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Vaping Questions AnsweredHello, Im new to vaping and so far I’ve primarily used your website to find safe places to buy and purchase devices/eliquids from.

Im a bit apprehensive though about certain things and would really appreciate some more information – primarily about the purity and safety of eliquids.

Im very picky when it comes to the quality of eliquids and so far I’ve made a list based on your reviews and other anecdotes I’ve heard on youtube etc of the best quality eliquids brands that have gone a step further and have actually posted there lab results proving their e-liquids are toxin free.

Can you verify what I’ve come up with just in case I’ve made a mistake. I am currently trying to work out whether I have a sensitivity to PG you see because the last eliquid I smoked was in an electronic cigarette and it was a 70 PG 30 VG at 18mg nicotine tobacco flavour – I vaped it all day and by the late afternoon my chest was tight and I had a terrible headache 🙁

I wasn’t sure whether it was the high PG content or the high nicotine. What confused me more is that the electronic cigarette I bought was from a very transparent trusted brand, Halo vapour co, and so I don’t think it was the quality of their liquid because they are more transparent when it comes to their eliquids than most and so I’m now worried to vape high PG or 50/50 PG/VG blends…and I’m also not going to smoke anything more than 12mg nicotine until I workout whether it was the PG or the nicotine.

I listed these eliquid brands as trustworthy as they show lab results

I also found another brand that says they are 100% VG – VSAVI – however they only state that their eliquids are organic and pure but they don’t prove it with lab results.

The same goes for companies such as decadent vapours and JacVapour – they sound good and pure but don’t prove what they say with certificates.

I would like your opinion on the eliquid companies I’ve listed above and whether I’m safe to purchase their liquids and considering my inability to know whether I’m sensitive to PG – what liquid’s would be the safest to vape to begin with.

Im also wanting to make my own eliquids and I’ve been looking for flavour concentrates that are safe to vape. I’ve heard The Flavour Apprentice, Capella and Flavour West are safe – but cant find a website to buy them from in the UK that I definitely know is trustworthy.

I came across this Uk website that sells flavours from these companies – Make My Vape – I’m just unsure whether they are legitimate.

Can you verify that they are or do you know any other UK websites that sell safe pharma grade DIY E-liquid supplies? Plus are the concentrate flavours from the companies above like The Flavour Apprentice, Capella and Flavour West definitely safe to vape? Or am I safer buying concentrates from eliquids brands like – JacVapour or Decadent vapours or Apollo or any other brands that sell already made concentrates that are proven to be safe to vape?

Im just a bit confused and scared to vape because I’m sensitive to chemicals and even though all the eliquids companies above tell you what’s not in their liquids they don’t tell you exactly what’s in their eliquids – all they say is PG/VG Natural and Artificial Flavours – which could be absolutely anything – which is why I’m scared to vape because I don’t want a bad experience like last time.

But I hate smoking and I really want to stop – I’ve been doing it for 10 years now and I’m only 26. Its ruining my health and draining my bank account. Please give me some advice on what I’ve said above and how can I find out whether I’m sensitive to high PG or just too much nicotine.

I just need to know safe brands to buy from and safe flavour DIY companies that are based in the UK to purchase from. I love your website by the way and really appreciate the information it gives new vapours.


Hi There,

Thanks for getting in touch!

First thing… New TPD regulations came in last May that require e-liquid manufacturers that sell in the UK to pass testing.

So.. ALL 10ml bottles that contain nicotine will have been tested and submitted to the MHRA.

Anything above 10ml bottle size can only be sold with zero nicotine so don’t technically require testing although most of the trusted brands do this.

If you see a brand/flavour that stocks say Roast Chicken flavoured e-liquid and it supplies this in both 10ml with nicotine and 100ml zero nicotine it’s highly likely that that the 100ml has come from the same batch as the tested liquid.

All the brands you mentioned are trusted, I have visited the site where Jacvapour make their e-liquid and it’s a very good, clean setup. Email them and they will show you the reports if you want. Check this page our for other trusted online vape stores that I use.

Second thing… Pretty much any e-liquid I have seen has far fewer chemicals than a tobacco cigarette. Tested or not.

E-liquid contains PG/VG and flavourings. Don’t be scared.. you (as I did) are/was smoking arsenic and all the other deadly chemicals tobacco contains. Your body will take a while to get over stopping inhaling these and needs time to get used to the new vapour that is being inhaled.

You may have a PG allergy, it’s hard to say. Read more about vaping side effects here.

