What Is The Best E Cig 2017What Is The Best E Cigarette, Vape Pen & Vape Mod On The Market In The UK & Worldwide? Updated Buying Guide For 2017

Last Update January, 2017 It is a question that gets asked almost more than any other. What is the best e cigarette?

Maybe you are a smoker looking to switch or looking for a good vape kit e cig for the smoker in your life. This guide is here to help whether you are based in the UK, United States, Canada, Europe or beyond.

While on the surface this seems a simple enough query, there is in fact a whole host of different things that you, the person asking the question, will need to answer yourself.

This is before we even start to break down the different products available and I’m sure if you have ended up here you will know just how many there are!

Already know about the different types of e cigs/vape pens? Skip to the recommended products:

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The first thing that needs to be decided:

What size e cigarette do you want?
What e cig size is best for your needs? ie: Are you a heavy smoker?

The three main e cig category options:

  • Mini e cigarettes: (Also refereed to as a ‘cig-a-like’) These can range in sizes but are the smallest e cigarettes available. Some are the same size as a cigarette and certain e cig brands have a variety of sizes, the bigger ones having a larger battery capacity. All tend to have the appearance of a cigarette. These can be good e cigs for beginners to help the transition to e cigarettes. There are downsides to them however.
  • Vape Pens/EGO E cig: (also known as a vaporizer e cig). These are of course bigger but provide longer life. Great for new vapers or the next step for those currently using mini e cigs. Take a look at our ‘Best Vape Pens‘ list for a more in depth look at this category.
  • Box Mods: These would generally be used as a step up from vape pens but we have seen such an increase in popularity for these that many new vapers are opting to go for these from the outset. We would recommended these for the advanced user due to the learning curve but if you are willing to learn then they are a superb choice. Check out our ‘Best Box Mods‘ list for more choices.

So Lets Start With Mini E Cigs (Cig-A-Likes)

These are usually the first port of call for a high percentage of smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes.

cig-a-like e cigarettes

I will try and keep it simple by listing the positives / negatives that comes with this type of e cigarette.


  • ‘Plug and play’ option
  • Makes the transition to e cigarettes more familiar due to their small appearance.
  • Discreet enough to carry around and use when out and about.
  • Good for a no nonsense ‘plug and play’ first e cig experience.
  • Portable charging cases are available with some kits allowing to charge the e cig battery on the move.
  • The lightest e cig option. (Although don’t expect them to be the same weight as a cigarette!)
  • Good entry point into the world of e cigarettes.


  • The smaller the batteries the less charge they carry = Less vaping time and frequent charging.
  • Limited battery life will mean (at a minimum) 2 batteries are recommended to be carried around at all times.
  • Heavy smokers will get very annoyed with battery life and want to throw their mini e cig out of the window. Or they could just buy 3+ spare batteries.
  • Limited opportunity to customize
  • The quality of mini e cigs can vary widely, choose carefully, cheapest isn’t always the best.

As a former 15 cigs per day smoker I personally found mini e cigs a great starting point when first starting out, I was drawn to the cig-a-likes for the very reason that they were small and looked like a cigarette and for me at the time this was a very important feature.

Even to this day I don’t want to take a huge e cigarette out with me when I go to a bar or restaurant. I will take a small vape pen or a mini e cigarette if real stealth vaping is required!

There are a number of great beginner e cig kits and a large number of not so great products available making choosing the best e cig on the market a really difficult proposition.

Due to the growing e cig market many opportunity seekers are jumping on the band wagon, many of which haven’t got a clue of what makes a decent e cig.

Many brands are, unfortunately, just using the same re-branded stock products, a lot of which are poor and appear dated.

Here at ecigclick we have tried and tested over 50 different mini e cigarette brands to date, hopefully we can help making your purchasing choice a little easier.

Recommended Mini E Cigs

We have two clear favorites here at ecigclick, both offer different options and both are better in certain areas than one another.

So if you have decided that a mini e cigarette is where you want to start, these are our top picks in no particular order.

V2 Cigs

What Is The Best E Cig In The UKAnother cig-a-like kit that I first came across many years ago, V2 Cigs have built upon their popularity by producing a solid range of e cigarettes for all levels of users.

The particular starter kit we recommend here is the perfect starting point for new vapers looking for a smaller e cig. V2 have plenty of flavor options with their pre-filled cartomizers but also offer bottled e-liquid and refillable cartomizers allowing you to use any e juice you choose.

There are a number of V2 starter kits from those with one battery to the Ultimate kits that covers everything you would need and more. One thing we would recommend is to go for a kit with at least 2 batteries, very important.

Full V2 Cigs review can be seen here.


  • One of the best cig-a-like kits available
  • ‘Plug & Play’ easy for new vapers
  • Quality product from a trusted, worldwide brand
  • Wide range of flavours to choose from
  • Kits to suit most budgets
  • Money back guarantee. Even if you have used the product
  • 10% off all V2 vape gear with coupon below.

UK Discount – 10% Off With Code ECIG10
USA/Europe Discount – 10% Off With Code SCD10

Jacvapour V1P PCC Kit

What Is The Best E Cig In The UKThe Jacvapour V1P Starter kit is another great starter kit. This differs slightly from the standard V2 Cigs kit in that it comes with a portable charging case or PCC for short.

This basically charges upto 5 full e cig batteries when you are on the move so a very handy bit of kit to have. The basic V1P starter kit only has one battery so it is highly recommended to add a spare at checkout.

If you decide to go with any of these kits you won’t go far wrong, both are excellent products.

Full Jacvapour review can be seen here.


  • Simple to use
  • Build quality very good
  • Portable charging case included so you can keep batteries charged on the move
  • Refillable cartomizers available do you can fill with your own e-liquid

Discount – 5% Off Store-wide With Code ECIGCLICK15

Recommended Vape Pens / EGO style e cigarettes

This type of e cig is again used as an entry point to electronic cigarettes for many smokers, mainly those that are not too concerned with buying an e cigarette that looks like a cigarette.

kik vape pen review
These type of e cigs are about the size of a cigar or a marker pen, depending on the type you go for. The smaller the device the smaller the battery capacity.

They are also ‘the next step’ for a number of vapers that may find they need an e cig with a longer battery life (as opposed to a mini e cig) and more options to tailor their e cig experience more to their personal vaping needs and preference.

There are again many different options here from your basic e cig which consists of a battery and a clearomizer to devices that allow you to change either the wattage/voltage to customize the way you vape.

These electronic cigarettes also let you refill with e-liquid rather than using pre-filled cartomisers.


