. I’m on a budget so nothing too pricey would be ideal. What would you recommend?

  7. Hi, I’m looking to buy an e-cigarette for my mother. I am a non-smoker so am slightly baffled by all this. My mum has been smoking fairly heavily for as long as I can remember and I have spent 30 years nagging at her to give up. I think this is my last chance so I don’t want to get it wrong!
    I know that the most important thing to her will be the ‘nicotine hit’ that she will feel when taking a drag. I also think it’s important for her to feel it hit her throat and possibly taste like real tobacco.
    I don’t think she’s bothered about it looking like a real cigarette and I don’t suppose size is really an issue, nor would charging it and refilling it.
    What do you recommend?
    Thanks for your help


    • Hi Natalie,

      First off regarding a product, I would recommend the following e cigarette. It has had rave reviews and is very easy to use for a new e cig user.

      Jacvapour V1P Starter Kit – Review can be found at the following link (

      This is more of a cig-a-like but the performance is very good and the PCC (portable charging case) is a great addition. One important point though Natalie, I would recommend buying an extra battery, it is an extra £9.99 but essential so the batteries can be rotated and there is always one ready to use! This can be added on their product page.

      You can use discount code ECIGCLICK15 for 15% off on any purchase at Jacvapour.

      Regarding the throat hit, it depends what your mother smokes but you should be right with the 12mg medium strength or the 18mg high nicotine strength e-liquid. In general the higher the nicotine content the stronger the throat hit will be.

      Hope that helps a little, if you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to ask!



  8. Hi, I smoke 20 silk cut a day and want to move to e-cig but am confused. Im not fussed about the look but needs to be 12 hours worth of battery as Im out of the house for this length of time. Also is it better to go for disposable or the refillable ones as I cant see which is better.

    • Hi Holly,

      I personally prefer re-fillable e cigs, they work out better in the long run.

      If battery life is your number one concern then I would recommend any of the following from Jacvapour.

      Mini VGO2 – – This comes with two batteries that will last you all day.

      VGO2 – The big brother of the mini VGO2 – Again 2 batteries but bigger capacities.

      Also, there is the V1P kit. Although theses are smaller capacity batteries (as well as a lot smaller) they come with a case that will charge your batteries throughout the day. You would need to buy one extra battery with this kit. –

      All of the above kits will last you the full day as long as you make sure the relevant charging is done over night.

      Using the discount code ECIGCLICK15 will get you 15% off as well.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  9. Hiya, fantastic site and a great help. however, can you please advise a newby who’s just about to venture into e-cigs. I currently smoke about 20 roll ups per day. BUT, I’m a self employed decorator, so I’m thinking I need something to last all day? In so much as I can understand, you charge via a usb lead? If so, I wouldn’t be able to do this during say 8am-5pm, I don’t really care what it looks like, just need something reliable to get me through the day.

    Thanks for your help already and look forward to hearing from you.