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Vapestick Classic – Updated Kit For 2013

I first reviewed the Vapestick Classic touching on a year ago now when it was supplied as a 3 piece kit. This didn’t get the best of reviews on ecigclick but we were contacted recently as Vapestick had updated the Classic to a 2 piece e cigarette and this is what we are going to take a look at today.

This kit was received free of charge for review purposes but as always this will not effect our opinion of the product. Onto the review…

Packaging / Presentation

Very tidy presentation box, that hasn’t changed much, if at all, from the origianl kit. But why change it when there was nothing wrong with it.

Inside the box you will find

2 Batteries
6 Cartomisers
Chargers and instruction manual.


The Vapestick battery hasn’t changed since the last kit. It is still a small ‘cigarette sized’ battery with a capacity of 150 mAh. As with all small batteries they have a limited charge time that starts off OK when new but does diminish after a number of charges.

As a moderate vaper I was managing about an hour vaping time before a recharge is needed. This is no different to other similar size batteries from other brands such as Vapour2 or Epuffer.Vapestick Classic Review

The kit does come with 2 batteries so you can rotate the batteries but even so if you are anything but a light smoker you may find it annoying having to swap the batteries many times throughout the day. Vapestick have offered a solution to this by way of their V Charer Case or Portable Charging Case as they are known.

This is hard case that will charge one battery when you are on the move so you don’t need to constantly charge your battery via a mains outlet. This definitely helps and proves very handy if you find your battery has run out in the middle of nowhere.

Putting the life of the battery to the side I did find it to be responsive when taking a drag, I was getting a nice smooth draw with the battery activating straight away so all was good there. The quality and handle is OK but for me the branding is a bit ‘in your face’ but that is just a personal thing for me!

Overall – 2.5/5 – The battery has not been updated but there isn’t much Vapestick could have done without increasing size. For light smokers the battery life should be fine but heavy smokers should be looking at bigger capacity batteries that last will provide more vaping time.


This is where the major improvement comes in and one for me that makes the kit far easier for the new e-cigarette user to get stuck in and using straight away.

The new Vapestick Classic Starter now comes with cartomisers, these have the atomiser and cartridge built in together doing away with the need for separate components, ie: the 3 piece e cigarette!

Vapestick Battery and Cartomisers So yes, they have moved onto the 2 piece design which for first time e cig users is definitely a little more straight forward. The Vapestick Classic Starter kit comes with a 6 cartomisers, these are all different flavours with varying nicotine strengths. This is a good way for those new to vaping to try out the various strengths and flavours to decide on what is right for them.

When you have decided on the right option for you the cartomisers are available to buy in packs of 5 or they do have a subscription available that will give you a further 20% off the cartomiser price. This is worth doing if this is the e cigarette you have chosen.

The cartomisers come in 6 flavours (Original, Tobacco, Menthol, Apple, Cherry and Vanilla) and 4 nicotine strengths (0%, 1.1%, 1.8% and 2.4%). One positive is that they have colour coded their cartomisers with a coloured band so each flavour is easily recognisable.

vapestick-classic-refillsOnto the flavours themselves, first I tried the menthol 1.8% nicotine. This was a good flavour overall but while it provided that minty taste it didn’t give much of the cool effect aftertaste that many other menthol flavours that I have tried do and I personally like that aftertaste.

The throat hit and vapour volume were both decent. Next was the Cherry, this was more of a sweet cherry flavour which I didn’t mind but may not be to everyone’s taste. The Vanilla flavour didn’t work for me, had kind of a strange aftertaste but it has to be said I haven’t really found a vanilla flavour that I like as of yet.

The Apple flavour was a pleasant surprise for me, there was a good hint of apple coming through so it wasn’t too overpowering or sweet. Both the Tobacco and Original (also a tobacco flavour) I thought did a good job of tasting like the real thing. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to e cigarette flavours is that tastes will differ. This is just an overview of my opinion on the flavours.   

Overall 3.5/5 – The cartomisers for me provide a better vaping experience overall and the flavours on a whole were decent barring the Vanilla. The only other real downside was that the cartomisers do have a cheaper plastic feel to them and they cannot be refilled.

Starter Kits

Vapestick have 4 options:

Vapestick Classic Starter Kit (This is the kit reviewed here)

Vapestick Classic V Charger Case Kit
This kit is the same as the classic kit with the addition of a charging case.

Vapestick XL Starter Kit 
This kit supplies a larger capacity (180mAh) battery that will allow for longer vaping times between charges. Also available in a selection of colours.

Vapestick MAX Electronic Cigarette 
This is a larger capacity (650mAh) battery that is aimed at heavy smokers, these will last the best part of a days heavy vaping before a recharge is needed.

Vapestick Guarantee/Warranty

Non-faulty goods can be returned within 7 days and faulty goods can be returned within 30 days of purchase. As always please check the official website for up to date information.

Customer Service

Vapestick can be contacted by email or free phone number (UK). They are also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Overall – For Those That Skipped

Although the Vapestick Classic starter kit was only upgraded by switching to cartomisers, rather than cartridges and separate atomiser, it does make a big difference. The ease and simplicity of the 2 piece is far better for new vapers and the flavours seem to be more consistent as well.

The only downside still is the battery size and the amount of time it lasts but if you are searching for an e cig that is as close in size to the real thing you don’t have much choice. For light smokers you will be OK with the kit as is but for medium to heavy smokers I would suggest buying the Vapestick classic V Charger kit. This basically provides a portable charging case (PCC) so you can charge up the batteries on the go.

So I would recommend this as a decent option for those starting out with e cigs that are light smokers. If you are a medium to heavy smoker and not bothered about the small size then I would go up a size in the batteries for something that lasts that bit longer.


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