  • Longer battery life, allowing for more uninterrupted vaping.
  • Fill with own e-liquid which can be more cost effective in the long run.
  • Customize-able – Can use a variety of different clearomizers / tanks to improve vapor and flavor.


  • May be too big for some users, especially those that don’t want to draw attention.
  • Quality can vary. Be sure only to buy reputable brands from reputable companies. Be wary of cheap e cigs and vape pens from market stalls.

So without further a do here are our recommendations from over 20 starter kits we have tried and reviewed.

The following two e cigs are great options.

Apollo Ohm Go Vape Pen

Apollo OHM GO KITThe Apollo Ohm Go kit looks the business. Luckily it’s not a case of ‘all fur coat and no knickers’.

The Ohm Go kit provides two vaping experiences in one. Mouth to lung (MTL) with the supplied 1.0 ohm coil, this is a similar experience that you would get smoking a cigarette. Direct to lung (DTL) with the supplied 0.5Ohm coil, this will give you that sub ohm vaping experience you may have heard so much about.

Both coils offer superb flavour and plenty of vapour.

Before you think that it sounds difficult to operate, think again. The Ohm Go is a ‘self adjusting’ vape pen.

By self adjusting we mean you don’t have to fiddle with any wattage settings, the device detects the coil and changes the wattage automatically giving you the optimum vape every time. The only thing it doesn’t do is vape itself.

The tank is top-fill making it easy to fill when you are on the move. All you need with this kit is to add e liquid and your good to go.

If you hadn’t guessed yet. We really like this vape pen kit.

Read Our Full Apollo Ohm Go Review Here


  • Build quality and design are top notch
  • 1900mAh battery
  • Offers sub ohm vaping and mouth to lung
  • Self adjusting device for the above (no messing around with wattage/power settings)
  • Top fill
  • Excellent flavour and cloud production

10% Off With Discount Code ECC

V2 Pro Series 3

V2 Cigs Coupon codes for vape pensThe V2 Pro Series 3 offers that little bit more than your standard vape pen.

This device gives the users the option to switch the e liquid tank out for a dry herb tank. All still using the same battery that automatically detects which tank you have installed.

Of course, if you just want to vape e liquid that’s fine! This is one of the easiest kits there is to use. The refill tank is held in place by magnets, simply drop the tank into the top of the battery and it slots in place. It’s as easy as that.

The V2 Pro Series 3 is also a very slick looking device and light enough to be carried around easily in your pocket or bag. The tank is filled through the top and in our testing had no leaking whatsoever. So mess free all-round.

A great starting point for new vapers or those looking to step upto a vape pen or upgrade their current device.

Read Our Full V2 Pro Series 3 Review Here


  • Solid build quality
  • Great looking device
  • 650mAh battery
  • Leak free
  • Loose leaf tank can be purchased separately for a different vape experience
  • Money back guarantee (Check T&C’s)
  • Top performer for flavour

UK Discount – 10% Off Sitewide With Code ECIG10
Rest of the World – 10% Off All Products With Code SCD10

Jacvapour Series S Starter Kit

Jacvapour Series S ReviewThe Series S is the new kid on the block from Jacvapour and possibly one of their best yet in it’s category.

The Series S has been built for simplicity.

Yet is still offers vapers both mouth to lung and direct lung inhale options. The beauty of this device is that you do not have to mess around with any wattage controls which can be confusing to new vapers.

Simply fill your tank. Place it on the battery and vape. The Series S will adjust the power output automatically depending on the coil used.

The 900 mAh battery offers a decent amount of vape time and the coils, excellent flavour.

A superb starter kit for those new to vaping and priced very competitively.

Read Our Full Jacvapour Series S Review Here


  • ‘Plug and play’ easy to use. No confusing choices to make
  • Nice design
  • 900 mAh Battery
  • Excellent Price
  • Coils offer mouth to lung and direct t lung vape options
  • Money back guarantee on kits (Subject to T&C’s)
  • Excellent customers service from the Jacvapour team

Discount – 12% Off The Series S With Code ECIGCLICK10
5% Off All Products With Code ECIGCLICK15

Innokin Endura T18

What Is The Best E Cig In The UKThis vape pen kit from Innokin is one of the newest e cigs to hit the market and quite possibly the best to date.

The Endura T18 is designed purely for first time vapers and those making the step up from mini e cigs. No confusing wattage changes, just fill your tank, screw it to the battery and you are ready to go.

The battery is 1000 mah which – when paired with the 1.5 ohm coil – should see most vapers through the majority of the day. The T18 Prism tank also offers great flavor and good vapor production to get the most out of your chosen e-liquid.

Add to all of this the top quality build and the reassurance that it has been produced by one of the leading e cigarette brands there aren’t too many negatives that come to mind.

Read our Innokin Endura T18 Kit review here


  • Trusted vape brand
  • Excellent quality
  • 1000mAh Battery
  • One of the best selling starter kits
  • Easy to use. No confusing controls
  • Just add e-liquid and it’s ready to use

UK/Europe Discount – 5% Off With Code ECIGCLICK
USA Free Shipping With Link Below

The next e cig falls into the mid size category but has added functions for the tinkerers out there! Not for everyone but if you do want to change the way you vape then this is a great option.

Recommended Box Mods

Innokin-Cool Fire 4 TC 18650 box modThe following recommendations are all box mods (or vape mods as they are also known). During 2015 we have seen more and more of these types of devices released to market with great fan fare.

The hype is justified though, some of these vape mods are fantastic. They are however more advanced and require more of a learning curve, they aren’t necessarily for everyone.

There are different features such as variable wattage, variable voltage or indeed both in the same device. Some are also good devices for those wanting to sub ohm vape. Again, this shouldn’t be done without first knowing what you are doing!

Some also have rechargeable, replaceable batteries that don’t require you to replace the whole e cig, like you will have to do with cig-a-likes and vape pens eventually.

All the box mods I recommend below are regulated, in other words they feature micro computers to control settings as entered by the user.


  • Battery life can be considerably longer depending on the setup allowing for long periods of vaping without requiring a charge. Perfect for heavy vapers.
  • Many have variable voltage/wattage settings that allow you to control the power output which in turn helps tailor settings for optimal user experience. Ie: More/less vapor – Warmer / cooler vape.
  • Batteries can be removed and replaced (in some) rather than having to replace the whole device.
  • Certain devices can provide the power for those wanting to get into sub ohm vaping.


  • It is necessary to know the capabilities of these devices before buying. They aren’t for everyone.
  • Learning curve – Some vapers just want a simple / straightforward device.