Although you could just be getting used to the act of vaping. I used to feel quite sick sometimes when I first started but it passed. I also get headaches from time to time still. When vaping you really need to keep your water intake up as it can dehydrate.

Read more here about PG and VG in e-liquid.

Also, if your nicotine is too high you can also feel a sickness or again headaches. Like you would if you had 4 espressos on the run 🙂

Try a lower nic strength for a couple of days and see how you get on and if needed work your way up a level from there.

I haven’t personally made my own e-liquids but again, I recognise all the brands and websites you mention and I would personally trust them. One of our reviewers does make her own e-liquid and has talked about making DIY e-liquid here.

The concentrates such as Capella, Flavour apprentice likely feature in a lot of the big e-liquid brands.

In short I would suggest starting with pre-mixed brands such as Jacvapour, Apollo or any that you mention. I have used them all and would have no hesitation in buying again. Try reducing your nicotine see if that helps but also drink plenty of water and keep hydrated!

Anything else I can help you with let me know!

Reader Response

Vaping Questions Answered

Hi Jonny,

Thankyou so much for the detailed feedback, I really really appreciate it!

I wanted your advice because your an independent reviewer rather than a brand or seller and so I felt your opinion (as you have been vaping a long time now) would be much more useful than anyone else that I could contact for such information.

I know I agree with you there, I thought it was weird myself. I thought why am I getting these reactions from e-liquid when Im smoking 700 plus deadly chemicals a day lol it didn’t make sense to me either, which is why I though its either such high PG or high nicotine rather than anything dangerous in the liquid.

I’m glad the e-liquid brands I mentioned are safe as it took me a while to go round reading not only your info and other peoples.

Its been quite a mind labyrinth getting used to the different types of vaping – mouth to lung (as I am right now) and direct to lung as I am looking forward to trying and maybe being in the future lol.

Its also been a lot of information to take in about different coils, amps, watts, volts and etc.

I think I understand the watts part currently not sure what it means by the amps and volts so far, probably need more info on that before trying out mod devices lol

I love all the new devices, my favourites so far are Aspire and Smok – I love the way they look and sound. I think I’m going to try the Aspire Pockex as its simple, then maybe the Aspire Zelos and then maybe Smok mod devices (like the Morph Kit) only thing that put me off with the Morph was the software updates. (I’m not sure how to go about that stuff and how simple it is)

I’d love to collect all the devices lol but i’m a bit skint at the mo so I’d have to do it gradually if it becomes a passion.

I’m looking forward to trying all the lovely flavours too from the brands I mentioned but I was just apprehensive like I said because I wanted to make sure they were safe flavourings as some sound so elaborate you think “how did they make that” – they do some wonderful though! I love the sound of milk and honey and sonset by cosmic fog and the lost fog range and elements and the others.

I’m really looking forward to black note as I’ve seen many people say its incredible how tobacco like their flavours are, I think that brand may really help me get off cigarettes as I will have no excuse if their liquids mimic tobacco so well.

I’m just hoping the 50PG 50VG blend will be okay. I guess I can only try and see. But to be safe I’ll probably stick with the higher VG blends at first at about 6mg and go higher in PG gradually sticking at the same nicotine strength to work out if I’m okay with PG. If I am I’ll be over the moon as I’ve been wanting to quit for aggggeeess…but I’ve just felt a bit lost with all the questions I asked you.

Do you have any favourite mouth to lung devices/lung to mouth devices/eliquids and eliquid concentrate brands you have found to be the best and that you think would be great for a beginner.

Thankyou so much again.

Your advice and feedback has been very reassuring 🙂


No it’s more likely you are reacting to the PG or nicotine.. It does take a bit of experimenting as everyone has different needs and reactions.

Vaping is completely different to smoking so a little patience may also need to be thrown in there. You’ll get there though, you sound determined enough!

It does sound like you are over thinking a lot of stuff though. Not a bad thing for sure but unless you are building your own coils to use on a mechanical mod you don’t need to complicate your decision process.

To make it simple.


For mouth to lung you will likely (depending on tank) be using from 0.7Ohm – 1.8ohm coil resistance. Sometimes maybe higher.

The higher resistance the coil, the less wattage you will likely use. The lower resistance the more wattage.

I vape a 0.7ohm coil at 18-20W and 1.8 around the 14W. Again, this could be different for you so just a guideline.

0.5Ohm coils I vape around 25-35W depending on the flavour and my mood at the time.


If you have an integrated battery you only need to look at the wattage.

