Ecigclick Vape Awards 2016 results

Ecigclick Vape Awards 2016 – Results

A big thank you goes out to all that took part in voting this year in our biggest turnout to date.

Despite the changes facing us all 2016 has proven to be a superb year for product and it’s great to recognise some of the best the vaping world has to offer.

So a big shout-out must go to all the brands, groups, websites, stores (both online and off), YT channels and event organisers. As well as the many that weren’t featured in the awards this year.

Without them vaping wouldn’t be where it is today. Keep up the good work and may we all vape on!

Winners Award Badges

Please get in touch here for your Ecigclick Vape Award Winners’ badge!


Company: Best Overall 2016

Online Store: Best Overall UK 2016

Online Store: Best Overall 'International’ 2016

Online Store: Best For Rebuildable Supplies

Bricks & Mortar: UK Store of the Year 2016

E Liquid: Best UK Brand 2016

E-Liquid - Best International Brand 2016

E-Lquid: Best Tobacco Flavour 2016

E-Liquid - Best Dessert Flavour 2016

E-Liquid - Best Fruit Flavour 2016

E-Liquid - Best Cereal Flavour 2016

E-Liquid - Best Beverage Flavour 2016

Best E Cig Starter Kit 2016

Best Vape Pen 2016

Best Vape Mod 2016

Best Stealth / Ultra Portable Vape Mod 2016

Best Temperature Control Mod 2016

Best Mech / Unregulated Mod 2016

Best Tank: Mouth To Lung (MTL) 2016

Best Sub Ohm Tank 2016

Best RTA 2016

Best RDA 2016