Lets take a look at some great Box Mods available

Apollo Nano Micro Mod KitApollo Nano Micro Vape mod

Apollo e cigarettes have been in the vaping world since waaay back when. So it’s safe to say they are at trusted brand that are here to stay.

One of their latest releases, the Apollo Nano Micro vape mod, is a compact little vape that packs plenty of power (50W). Not only will this device keep the more advanced vapers happy but also future proof new vapers looking for a step up or starter mod.

This mod will fit easily in the pocket, without the tank it stands just 3.5 inches small. But you won’t want to keep it there too long as it looks the business!

The 1200 mAh battery will give you plenty of vape time as well. Did I mention they have also squeezed temperature control capabilities in there? For those that want it (you don’t have to use it) it’s there.


  • Tiny mod
  • 50W power output
  • Temp Control for vapers that want it
  • 1200 mah battery
  • Kit comes complete with tank
  • From one of the most reputable & long standing brands

10% Off Site-wide – Use Coupon Code ECC

Jacvapour Series B Tilt Vape Mod

What Is The Best E Cigarette?I’m sure you’ve seen this brand recommended a number of times within this e cig buying guide. The reason is simple, Jacvapour are not only a trusted UK e cig company but they offer a number of top quality electronic cigarettes and e liquids in the UK. Moving on to their latest e cigarette.

The Series B Tilt is a super small mod that offers top performance. You may have noticed the word ‘Tilt’ in the title, this is because when the tank sits on top it has a slight tilt to offer improved dynamics to the position you vape.

OK, maybe it doesn’t make that much difference but I personally think it looks great. Definitely up there with my favorite looking mods! This particular vape mod has a replaceable battery so no replacing the entire mod when the battery dies, bonus!

Very important point! This does require a further learning curve to box mods with regulated batteries.

Check out our guide for vaping battery safety here for more information.

Check Out Our Hands On Jacvapour Series B Tilt Review here


  • Excellent build quality
  • 40W Output
  • Individual design that is different to any mod currently available
  • Replaceable 18650 battery (not included)
  • Discount code available for all ecigclick readers.

Discount – 5% Off All Products With Code ECIGCLICK15

Innokin Cool Fire 4

What Is The Best E Cigarette?The Cool Fire 4 by Innokin is a great vape mod and easy for vapers new to these type of devices to get the hang of. It ticks all the boxes for what I look for in a box mod.

It fits comfortably into the palm of my hand, the build quality is excellent, a hallmark of Innokin mods, and it looks great with the iSub tank sat on top as well as my go to tank, the Aspire Cleito.

The Cool Fire 4 is loaded with a 2000mah capacity battery that preforms as you would expect and while the 40W power output may not be enough for some sub ohm vapers for me it is perfect with a 0.5ohm coil.

Looking for more battery life? Maybe TC control? Then take a look at the Cool Fire 4 Plus and the Innokin Cool Fire 4 100TC mod. Both great recent releases.

Great product again from Innokin.

Read our hands on Innokin Cool Fire 4 review here


  • Feels really solid in the hand
  • Compact size fits nicely in the hand
  • Compatible with coils from 0.3oHm
  • 40W Output
  • 2000 mAh Battery
  • By Innokin, a trusted e cig brand

Free Shipping Options

Kanger Topbox Mini KitKanger Topbox mini Review

We can’t leave out Kangertech, another giant in the vaping world! They have a fantastic starter kit, the TopBox Mini.

The size of the mod itself (called the K Box mini) is great, fitting in the hand comfortably. It has a replaceable 18650 battery, again if you are not familiar with battery safety please read our guide, and a powerful 75W output.

The Topbox kit also comes with a Toptank Mini complete with RBA kit (rebuildable atomizer). Don’t worry though if you are not interested in building your own coils, it also comes with the Kanger OCC coil heads which offer a superb sub ohm vaping experience.

For those that want the option of temperature control this mod also has you covered.

Read our Kanger Topbox Mini Kit review here


  • Small form factor
  • Replaceable 18650 battery (not included)
  • Great performance from the OCC Coils
  • Temp control compatible
  • RBA deck offering the chance to build your own coils
  • 75W output
  • Compatible with coils from 0.1 ohm+
  • Trusted brand

UK/Europe – 5% Off With Code ECIGCLICK2015
USA – Free Shipping

Artery Nugget V2 Mod

artery nugget v2 reviewThe Artery Nugget V2 is something that little bit different and more of a stealth mod. I use this as a second device for when I don’t want to carry around a bulky mod.

The Nugget is tiny, measuring just 60mm x 34mm x 23mm. Even so, it still offers a 50W power output and a 1500mAh battery. Which is pretty amazing considering the size oth the mod. Oh yeah, it is also temp control compatible.

I personally use a coil resistance of around 1.5 Ohm with this mod as it allows for more battery life than a sub ohm coil would.

As you can see it packs in a lot into a small form factor and it looks pretty cool as well.

Check Out Our Artery Nugget V2 Review


  • Tiny form factor
  • Solid build quality
  • Upto 50W Power output
  • 1500mAh battery
  • Temp Control
  • Great for stealth vaping

UK/Europe – 10% Off With Code SUPERVAPE10
Rest Of The World – 15% Off With Code AECIGCLICK

So there we have it, these are our recommendations for the best e cigs on the market for 2017.

Of course we can only advise what the best e cig is based on what we have used but we are reviewing new e cigarettes, vape pens and vape mods all the time and will of course update this page as we go where necessary.

Now it is just down to you to decide what option fits with your needs!

Of course if you have any further questions just ask below in the comments or get in touch using the contact link located top right of this website. We will get back to you ASAP!

As always be sure to vape safely.

Take A Look At Our ‘Best Vaping’ Product Lists Below!


I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. We have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 100 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! I'm available on the blog most days, if you have any questions just use the contact tab and I'll get right back to you! Vape on...


  1. Hi Johnny

    I’ve been using the Blu pro for sometime, after stopping smoking. I’m finding I need more of a hit.
    I’m thinking of trying something that does both MTL and DTL.
    I found the Jacvapour series S and the Apollo ohm go, could you recommend one over the other? Are they simple to use? I just want to click and go.

    Or should I just go with an Innokin endura T18 for a better experience than the ruddy blu pro!?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Sadie,

      If you are wanting the option of both MTL and DTL vaping then definitely either the Apollo Ohm Go or Jacvapour Series S.

      There isn’t much in them, both work similarly, very easy to use. Simply fill the tanks and the battery auto detects the type of coil you are using and supplies the best vape for that coil. No messing around with wattage etc.