You can also use Voltage setting on some but most devices run off wattage so stick with that to simplify things.

These mods are regulated so are built with protections in so it’s hard to go wrong with them.

If for instance you were to buy the Alien mod you need two 18650 batteries. But if you are vaping at 14-25W most good batteries will be just fine. It’s when you are getting to the 150-200W mark (which a small amount of vapers vape at) that you really need to look at ohms law and the amps of the batteries you are using as you are drawing a lot more energy from the batteries.

Don’t overcomplicate…. While it’s good to know you won’t be reaching crazy wattage just yet if ever..maybe.


Not sure if you read the guide linked to in previous answer but you need to keep an eye on the ratio.

Not all coils, especially MTL coils, play well with high VG. VG is thicker than PG. It’s recommended for most MTL tanks to try and stick around 50/50 or 60VG/40PG. Some work fine at 70VG too.

6mg is quite low if your coming off the cigs as well if vaping MTL. Maybe buy an 11/12mg as well just in case the 6mg doesn’t get keep the cravings at bay.


It’s very much a subjective thing but here is a little of where I’m at with juices.

I’m not into tobaccos anymore but Black Note is regarded as one of the best. Check out Vaping with Vics review on Youtube.

At the moment I’m really enjoying:

The others you mention are good too. I have tried them but a while back! One of the joys of vaping is trying out these new flavours though 🙂

I don’t do DIY or buy concentrates! But I hear good things about Flavour Boss, Chefs Flavours and Flavour Art. Make My Vape can be trusted too, I see them about a fair bit. You can also buy Pharma Grade PG and VG on Amazon.

You cannot, however, buy Nicotine in bulk. Only nic shots in 10ml bottles.


I use the following regulated mods with built in batteries:

  • Aspire Zelos mod regularly as I can change from MTL to DTL tanks when I want.
  • Also the Innokin Coolfire 4 devices. I’m currently using the CoolFire Ultra. It is a fair bit bigger than the Zelos though.
  • Aspire Gusto Mini – Pod mod. Comes with prefilled pods with e-liquid by Element. Tiny little thing dead easy to use. It is also possible to refill them. See our review on site. Obviously don’t need a tank with this.
  • Jacvpour S17 and S22 kits – Come with tanks nut can be bought separately.

Tanks (MTL)

  • Jacvapour S17/S22 tank – They are just different diameters. The S22 for example would look better on the mods above.
  • Aspire Nautilus 2s

I’ll leave it there for now. My advice would be to start simply.. get to know your device first then move onto making your own e-liquids.

Reader Response

Aww, thanks dude 😊

That’s helped a lot, the coils and the watts make a lot more sense now and yeah I agree keeping it simple sounds like the best thing to do, and no I probably wont make my own coils, the furthest I’d go is eliquids lol

I will check out all those devices and liquids and go back to your website for more information as its really helped me already just when iv had chance to look through it.

I love the sound of the Aspire Gusto mini 😊 sounds very cool! plus I like the sound of element a lot too so yeah I’ll go see the review on your site!

Thank you so much Jonny you’ve really helped to reassure me about everything and you’ve given me some great starting points to go from.

And I am determined 😊 I want 2018 to be cigarette free so the sooner I get vaping the better!

Thankyou again,


No Worries.. Make sure you keep me updated with how you get on and if you are unsure on anything just let me know.

Reader Response

Vaping Questions AnsweredHey Jonny!

I hope you things are going well for you?

I’m glad to inform you that I haven’t smoked a single real cigarette for two weeks now since Jan the 1st and I’ve been using the Aspire Pockex 😊.

I like it a lot mainly for the simplicity, tank fill design and that its easy to carry but my main worry and complaint is that because I’m using eliquids that are about 70vg/30pg I’m running through one coil about every 2 days and its becoming ridiculously expensive 😞.

I cant keep up with the cost and don’t want to refer to smoking due to financial problems…I’m using the 0.6ohm coils that came preinstalled with the pockex and have been buying them from Jacvapours website (JacVapour are great, there liquids good and they have great customer service) and…But £13.99 a week for coils and that’s not including liquids is just as expensive as smoking if not more.

Can you give me advice on what to do…are there any other coils for the pockex that last longer or are there any other devices you can suggest with long lasting coils…i’d rather change my whole device if it will cost me cheaper in the long run.

I was on reddit and someone said the Aspire Triton mini tank with the 1.8ohm Clapton coils last a long time – sometimes two weeks….however I have no clue what mod goes with this tank and where to buy the tank, coils and a mod for a reasonable price on a UK website.

