UPDATE – The Safe Cig website is down and it seems they may no longer be trading.

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The Safe Cig Review: the no frills e cig

the safe cig reviewsThe Safe Cig is the longest produced electronic cigarette, introducing the e-cig to the world. The Safe Cig name accurately describes the product – a safe, electronic cigarette.

There’s no fire, no smoke, no messy ashes, no lingering odor, and no harmful health risks to users or those around them. Therefore, the Safe Cig is a smoking option to enjoy practically anywhere.

When i ordered the kit for The Safe Cig review everything was straightforward, although they are based in the US they do deliver to the UK with minimum fuss.

My parcel actually arrived in 7 working days which is pretty good going. The only problem was that the postage cost me about £22! I did order a few extra items though, The Safe Cig Micro and menthol cartomizers, in addition to The Safe Cig starter kit.

Now, this wouldn’t have been too bad but then there was a VAT charge by customs (£9.93) and a “Parcel Force Handling Fee” (£13.50), yes you read that right, Parcel Force charge a handling fee! I haven’t come across that one before?

Anyway so the total if you add that to the P&P comes to a whopping  £45.53 before! Woh! Obviously, this is no fault of Safe Cig just something to keep in mind.

Anyway, once i had removed the shaft, i was looking forward to seeing if The Safe Cig lived upto the hype!


The Safe Cig does look like a quality product from the outset, the packaging is what you would expect from a company that has been producing e-cigarettes for over 4 years. No magnetic flap box with this one, just a nice compact box that contains the goodies, your chargers, USB and wall (USA plug so need an adaptor), user manuals and of course the e-cigarette!

Not much more i can say apart from a big thumbs up with my first impressions.


the safe cig reviewThe battery in The Safe Cig is equipped with a microchip to monitor the performance of the device for optimum operation.

The flow sensor is highly sensitive, responding to the slightest drag or puff by the user, and immediately powers down when not in use.

This sleeping mode helps the battery to maintain approximately 99.9% of its charge. In fact, the makers claim the battery to last 50% longer than their competitors.

The battery is probably the best i have tried yet, just beating V2 Cigs to the post, very responsive with little effort on the drag to get a good amount of vapour.

Again, like the Green Smoke, the battery is charged either with the USB charger or by using the wall plug provided, as long as you have a US to UK adapter.

The actual appearance is very good with the faux rings on the battery and the flecks on the cartomizer which resembles the filter of a tobacco cigarette. It makes the switch over very familiar as it retains the looks of the real thing.

The Safe Cig also has a computer chip that monitors user activity, with 2 alarms built in. The first will activate if you take a drag longer than 5 seconds and the second if you take more than 5 consecutive drags in a 10 second period. Don’t worry though if you trip one there are going to be no sirens going off, it is just the tip that will blink 8 times, your e-cigarette battery will also cut off for 15 seconds.

I suppose the goal is not to take too much in too quick even though i did try and activate them but failed miserably, it is actually hard to do! A 5 second drag is longer than it sounds!
Overall though, The Safe Cig battery is excellent!


the safe cig refillsThe performance of  The Safe Cig battery is consistently very good, as good as Green Smoke and Jacvapour.

The size of the battery is bigger than the Sky Cig but in the middle of the two Green Smoke battery options.

If you do want or prefer a smaller e-cigarette that is a similar size to a regular cigarette then you will either want the Sky Cig or The Safe Cig Micro which is a separate piece of kit.

When it comes to flavours this is where The Safe Cig does differ from the majority of other brands. Instead of putting extra resources into flavoured vapour like coffee and cherry they have just put their efforts into tobacco blends.

They used to only have three e-liquid flavours, the Classic, Traditional and Menthol, just recently thought they have developed 11 new flavours like the Macedonian, Brazilian, Colombian, Madrid and Royal to name a few. They all sound interesting but i haven’t tried any of them apart from the traditional and the menthol, both of which are very good.

Their cartomizers also contain a ‘catcher’, this actually prevents the liquid from leaking into your mouth before vapourising. Now i have to say this is a very good feature and so far it definitely works. I have had liquid leak before in other brands and while its normally only small amounts it’s not something you want happening!

Overall, the vapor volume is excellent and the flavours are good!

The Safe Cig Starter Kits

the safe cig starter kitThe Safe Cig offers three basic starter kits:

Starter Kit

This kit includes the cigarette body with rechargeable battery, standard wall charger, USB charger, and five cartridges in your choice of nicotine strength and flavor. This is the kit i purchased for this Safe Cig review.

Starter Kit Pro

This kit is the same as the starter kit, but includes one extra battery, allowing you to use one while the other is charging.

Starter Kit Deluxe

The deluxe kit includes three batteries, two USB chargers, one wall charger, car adapter/charger, a choice of stylish carrying cases in a variety of colors, and ten cartridges.

Money Back Guarantee/Warranty

Safe Cig offers a 30-day Satisfaction guarantee on starter kits and a lifetime warranty on each component and accessory for the e-cig (except the disposable atomizer refill). With proof of purchase, they will replace the defective part(s). The warranty does not cover loss, improper use, or inadequate maintenance of the product.

Promotions/Coupon Codes

There is a 5% discount available, take a look at the top of this page!

Summary – Is The Safe Cig Recommended?

Well, i can safely say that The Safe Cig just about does enough to move into my number one spot. The quality shines through and the experience the company has really comes through.

As much as i like the product though i can’t really recommend it to you (unless you live in the USA) due to the shipping and costs to actually get The Safe Cig to your door. With the extra charges it really is more cost effective to stick with either the ePuffer Magnum Snaps kit or the Vapour2 kit, which both by the way are very good products.

If, however you don’t mind the extra cost then go for it. Once you have the main kit the refills shouldn’t cost much to send over anyway.

Final Safe Cig Review Verdict:

The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Is Not Recommended Anymore. looks like they may have ceased trading

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