      If you are price driven then the Series S is the one. If not then I guess it’s a case of which one you like the look of 🙂

      Also, check out this guide on MTL and DTL vaping for more info on e-juices and nicotine strengths etc.

      Of course, if you have any other specific questions please ask away.



  2. You have taken£49.99 out of my account when I have not given any consent. I would like you to put this back right away

  3. Hi,
    I am trying to get my mother to stop smoking (she is over 60), i had her try an e-cig once (don’t remember the model) and she had troubles inhaling as it isnt quite the same as with cigarets. Anyone have an idea on what kind of type or model i should have her try as to be as similar as cigaret smoking. Im assuming its more of a mouth to lung inhale rather than direct?

    • Hi Mila,

      Great to see you are helping your mum find an alternative! I know how hard it was for my dad to make the switch after 45 years of smoking :).

      Yes you are right, you would be looking at a mouth to lung e cigarette, not a sub ohm device that provides a direct lung inhale.

      Vaping is quite different to smoking in terms of the way you inhale so that needs to be ‘taught’ so to speak.

      Smoking = Quick short drags
      Vaping = Slower, slightly longer drags
      Too harsh = Nicotine content may be too high
      No throat hit = Nicotine content may be too low

      Vaping with e liquid can take a little getting used to, but as long as your mother is willing to keep on trying she will be able to switch!

      Cig-a-likes do provide a tighter draw that is most similar to a cigarette. These can have downsides though due to the small battery sizes. From what you have said with your mother, this could be a good starting point to get her used to the act of vaping.

      Keep in mind that you *may* need to progress to vape pens soon after this to help cement the switch.


      Jacvapour V1P
      V2 Cigs

      Specific Vape pens also provide a mouth to lung draw. They are refillable and battery life is a lot better.

      Recommended Vape Pens

      Innokin Endura T18
      Aspire K2 Kit

      Of course any other questions you have please ask.



  4. Hi Jonny,
    I’ve been vaping for 4 years now. I started out with Aspire and love the ease and quality of it. My husband upgraded me at Christmas to a cool fire IV which I like the look and feel of as well as battery life BUT I can not get on with it. It pops, sometimes leaks and the hit is too strong no matter what the setting is on…I use 3.5 on both my Aspires I have the cool fire on 3 and it’s awful. I questioned the problems at a vape shop and was told my 75/25 oil was insufficient and I needed 50/50 which is what’s in it now. It still pops and there’s nearly no vape but an incredible burn. I’m thinking after reading your blog that I’ve been upgraded from mouth/lung cigarette to lung…am I Correct? What device should I get as an upgrade to Aspire k1 with similar attributes? I just wanted longer battery life and slightly harder hit/vape. Thanks for any advice.

    • Hi Rita,

      Can I ask what the tank is you are using with the Cool Fire IV?
      And what the resistance of the coil head you are using? The resistance will be displayed as a number such as 0.5 Ohm.

      Not sure if you have seen but there are also Aspire K2 and Aspire K3 versions. Each having that bit more battery life and larger tanks.

      If it’s a case of the hit being too strong then you likely have a sub ohm tank (Direct to lung) as you mentioned. It is always recommended to drop your nicotine level for these types of tank as they do hit harder due to the higher heat needed to operate them.

      The K1 kit had a 1.6 Ohm coil if I’m not mistaken.

      The battery itself (Coolfire IV) is fine to use. You may just need a different tank to suit your needs.

      Let me know on the above Rita and I’ll try and help further.



      • Hi Jonny
        The tank with my cool fire is an I-sub. The resistance is 0.5.
        The aspire tank does fit the coolfire battery but I thought the battery might be too much for it. I think I’ll purchase another tank. I really don’t have a clue about the different e-cigs and oils. I felt like an idiot in the shop when the guy started asking me questions and all I could say was ummm I put oil in and change the core once a month and vape…what else do I need to Know? Lol embarrassing how little I know. Thank you for not making me feel quite so stupid.

        • Hey Rita,

          Don’t feel stupid.. Not everyone is, or wants to be a vape geek:) My Dad is a prime example of someone that isn’t really interested in the how and why. He’s just like “I just want to fill, vape, fill vape, change coil, fill vape…” He has little patience for everything else that comes with it! 🙂

          When I first started it was relatively straight forward. There was only a handful of e cig types to choose from and pretty much one or two types of e liquid! It was easy in comparison to today 🙂

          Just to say regarding your Aspire tank. It will be fine on the Coolfire. Just start low with the wattage, around 6W, and work your way up in small increments until you find your setting.

          If you are looking at a new Mouth To Lung tank then there is a new tank just releases from Aspire, the Nautilus 2 (review here). It’s a great option worth looking at.

          Of course, any other questions you have don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will help where we can.

          As a reference we also have a vape guide section that may be useful.



  5. Hey Jonny! I have started vaping on Endura T22 since last 4 months. Now I want to try my hand on sub-ohm vaping. So far I have been learning a lot about vaping online and zeroed in on the Big Baby Beast for tank. Would appreciate your suggestions on which mod I should go for.

    • Hey Ron!

      Your not messing around with your first sub ohm tank that’s for sure 🙂 The Big Baby Beast will blow your socks off! In a good way of course!

      As for a compatible mod, the Big Baby comes with a 0.15 and a 0.2ohm coil so for best results you need a device that can handle low resistances safely.

      The lower resistance the higher the wattage needed on the device. You will also want a mod with a decent battery life as you are going to be vaping at higher wattages.

      I’d recommend taking a look at the SMOK Alien Mod.

      If budget allows, the Lost Vape Triade is a beauty of a mod.

      And the Wismec RX/23. Can be set up with two or three batteries.

      All the above will require the extra step of buying replaceable 18650 batteries though. So, if any of those take your fancy you will need to add these to your order.

      Any questions let me know.



  6. Hi Jonny I just wanted to say thanks for all that you are doing in the vape world your blogs are awesome and very trustworthy I for one will be using your advice and guidance so a big thank you for all your efforts

  7. I have a aspire k3 battery the dealer sold me a vaptio pt1 tank but it will not work it only flashes 3 times I tried the center pin thing but I still cant get it to work please help

    • Hey Rick,

      It sounds like the Vaptio tank coils may have too low a resistance to work with the K3 battery.

      Having a quick look the Vaptio looks like it’s supplied with 0.2ohm coils. These require higher wattage capabilities from your battery to work. Are your coils 0.2Ohm Rick?

      The Aspire K3 battery is designed to be used with the tank supplied which comes with a 1.8 Ohm coil head (needs lower wattage) and not for sub ohm vaping (requires high wattage).