Please advise me on a device with long lasting coils, or other coils I can use with this…and links to the places to buy from that you trust if you have suggestions on what I can change too.

I just don’t want to be paying so much money because of coils.

Thankyou again.


I’m great thanks, hope you’re good too.

Brilliant that you haven’t had a cig for 2 weeks, genuinely makes me happy to hear that!

2 days isn’t good unless of course you are tooting on it pretty much non stop 🙂 How much are you vaping? Heavily?

OK.. The problem we have is that the only other coils you can use are the Nautilus X coils. These are meant for a MTL vape though and may not be too great with the Pockex.

Also, you cannot replace the tank (as you know) as it is an All In One device.

So.. the only thing you can really do if you decide to keep is:

  • Try an e-liquid that is not as sweet. Sweeter, dessert type e-liquids can cause a kind of gunk to build up on your coils that can give you burnt taste.
  • Ensure tank is topped up all the time, don’t let it run too low.
  • Don’t chain vape.. After 2/3 draws take a break. Consider higher nic strength.
  • As for a different kit (one that is more flexible in terms of allowing new tanks etc):

I’d recommend the Jacvapour S22 Top-fill version –

Maybe the latter would be the better option. A little more of an outlay but ongoing the coils are cheaper and should of course last longer. We have a Jacvapour discount code that allows for 15% off all orders as well with code ECIGCLICK as well.

You can also add any tank to the battery in the future should you want a change.

Hope that helps a little and hope you get sorted!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Reader Response

Vaping Questions AnsweredThanks so much for the reply and yes I’m all good 😊.

Well I’ve just gone and purchased the Aspire Zelos as I was watching vids and I thought I’m never going to go back to cigs so I need to buy a better device that will last me and is able to do variable wattage and can be combined with different tanks and has different coils – 3 different variants 0.7, 1.6 and 1.8 – as I think this will help me to know my vape style more.

However, to answer your question I do chain vape quite a lot, I think its because I smoked for so long (12 years) and I always found smoking to be a comfort so its something I do especially if im anxious or stressed. I do go for more vanilla like, coffee and cream flavours so my juices are darker and as for the 70 percent VG, doesn’t seem to help.

Iv been watching vids on how to clean coils and some ppl seem to use water and grain alcohol, others vinegar, others baking soda and others an ultrasonic cleaner.

I tried just water and leaving it to dry then blowing the air out the other day and it has made the coils last at least a day or so longer. But I’m thinking about getting an ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning them all and leaving them dry for two days and then reusing them.

Also I realised an ultrasonic cleaner is also used for steeping eliquid blends and because iv been doing research on that too I thought it is a good buy.

I’ve found flavour art, the flavour apprentice, capella, decadent vapours and dark star vapours to be some of the best brands to get concentrates from through watching vids and forums and so I’m going to get some of those. Im also going to start using 50/50 pg vg and see if I can make coils last longer that way too.

I also am thinking about getting the Aspire gusto mini as a back up vape as that is simple and I don’t have to think about coils and liquids. I found a vid saying you can reuse the pods so I thought for 3 pods around ten pounds your getting 3 coils and 6ml of ejuice which isn’t too back considering you get the juice and the coils and its also great if the refilling method works – does the refill method work? have you tried it?

Plus can you tell me if you’ve reused your coils and if you know much about the methods I mentioned?

Plus do you think I made a good decision getting the Zelos? I haven’t tried it yet buy it should arrive on Saturday or Sunday 😊

All the best.


I use the Zelos mod with the Aspire Nautilus 2 tank on a regular basis, the Nautilus 2 is my go to mouth to lung (MTL) vape. So good choice there 🙂

The 0.7Ohm coil will be Ok with your 70VG juice, the others may struggle but if you use 50/50 you will be OK:

One tip I can give (that I have experienced) is:

As 70VG juice is thicker, it can take a little more work to soak through the holes on the coil into the cotton. When vaping the nautilus 2 I can tell when it’s struggling as you may sometimes get that feeling that a ‘dry hit’ is on the way. So.. Just try not to hammer 4 or 5 long drags on the run, give the coil time to soak up the thicker juice.

Not sure what nic strength you are using but it could be (if you vape a lot) that it’s not high enough.

MTL tanks, do in general, need higher nicotine than a true sub ohm tank to satisfy.

Aspire Gusto… Good choice again. One of our reviewers, Dean, covered this for us – He also did a video on refilling the Aspire Gusto pods that is on that page too.

