vape awards 2015 resultsAnother fantastic response this year, thanks all for again for taking part!

The Ecigclick Vape Awards 2015 are really just a snap shot in the world of vaping from the nominations received. A bit of fun and a way to recognise the hard work from all areas of the vape world.

OK… Lets get on with the award results as voted by you 🙂

Congratulations to the 2015 E Cig Click award winners and of course to all those who were nominated!

Decadent Vapours - Best overall

Company: Best Overall 2015

Nominated companies:

  • Crème de Vape formerly Cloud9Vaping
  • Myepack
  • Liberty Flights

Best Vape Shop Newcomer -

Company: Best Newcomer 2015


Nominated companies:

  • Kingz Of Vapour
  • Best Cig Liquid
  • Vapers Village
  • The Vape Inn

Best Customer Services 2015 Award

Company: Best Customer Service 2015

  • Decadent Vapours

Nominated companies:

  • Liberty Flights
  • Plume Blu
  • Jacvapour

Best One Stop Vape Shop

Best One Stop Shop 2015

  • Myepack

Nominated companies:

Best Vape Shop - Bricks and Mortar

Bricks & Mortar: Store of the Year 2015

  • PlumeBlu – Sheffield

Nominated companies:

  • Jacvapour – Leeds
  • Liberty Flights – Darwin
  • Liberty Flights – St Erith
  • SMKD – Bradford

Best UK E Liquid brand 2015

E-Liquid: UK Brand of the Year 2015

  • Decadent Vapours

Nominated companies:

  • Lancashire Steam Company
  • Digby’s Juices
  • Manabush
  • El Diablo
  • Colonel Boom
  • Liberty Flights

Best E Liquid Brand 2015

E-Liquid: International Brand of the Year

Nominated companies:

Best New E-Liquid brand 2015 award

E-Liquid: Best New Brand 2015

Nominated companies:

Best Value E-Liquid 2015

E-Liquid: Best Value 2015

  • Decadent Vapours

Nominated products:

  • Liberty Flights
  • Drip Drop Vapour
  • LiQuid
  • Best Cig Liquid

Best E-Liquid Flavour 2015

E-Liquid: Best Flavour 2015

  • Creme Anglaise by Decadent Vapours

Nominated products:

  • Mothers Milk – Suicide Bunny
  • Looper – ANML
  • Druide – Mrs Lord & Co
  • Nanabozho – By Manabush
  • Wonderberry by Liberty Flights
  • Coupe D Etat – By Colonel Boom
  • Starship 1 – By Space Jam
  • Puros – By House Of Liquid
  • Mammatus – By Fallstreak
  • Bravura by Black Note

Best mini E Cigarette 2015

Best Mini E Cigarette 2015

Nominated products:

Best Vape Pen 2015

Best Vape Pen 2015

  • Joyetech EGO One

Nominated products:

Best Temp Control Mod Awards

Best Temp Control Vape Mod 2015

  • Joyetech eVic mini VTC

Nominated Products:

Best Mech Mod

Best Mech / Unregulated Mods

  • Limitless Mod

Nominated Products:

  • Flawless Tuglyfe Mod
  • SMOK Magneto 3
  • Darwin Evolvr
  • Sub Ohm Innovations – Sub Zero
  • Axmod Axbox
  • El Diablo Incubus

Best Clearomiser / Tank 2015

Best Clearomiser/Tank 2015

  • Aspire Nautilus Mini

Nominated Products:

Best Sub Ohm Tank Award

Best Sub Ohm Tank 2015

  • Kanger Subtank Mini

Nominated Products:

Best RDA Award 2015

Best RDA 2015

  • Velocity by Avidvaper/Dino

Nominated Products:

Best RTA award

Best RTA 2015

Nominated RTA’s:

Best Vape Forum Award

Vape Forum Of The Year 2015

  • Planet of the Vapes

Nominated Forums:

  • UK Vapers
  • E Cigarette Forum (ECF)
  • The Vapers Shed
  • The Vaping Forum
  • Liberty Flights Forum

Best info Blog Award

Best Informational Blog 2015


Nominated Blogs:

  • Ashtray Blog

Best UK Youtube Review Channel

Best UK Youtube Review Channel 2015

  • Todds Reviews

Nominated E Cig Reviewers:

  • Vaping Biker
  • Vaping With Vic
  • Scott Bonner
  • Martyn Parker
  • The Grumpy Vaper
  • Pauly Meatballs
  • Vaping V1ck

Best Youtube Channel Rest Of World

Best Youtube Reviewer (Rest of the World)

  • Phil Busardo

Nominated E Cig Reviewers:

  • Grimm Green
  • RIP Tripper
  • DJLsb Vapes
  • Twisted 420
  • Indoor Smokers
  • Vapn Fagan
  • Ruby Roo

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Vaping Advocates 2015

  • Phil Busardo
  • Totally Wicked
  • Lorien Jollye
  • Vapers In Power
  • New Nicotine Alliance
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. First question: Has anyone noticed an unusually high number of “votes” going to the “Vaping Biker” in the last 48 hours ?
    A few days ago he was at 5%. I really hope there isn’t systemic vote rigging occurring because it’ll trash the good reputation ecigclick has built up over the years.
    Second question: who IS the “Vaping Biker”, I’m an avid youtube viewer and I’ve barely heard of him ?

    • Hi Toddy,

      Not sure if you noticed but Todd from ‘Todds reviews’ has been campaigning for Vaping Biker on his Twitter/Facebook (and possibly forum?) so that is likely the reason that the Vaping Biker has seen an upturn in votes. Oh and Dean (Vaping Biker) has of course posted the link on a couple of his YT videos. He has around 5K followers.

      You should check him out though, his videos are good!

      • Thanks for the reply Jonny,

        I’ve certainly heard of Todd’s Reviews and watched his YT videos
        But why would Todd be campaigning for his opponent in the poll ? this makes no sense ??

        Perhaps Todd should have asked to be excluded from the poll if he didn’t want to win himself.

  2. I just got my Uwell Crown in the mail. I absolutely love it. Its not heavy like the Smok TVF4 but it doesn’t,t have as many coil options but it doesn’t need to. The taste from the Crown is absolutely amazing. It looks like a fairly simple tank but h simplicity of it is part of its appeal

  3. Well, whaddaya know… it wasn’t until now that I’ve come to realize that this site was UK based! And I’ve been on for months!
    Thanks for all your wonderful leads, info, and deals!
    Always appreciative of your postings and efforts to keep us in the know, and at a reasonable price.
    Your name s/b at the top of anyone’s list of favorite vape sites!
    You are #1 on mine brothers and sisters across the pond!
    Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the chance to vote. I didn’t vote on all topics as I didn’t have the knowledge to do so, but it was interesting to read the results.

  5. Thanks for a chance to vote. There were alot of good choices. There were some I liked that didn’t make the ballot, and vice-versa some that did make the ballot I feel shouldn’t have. Overall, it was a good poll.

  6. Voted. I don’t smoke or vape but I’ve bought some vapes and juices as gifts to close friends. eRoll was cool and she likes it still.

  7. Voted where I could for my favourites!

    I’m vaping the Cool Fire 4 at the moment but would love to try temp control and the X Cube 2 🙂


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