      The flashing is the built in protection to stop coils with too low a resistance from firing.

      Hope that makes sense! It could be the issue. Let me know if you have any other questions.



  8. E cig device for CBD oil/liquid- I want to use one for non nicotine product but not sure what I need ? Any advice? Recommended companies?

  9. Has anyone heard of VAPEECIGSUK? I ordered one as a link as it was ‘so called’ only £4.95. I have obviously been scammed, as they have taken £69.99 a month later from my account, and I wasn’t aware I had signed up for anything. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Vivienne,

      I’ve not personally and couldn’t find any info after a quick Google search.

      It does remind me though of an ‘offer’ I saw about 3-4 years ago with a brand called Clearsmoke that I reviewed. It basically consisted of the buyer paying £5/6 for postage to receive their e cig.

      They had 15 days to try the e cig and if it wasn’t returned within that 15 days they were charged something crazy like £79.95! And the kit was garbage.

      This caught a lot of people out at the time as the small print was not easily seen, or hidden in thei T&C’s somewhere. Check out the comments on this post and you will see what I mean.

      Where did you see the deal Vivienne? Also, is VAPEECIGSUK the company name showing on your statement?

      Has anyone else had an experience with this company?

      • I have experience of vapeecigsuk in that I took up the free offer but I had to pay postage of £4-95. Several weeks later my credit card was charged £69-99. I contacted my bank and said that the charge was not authorised. I am now waiting for result. The telephone number of vapeecigsuk, confirmed by my bank, and also on the credit card statement was found to be no longer available. I have asked my bank to make no further payments to vapeecgsuk under any circumstances. Seems like an identical scam to that undertaken by Clearsmoke.

        • Yeah it does sound the same Christopher. These companies not only charge an arm and a leg but they sell crap as well.

          Where did you see the vapeecigsuk offer? Was it online?

          Hope you manage to get a charge-back from your CC company.

          Let us know how you get on.



          • Hi Jonny
            Pleased to say that my credit card company gave me a full refund. Whether they got the money back from vapeeecigsuk I know not. The scam arose after I had bought some petfood using Paypal and immediately afterwards I received the scam offer and thinking that it was from Paypal I fell for it.



      • I have also been in same situation been offered for 4.5 and after sometimes my 69.99 have been deducted from my account.

    • I recently had an identical experience with vapeecigsuk. This was the company shown on the statement and I have advised my bank that the payment was not authorised. They are investigating but I have no doubt that this is a scam especially in that the telephone number given on the statement no longer exists and I do not have their address or anyway of contacting them. There was no accompanying slip in the trial package they sent. They are not listed on any website I have searched.

  10. Hi there! Looking for some advice!

    I used E-cigs as a way of quitting smoking a while back and was successful in that respect. However, like many ex smokers I’m sure, I don’t have an outlet for stress anymore as smoking was my crutch for that.

    So I want to go back to vaping but without nicotine as a means of relaxing myself like cigarettes and E-cigs used to. however, towards the end of using E-cigs last time, I found the nicotine free liquids to be a bit lack luster and I didn’t get a satisfying hit or vapour from them.

    Do you have any advice for a decent new E-cig for me to look into and decent nicotine free liquid to go with it? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hey Adam,

      Nicotine is the main driver to getting a good throat hit when vaping.

      There are a few things you can try to try and get the throat hit effect.

      High PG e liquids. Don’t go for a juice that has a high VG content, as VG smooths out the throat hit. PG provides more of a hit.

      Menthol e liquids will help give that sensation. If you want a tobacco vape then you could try mixing a 0mg menthol juice with a 0mg tobacco juice.

      Certain flavours can provide a stronger throat hit. Fruit/citrus flavours can do this.

      Flavourart have something called ‘BiteExtra’. Personally never used it but a few drops is suppose to help – http://www.flavourart.co.uk/flavour-enhancers.html

      Vaping at higher wattages with sub ohm coils (coils below 1.0 Ohm resistance) may also help provide a stronger throat hit.
      It is going to take a little experimentation.

      It’s going to be a case of experimentation your end I’m afraid Adam!

      Good sub ohm tank I can recommend – Aspire Cleito
      Recommended Box Mods

      E Liquid – Jacvapour stock 80% PG e liquids. Can check them out here. Can get 5% off using code ECIGCLICK15.

      Hope that helps a little. Any other questions on the above please ask.



  11. Hi,
    I’m desperate for some help on what to buy. I need to kick my 20 – 25 a day habit before I am admitted to hospital for a biggish op in January. I’ve tried normal e-cigs before, but got fed up with the constant charging and replacing tiny cartridges.
    I want to move to vaping but haven’t got the first clue of what I need to buy, what is all this temperature control, wattage, drip etc? Trying to find out what would be best for me is almost as stressful as going cold turkey!!!!
    Please help!!!!!

    • Hey Paul,

      It can be confusing for sure as there are so many product choices.

      First to help a couple of questions:

      Would you prefer a vape pen type e cig
      A Box mod

      Difference is device size and battery life. Also most box mods will require a bit more of a learning curve as most give you the option to change your wattage/power to tailor your vape more to your personal preferences.

      Do you want mouth to lung vape – This is taking the vapour into your mouth and inhaling, as you would a cigarette/ cig-a-lie e cig
      Direct to lung – This is where you take the vapour directly to your lungs. This is generally in the realm of sub ohm vaping.

      Don’t worry about temperature control for now. Just let me know preferred device type and your preferred style of vaping.

  12. Hi I’m currently using the innokin t22 with 50/50 juice and looking to upgrade. Researching a lot. So I enjoy the mouth to lung way but I want more flavour from my juices. Any advice would be appreciated.

  13. Hi Johnny,
    I am not a particularly heavy smoker – 10 rollies a day but would like to give up and having been down the route of patches, gums etc I would like to try e cigs. I have no idea what they are/do but having read through your reviews I figured you could advise me. I don’t particularly like the look alike cigarettes but then don’t want a huge boxy one either. Can you suggest a pen like e cig for beginners – one that comes with instructions please !!
    Many thanks Teresa

    • Hi Teresa!

      Thanks for the question. Good to see you are giving e cigs a try. Give them a chance and I’m sure they will work out well for you!

      I have covered some of the best vape pens here. I would recommend, for a super simple kit that has everything to get started, the Halo Tank Kit.

      You can choose a flavour of e liquid. For nicotine strength, as a 10 a day roll up smoker, give the 1.2% a try. If this is too strong or doesn’t seem to be enough then of course you will need to go up or down in the nicotine strength.