I haven’t tried but I have spoke to Dean about it and I trust his judgement on it that it does work plus I saw him doing it 🙂 The Gusto pods use nicotine salt’ e-liquid that is said to be more effective at delivering the nicotine into your system.

Re-using coils – I did try this years ago but for me personally it didn’t really work out too well. I found the coils were never the same. Plus.. It was just too much hassle (for me) to do as well. Although I’m not the most patient when it comes to these things 🙂

Worth a try though, you have nothing to lose. Just make sure the cotton is bone dry before using.

As for DIY.. Good idea for sure if you want to make the pennies stretch that bit further. Laura-Ann, one of our reviewers, makes her own e-liquid. She wrote a guide here, if you have any questions regarding this then leave a comment on the post and I’m sure she’ll do her best to help out.

I tend to use a lot of Short Fill e-liquid. You can buy a a large (50ml) 0% nicotine e-liquid for instance and add a 10ml nic shot, makes 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. The only issue with this is you are limited to the percentage of nicotine you can achieve (6mg). Thank the TPD regulations for making life difficult 🙂

I don’t want to throw another into the mix but have you thought about using an RTA? This way you can either buy pre made coils or build your own and install the cotton yourself. A bit more advanced but if you are willing then it could work out cheaper buying the gear you need rather than forking out for an ultrasonic cleaner.

I personally buy pre-made coils and rarely build my own anymore.

Anyway just a thought.. More reading on that here if it’s interesting.
Let me know how you get on!

Reader Response

Vaping Questions AnsweredHi Again! I totally agree! I’m very happy with the Zelos and I have to say the flavour is exceptional 😊 truly wonderful!

I now understand why vaping can get so addictive, a good device really does make all the difference. Eliquids just taste so much better, I think you only realise once you upgrade to a better set up.

I have to thank the Pockex as that got me off the cigs to begin with and I still use that but compared to the Nautilus the flavour doesn’t meet the same standard, the Pockex has decent flavour, but the Nautilus 2 is just so much better 😊

Plus I’ve realised I much prefer the draw, I do love the MTL I really get that smoking feeling again, but with beautiful flavours instead!

And the Aspire Gusto mini, wow, where do I start lol talk about a nicotine buzz you get with the Nicotine Salt e-liquid! Its super awesome I have to say 😊 its deffo not something I can vape much of as the salts hit you hard, but I use it like if would if I were buying a shot or an expresso – just to give me that nic hit.

Its got great flavour too, the 1.2ohm coil is just prefect for a previous smoker and the simplicity of use is excellent. No messing with coil changing or eliquid, just pop pod in and go!

I’ve also bought the Innokin Endura T20s tank now for the Zelos mod (wanted to give Innokin a try) and man, what a great little tank! Its so simple to use and also has excellent flavour! For the price I think its brilliant. I want to try more Innokin now, as they definitely know what they are doing!

I realised I think I’m a stealth vaper, I like compact and easy on the go devices, so I was reading your articles on stealth vaping devices and after trying my first innokin product I was totally drawn to the Coolfire Pebble and the Coolfire Mini/Ace! They look really awesome and I love how compact they are.

I’ve been considering getting one but I don’t know which one to get? I wanted the pebble as is just so simple to use (I don’t need to worry about temp control or anything else) but I cant seem to find the pebble that includes a tank. It looks like the pebble has to be bought on its own in most places whereas the coolfire ace I’ve found at with the slipstream tank included.

So finance wise its cheaper to get the coolfire ace and the tank included, but theres definitely something about the pebble I cant help but like. I just cant find any place (that I trust to purchase from) that has the pebble and slipstream kit together.

However I was going to ask what is the Slipstream tank like flavour wise? I love the design and easy fill feature so iv been pretty impressed with the design but would love to know your thoughts on it?

The other tank I like the look of is the ISub V, I love the design and that cool feature inside that prevents leaks and stuff ( I also loved the fact that the coils can be used for the whole sub series).

So I’m torn between the Coolfire pebble vs the Coolfire ace and the Slipstream tank vs the ISub V tank lol

I’m happing with my two mouth to lungs (Nautilus 2 and T20s) but do like to sub ohm to a light level. And I think looking at the coils for both the Slipstream and I Sub V tanks they look like they cater to light sub ohm vaping so that’s why I’m torn between the mods and the tanks lol

What are your thoughts on them?

Also I found a tobacco vape I’m in love with! Its Kona Paka from the Indigene range by Manabush! All I can say is what beautiful tasting eliquids Manabush create!