      If you decide to go for that feel free to email me with any questions if you are unsure how to use it, I will respond directly. Contact form is at the top of the page.



    • Hi Jonny.

      I’m new to vaping but hoping to kick the 20 a day habit. Been at it just under a week and haven’t had a fag since. I prefer the straight to lung approach so went for the box mods.

      I was given my current unit by a friend and then purchased the Aspire Cleito on their recommendation. The box mod is a Dovpo Ember 50w. I like the size of this as it fits nicely in the palm of my hand and perfectly in my work trousers! Currently vaping Strawberry Chewit flavour, 80/20 mix and running around 40w.

      Problem being…..I’m having some issues with turning the unit on and off. I’m having to plug it in before it will turn on, regardless of the battery levels/life. I think it’s ready to give up on me and I’m looking to replace……but really not sure which suits my needs. Should I be looking for higher wattage for this tank? How much is too much?

      Sooooo many choices and unfortunately can’t find the Ember 50w anywhere.

      Any recommendations on a replacement box?

      • Hey Dale,

        Great to see that you are having a go at vaping to kick the cigs in to touch. Keep at it, it’s worked for so many, myself included!

        I use the Aspire Cleito regularly myself, so good choice there.

        Sounds like the Dovpo is giving up unfortunately. There are plenty of good choices for mods that will suit your needs.

        I have a list of some recommended box mods here

        But for your requirements check out the following, this is very good mod with integrated battery (as opposed to replaceable battery mods). It is high in the wattage department but this also means battery life is larger. So, it doesn’t really matter if you buy a higher wattage mod, you just use what you need.

        Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus

        For smaller, more compact mods check out our best nano/mini vape mods list.

        Just keep in mind while they are compact the battery life is reduced due to their size. Especially so when sub ohm vaping.

        Of course, if you don’t mind having a mod with removable/replaceable batteries then there are even more options. You do need to do more research, however, on battery safety.

        Any specific questions on any of the devices you see just ask!



  14. Hi Johny,
    im a newbie vapour and i thought i give the Innokin RBA kit a go.I am using a isub S tank and 0.5 coils.
    On using the RBA kit to make a coil and installing it,i found it caused the coil to leak from the bottom,i would imagine it stems from where the wire emerges from bottom of the coil.I tried installing new o rings on the coil to no effect still leaks,no problem on pre made coils from innokin.Bye the way i cut wire as close as possible 6to coil on completion.What am i doing wrong in your opinion?

    • hi John
      I am smoking 20 cigs a day.
      all my mates now gone to e cigs, and start feeling better and saving money , and recommending me to go fo e-cigs.
      i need your advise on which kit should i relay . i am always working and travelling a lot and need the best lasting powerful battery on market with this kit and without refilling to often, and also still give me enough nicotine dose,
      could you please advise which one should i buy.
      thank you

      • Hi Victor,

        Good to see you are looking for an alternative!

        One big factor in switching will be to consider if you want a mouth to lung vape – similar to smoking – or a direct lung inhale. The latter is usually associated with sub ohm vaping and provides bigger vapour and can also provide better flavour. You will however use a lot more e liquid.

        Also, if you can answer the following:

        Do you want an integrated battery (built into the e cig and cannot be removed) or would you be happy with a device where you can change the batteries. For the latter you will need to buy an external charger to charge your batteries.

        Requires extra kit but does mean you can carry spares with you (in a battery case, very important for safety).

        Let me know on the above Victor and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.



  15. Hey Jonny

    I’ve been vaping for over 3 years now and never touched a real one since (20/day habit)
    I wanted something that felt & looked the same – so I chose Greensmoke = not a problem until they left the UK.
    I’ve tried miniciggy – – not for me
    V2 – very disappointing and crap regardless of their reviews and claims – cartomisers lasted a couple of hours, others about 7 hours or leaked or came apart!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am using Magic Mist at the moment, they are ok
    Are you aware of any other brands? like thses as do not want a tank etc

    • Hey Stevo,
      Yeah, a shame Green Smoke chose not to carry on in the UK.
      There is the Epuffer Magnum kit and the Jacvapour V1P kit has always been a popular choice. The addition of portable charging cases on both is a good thing, can come in handy!

  16. Great article. I read it before, now I accidentally hit again. It takes these mini vodičinu all areas cry industry, especially for beginners.

    Thank you very much,

  17. I wish I had this kind of organized and useful information when I first started vaping. Well done! Blogs like this would be extremely useful, and many of the other blogs posted here are useful to the most experienced vapers as well. Yes, keep up the good work!

  18. Hi Jonny
    I’ve been vaping for a couple of years now but am getting very frustrated at the lack of robust kits offered.
    I am a builder so constantly have mucky hands and work in very dusty environments. I need a kit with very few ‘moving’ parts, that constantly fill with muck, and a very robust body.
    Speaking to many other vapers within the construction industry, I know there is a huge market for a ‘builder proof’ vape kit.
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks

    • Hey Nick,
      I see where you are coming from, not a huge amount out there!
      One of the main reasons is that batteries need to have sufficient ‘venting’ otherwise there could be issues.
      The Likes of the Innokin MVP 3 Pro are solid box mods, as for them being keeping out what a building site will throw at it I’m not sure.
      The only devices that come to mind that may come near what you are thinking are the Heatvape Invader, which is shock and dust proof and the Dovpo E LVT – http://www.dovpoecig.com/index.php/Starter_Kit/show/2015-ecigwholesale-dovpoecig-elvt-43.html. Not used the latter and not sure where sells them nowadays as it’s a couple of years old.
      The Invader has a rubberised body (which also covers the buttons) though and I reckon may do the trick?
      Failing that, maybe a silicone skin cover may help to some degree in keeping the crap out?
      Let me know what you think

  19. Hi johnny i have the t22 witch is great and im doing well with it but im looking to get a new mod with better performance that gives off a bigger cloud of smoke obv don’t want to spend silly amounts on it looking around 80 wondering if you have good suggestions

    • Hey Kieran,
      If you like Innokin products then the Cool Fire 4 range of kits is definitely worth checking out. The Innokin iSub tanks are also good performers, match well with the mods and are easy to fill and change coils. The iSub G or Apex Tanks are popular options.
      The Cool Fire 4 is a nice sized mod.  
      Then there is the Cool Fire 4 Plus which is chunkier but offers higher specs including longer battery life.
      One thing to keep in mind would be that these will offer a different style of vaping to the Endura T22. The T22 has a narrow drip tip and is good for mouth to lung vaping.
      The iSub tanks have a wider bore drip tip for direct lung hit (pretty much take a draw straight to lung rather than taking the vapour into your mouth first). But the vapour volume and flavour will be better.
      Let me know if these look like good options for you, both in your budget. Any other questions just ask!

  20. Hi I need a good recommendation for a good kit to use? I’m a heavy smoker and vape a lot, I’m using istick basic but it seems that I have to change the coil every week. Is there any suggestion for a good device that won’t let the coil use up so fast?

    • Hi Eric,
      There are a lot of variables with regards to coil life, the type of e liquid being used is one of them. Some flavors and juices can deteriorate coils quicker than others. It has to be said though for a heavy vaper, a weekly change is quite normal.
      To get longer life though you may want to look into rebuildable coils (RBA). This way it is just a case of changing the cotton when the flavour starts to decline. And coil changes themselves will be less frequent.
      Tanks such as the Toptank are good options for beginners. It offers standard stock coils and an RBA deck.
      If rebuildable coils don’t sound like they are for you, there are also tank such as the Innokin iSub series where it is easy to re-wick/replace the cotton in the stock coils. You will need some suitable organic cotton, which is cheap to buy. Instead of explaining here, take a look at Vics video where he changes the cotton in the coil – https://youtu.be/Z3R9F1OjnWs
      The iStick basic won’t work with these kind of tanks so you will need a new mod to work tanks like these. If you are happy with Eleaf products then they do have box mods that are suitable. The iStick 40W / iStick 50W. Also the likes of the Cool Fire 4 and Cool Fire 4 Plus are good options.
      Let me know if you have any questions on the above!

  21. Hi

    I have been using the ego one xl, I love that it lasts all day, both the battery and the tank fill, but I find it constantly leaks, gurgles and the tank heats up and having to replace the coils constantly. Can you recommend something similar in style but leak free, I hate that I cannot put it in my bag without it leaking over everything if it’s not kept upright.

    • Hey Denise,
      I haven’t used the Egon One but some suggestions based on similar issues and fixes with other devices:
      Are you using a high PG e liquid do you know? Higher PG juices can be a thinner consistency, which in turn can be a cause for leaking. Could be an idea to try an e liquid with a higher VG % first. Maybe around 60VG/40PG or 50/50. May or may not be the problem.
      Also, when unscrewing the the tank from the base to fill, this can sometimes casuse the coil to come loose/unscrew a little. I’m sure you have done this but just be sure the coil head is screwed snugly in place when filling..
      If you don’t think any of the above will help though, there are a some vape pen devices that I have had good results with.
      First is the Innokin Endura kits, The T18 and the T22. I use the latter when I’m out and about quite regularly and I have personally never had any leaking issues when ensuring coil is seated correctly.
      I’m also using the new Aspire K3 kit at the moment for review and have been getting good results from this.
      Hope that’s helped some! Let me know if you have any other questions Denise.

  22. HI Johnny, iv been using social lites and not been getting on great now as find the liquid leaks a bit, im just looking for something that gives a good inhale of smoke,safe and around the 40-50 pound mark, convenience is good also what would you recommend for myself Sir?



  23. Hi! Excellent reviews. I have the Endura T18 in pink for elegant moments.
    And for casual, I love my Smok Micro R80 TC. For the everyday, I use my Tfv4 with the Sigelei 150w TC. I recommende them, fabulous clouds and performance.

  24. Whatever you do, do NOT use Vapemate! I bought a vapouriser from them and it was faulty and they’ve refused me a refund. It was 6 months ago and I still have had no luck. AVOID!

  25. Hi jonny,

    Thank you for the brilliant reviews. I am leaning towards the Innokin T18/22. However, I wanted your input on some things before I do so. In my little vaping experience, I have found, using ‘real’ (closest to the real taste) tobacco flavoured juices tends to ‘clog’ up the coils (accumulation of gunk). Consequently, my coils typically lasted 2-3 days before needing replacing. FYI I almost exclusively vape the TripHammer Temptation and Hedges (T&H original), and for some reason could not find a suitable alternative to my liking.

    I understand that dry burning helps the issue. However, in my case, it would either result in burning the wick, or would not prove effective enough to be able to re-use the coil despite dry burning it. The only solution I found was to simply replace the coils, the caveat being the higher costs of maintenance.

    Is there something you could suggest, either in terms of juice and/or kit. Or do you think I am headed in the right direction by going the Innokin route. Also would you recommend against or for, regarding re-wicking and/or re-coiling such systems. Any other guidance and suggestions from you would be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    • Hey Zam,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I don’t personally vape tobacco juices but I have heard that they can clog up coils. It can happen if juices are heavy on sweetners, artificial flavours or other additives but is not just exclusive to tobacco flavours.
      With regards to dry burning this should only done when there is no cotton in the coil head.
      Once the cotton is removed you can dry burn the coil, but just ‘pulse’ the power a few times rather than prolonged pressing to avoid damaging any other parts in the coil head.
      It should then be rinsed under a tap and new cotton installed.
      The Endura T18/22 are great devices but the coils don’t look all that easy to re-wick, which will save on the amount of coils you are going through. So if you think this will be important then I would maybe look at something else.
      One tank that is a great performer and is easy to re-wick is the Innokin iSub range of tanks. The iSub coils are cross compatible in the iSub and Apex tanks by Innokin.
      The cotton is easy to remove and replace so if you are using your current juices you can just re wick the cotton rather than binning the whole coil. Would work out to be pretty cost effective.
      Rather than explaining check out Vaping With Vics video, he re wicks one of the coils 18 minutes in

      You would be best off having a vape mod for these tanks to get the full benefit, they are also bigger/wider as well and will overhang on the likes of the Endura and other Ego type devices. The Innokin Cool Fire 4 and 4+ are good options.
      As for a quality tobacco juice, Black Note is getting some great feedback as being quite close to the real thing. It’s Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T) and doesn’t have anything artificial added. It is supposed to be kinder to coils as well.
      Anything else just ask!

      • Hi Jonny,

        Many thanks for your prompt reply and suggestions.

        The iSub range of tanks do look like the best bet, and will probably go for the Innokin Cool Fire 4 mod. That said I had always been under the impression that the lower the ohms, the lower the ‘life’ of the coil, am I right in thinking is?

        If it is indeed so, would it make sense to get the iSub tank, but use the 2.0 Ohms coils? In this case I feel using the Cool Fire 4 mod would be an overkill minus the better battery life. How about pairing the iSub tank (with 2.0 Ohm coils) with the Endura battery.