I can tell when I vape them that they are really great quality, the flavour is just wonderful. I really love Kona Paka though from the indigene range its a tobacco sweetened with fig with notes of mocha, coffee and dark chocolate – its a really lovely juice! Definitely my tobacco vape now 😊

Your right about reusing coils though…didn’t work for me either lol just doesn’t taste the same at all, so I thought not worth the effort really. I also realised that the high VG content I was vaping with the Pockex was what was doing them in so much, for the last two weeks or so I’ve switched to 50/50 and the coils are lasting a lot longer now, so I think it was my mistake.

From now one I’ll use more 50/50 and occasional high VGs just for those liquids I really want to get.

Im also thinking about trying out the short fill idea you said, and I was thinking about Decadent Vapours – I went on their website and their flavour choice is huge so I thought they look like a good bet.

What do you think of Decadent Vapours and have you tried many of their flavours, if so are they worth a try?

lol Sorry I’ve rambled so long but I think I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with the whole vaping thing.

Theres just so much cool stuff to try! 😃 ( I know understand why its a hobby lol)


Sounds like you are definitely getting there! Impressive that you have experimented so much and found a setup you like, that’s the way it is with vaping!

The Slipstream tank and iSub V are both very good options, you won’t go wrong with either. You can check out the Slipstream tank review here. The Innokin iSub V tank review here.

You can buy the CoolFire Mini / Slipstream kit here.

As for short fills, we recently reviewed the Decadent Vapours short fill range. They are one of the longest standing e-liquid companies in the UK and one you can trust.

Hope that helps..

Reader Response

Vaping Questions AnsweredThanks! I now have the Coolfire Mini and Slipstream kit! Im very impressed with it to be honest. I absolutely adore the Coolfire Mini.

It’s such a simple mod, really compact and packs quite a punch for its size. I love the simplicity of the Slipstream tank too, its very reliable and NEVER leaks which is a massive pro, however I do find that flavour wise it takes a couple of tanks to kick in, but after that the flavours really good.

I also have the Nautilus X and the Endura T20S tanks now and I really cant fault them. They are both truly amazing MTL tanks. They both have excellent flavour and both are very easy to use and maintain. I would happily advise any smoker to purchase these tanks as they are both very simple and replicate that MTL extremely well.

Found some favourite eliquids too 🙂 – Elements 50/50 Vanilla ( I love love love Vanilla you see and so iv been trying to find the perfect one, so far Elements is the best i’ve found!) Manabush Powwow sauce and Chiricahua sun ( adore these for MTL tanks ) and Dinner Ladies tobacco range – there Heaven 11 is amazing, its like a maple syrup biscuit flavour, its meant to be a tobacco but to me it just tastes like an amazing desert lol.

Im going to try there Felon 11 next which I’m looking forward too.

I’ve done a bit of DIY liquid making too – I’ve found JacVapours concentrates to be excellent, plus no steeping required and they taste great – I love there Toffee, Apple, and Black current squash so far. There Black current is like real Ribena, really good flavour and the price tag is amazing – I really cant fault JacVapour if I’m honest, great customer service, really decent prices and excellent delivery speed.

I also purchased some of DarkStar Vapour VG and PG and tried there Vanilla Custard – I had to leave it steep for 3 weeks, but even after a week it has to be by far one of the best Vanilla Custards I’ve tried! Im looking forward to getting more of there concentrates – if they are as good as there Vanilla Custard then I’ll be over the moon.

I do have a confession to make though, about a month ago I ran out of eliquid and I was really stressed cause it was a Sunday afternoon and all the eliquid shops were closed so I went to my sisters and asked to have a cigarette and all I can say is I seriously regretted it – it tasted so vile I couldn’t even finish it, it was like eating an ash tray lol I was truly shocked because when I was a smoker I adored that taste, and only now since iv been vaping do I truly realise how disgusting cigarettes actually taste!

I’m kind of glad the experience happened really because it has actually really made me know that I’ll never smoke again. I can actually realise for the first time how non smokers feel when they complain about people smoking around them – cause not only does it smell terrible, I now realise it tastes just as bad! I actually had to go home and brush my teeth it was that awful. So yeah I now know I’m a converted vaper for life, so no way would I want a cigarette again after that experience.

I hope your well and I have to say thank you for your work, as your review website was one of the first places I found when I started vaping and I’ve gone back to it numerous times – its made vaping so much easier for me so I genuinely appreciate it!

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


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