        Sorry of throwing many questions at you, but I am trying to wrap my head around this. Needless to say I highly appreciate your help. 🙂

        Best wishes,


        • Hey Zam,
          No problem, happy to help where I can.
          I personally have never noticed the difference in the life of a coil with say a sub ohm 0.5 coil or a 2.0 ohm coil, of course the 0.5ohm coils take more heat on so it would make sense they would deteriorate quickly. For me though it’s not that noticeable.
          You will definitely get prolonged battery life with the latter though.
          As you say though with the 2.0 ohm coil, yeah definitely try these out. The performance is still very good (I’m vaping with the 2ohm coil as I write). You can try both though if you were to get a variable wattage mod such as the cool fire 4.
          As with using an iSub tank with the Endura T18, I wouldn’t recommend it even though the 2ohm coil will work with the fixed 14W setting.
          The iSub tank is 22mm in diameter and the Endura battery is 18mm (I think off the top of my head). Either way the iSub tank will overhang the battery and be quite top heavy.
          I have taken a picture so you can see what I mean (This is the iSub S tank so may be different depending on which iSub tank you choose but they are all 22mm diameter. Just to give you an idea on size)
          Endura T18 with isub tank
          Innokin Endura T22 With iSub S
          As you mentioned you were saying the Cool Fire 4 may be overkill. You do however have a bit of experience vaping and I would say the variable wattage option is a good next step.
          The variable wattage it offers over the Endura will give you more flexibility with regards to how you vape. By that I mean you can pick the perfect wattage for the juice you are vaping, if you prefer a slightly warmer vape then you can up the wattage a touch. Cooler vape just dial down the wattage.
          You also have the option to play around with sub ohm coils if you wish.
          Of course it all comes down to personal preference Zam both on the size of a device and how you want to vape.
          To summarise!
          The Endura has been paired well with a 1.5 ohm coil as standard, so if you were to buy this kit it would be a good performer BUT, the coils are not easily re-wickable.
          The Endura T18 is too small to be paired with the iSub tank.
          The iSub tank sits well on the T22 but the wattage is still fixed at 14W. While it does work with the 2 ohm coil you are set to the one wattage and you will not be able to use any sub ohm coils with this.
          The Cool Fire 4 pairs well with the iSub tank and offers prolonged battery life as well as variable wattage and 0.5ohm sub ohm coil compatibility. The size though will be bigger than what you are currently used to.
          If re wicking stock coils is your main concern then I would recommend the Kanger iSub range of tanks or to throw another one in the Kanger Subtank Mini. The stock OCC coils can be re-wicked and it also comes with an RBA deck so you can rebuild your own coils.
          Hopefully haven’t confused matters as I have rambled a bit there!
          Any other questions though let me know.

          • Hi Jonny,

            Thank you for your suggestions. I ended up going for the Cool Fire 4+ Mod with the ISub tank. So far, feels a bit heavy, but the flavour is unreal.

            Best wishes,


          • Great stuff Zam, the Cool Fire 4+ is a top choice! Compared to what you had the weight at first will be a big difference but it gets more familiar in time 🙂

  26. Hi Jonny, great reviews! I’m wandering if you can help. I recently stopped smoking using an e cig. It is a vape pen. However I’m realising that it’s not a good product as most coils taste burnt, leaking etc. Anyway, I was a moderate smoker and I really don’t know what e cig to go with. I don’t mind spending whatever, as long as it’s a good product that can continue to help me stop smoking. I want something that I don’t have issues with burnt coils and a good brand that has good replacement parts. I need a good vaping experience! What would you recommend?

  27. Hey Johnny,

    I’m new to ecigs having tried the throw away ones which I didn’t like so went back on the fags again, I’m I heavy smoker maybe 30 a day. My question is that I dnt want to spend a lot of money on ecig and not get on with it and waste more money. My friend uses a vapour pen and I tried it and thought it was better than the throw away ecig. I have read all your info a few times going back and forth through it, I would like advice on what kit or battery life I should go for and I don’t have a laptop to recharge the device so what would you suggest please and also what strength of eliquid should I go for I smoke Berkley super kings or original. Any info would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Susanna,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Yeah the disposables are pretty poor, I’ve never got on well with those either.
      As a heavy smoker I would recommend the the following options as good starter kits that also have a good battery life, will depend on your budget though:
      Jacvapour 510 kit – I would suggest minimum 650 mAh, you do get 2 batteries with these kits though. They don’t come with a wall charger but Jacvapour do sell them separately in their accessory category for around £5.
      Can use our Jacvapour discount code ECIGCLICK15 for 5% off all purchases.
      Aspire K1 Kit (comes with wall charger and 1 x 900 mAh battery)
      Innokin T18 or T22 starter kit – These are the newest kits to hit the market and are very easy to use. Will need to purchase a wall charger separately though, the wall plug below can be used.
      Endura T22 / T18 Starter Kits
      Uk wall charger
      Can use discount code ECIGCLICK for a further 5% off.
      Regarding e-liquid, I never smoked Berkleys but I would say try out an 18mg e-liquid to start and see how you get on there.
      Hope that helps a little, any more questions though please ask.

  28. I smoke cigarettes again because vaping is too easy. With my vaping pen I can sit while driving puffing away continuously for long periods and vaping far more than I would smoking. I am a roll up smoker. Are there any plans to invent an e cig that can only be smoked for, say ten puffs at a time

    • Hi Chris
      Maybe you´re not getting enough nicotine with every draw you take on your vaping device.

      Jesper Jensen, Denmark

  29. My problem is trying to find ecigs for the wife while i am a non smoker, she started off on innokin AIO then protank mini, then liked the leaky ego c tornado, it being more lady like and a whistle mouthpiece.
    Just bought a istick 40w kvapor with aspire bvc clearomizer since some of the box mods are very masculine looking but give better battery life.
    I sometimes think manufactures are missing a trick with a huge proportion of the ecig market being women who do not want something resembling a machine.

    • Hey John,

      you are right, the industry has been focusing on sub ohm tanks and box mods while seemingly forgetting that not everyone wants a chunky looking device.

      One new product that does however look interesting (review coming shortly) is the Innokin Endura T18 vape pen kit. Has a respectable 1000mAh battery upto date coil/tank technology and has been designed with new users in mind. Might be worth taking a look at – https://www.vapour.co.uk/innokin-endura-t18-vape-pen-kit

  30. What is meant by the term ‘sub Ohm’ vaping. I use the istick 30w but try to get the bigger vap, more ploom and bigger hit, which tank should i be using ?


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